20 Classic Armbars DVD with Thadeu Vieira


20 Classic Armbars DVD with Thadeu Vieira

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Professor Thadeu Vieira has been studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for more than 15 years.
He has a degree in Physical Education and his ways of teaching BJJ are emulated by teachers all around the world.
This DVD teaches the mechanics of traditional armbars to BJJ, MMA, and self-defense enthusiasts.
This video only covers locks with the arm fully extended in 180 degree angles.
It is also an excellent training ground for both novice and expert BJJ competitors.
From the’street armbar’ to the ‘flying armbar,’ whether you practice at home or in a gym, you can be confident that you will fully understand the uses of this strong technique that has ensured success for countless fighters in MMA events.
TECHNIQUES:01 Traditional armbar from the mount
02. Mount ‘BJJ’ armbar03. Mount ‘BJJ’ double armbar
04. Pulling to the guard with a standing armbar
05. Armbar in the air
06. Jumping armbar to the guard
07. Helicopter armbar08. Butterfly guard armbar
09. The guard’s double armbar
10. Inverted armbar defense against the guard’s armbar
11. Control armbar from the north-south direction
12th. Armbar from side control
13. Armbar from the control of the headlock
14. Armbar when escaping from a headlock
15. Reversal of the turtle position armbar
16. Turtle position reversal inverted armbar
17. Armbar derived from a back grab
18. From the turtle posture, armbar
19. Armbar in response to the O-zoto-gari20. Street armbar


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20 Classic Armbars DVD with Thadeu Vieira