7-Day Sprint by Dave Rogenmoser



Dave Rogenmoser – 7-Day Sprint

7-Day Sprint by Dave Rogenmoser

Price: $297
Sale Page: https://pivotandscale.com/training-replay9092637

How We Re-Structured 2 Coaching Programs
For Extreme Client Results And Scaled 
Them To Over $112/mo

My Promise To You :
1. I’ll show you how we use “the hybrid model” of coahing to scale our high-ticket program
2. Why you don’t need to hire other coaches or a bunch of staff to add $100,000 in sales in the next 90 days
3. The only sale funnel you need and the one source of traffic we get all of our leads from
If You Stay Until The End
Need Your Attention Please…
+ Turn off cell phones
+ Turn off Facebook
+ If you have EVER thought about creating a high – ticket online coaching program and scaling it with paid advertising then the next 60-90 minutes will change your life – because this stuff is powerful
Dave Rogenmoser
+ Spent last 2 years obsessing over online marketing strategies
+ Ran the online marketing of 23 business over past 14 months
+ Amazon Best Selling Author of Beyond The Grind , How To Do Work That Matters, Travel The World For Free, And Escape The Daily Grind Before It’s Too Late
+ Launched and grew an online course from 0 to over 240 paying members with no email list
+ Have literally made more mistakes than anyone I know
Imagine What Your Life Will Be Like When:
+ You have 1-2 perfect new clients paying you every single day at a price 2-3x more than what you’re charging right now
+ What will life be like when you have an 8-12 week high-ticket online program you can feed new clients into week after week
+ How about when you can feel 100% confident that Facebook ads will work to grow your business and won’t leave you $1,000 in debt with no new clients


Create & Launch

High Ticket Offers

That get your clients real

results in a scaleable model.
Consistently Flood Your Business With New Leads
Using the most reliable client acquisition funnel on the planet.
Scale To $50k In Monthly Revenue and Beyond.

Through proven systems and

growth strategies.
Most Entrepreneurs Struggle With How To Package & Sell A High-Ticket Offer
We have a system that helps them convert leads into buyers so their business can scale at will.





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7-Day Sprint by Dave Rogenmoser