A Fireside Chat on Money by Sue Fellows and Rudy Hunter



 A Fireside Chat on Money by Sue Fellows and Rudy Hunter

First In The Series

A Conversation About Money

Be led through 4 powerful rounds of EnergyWork from Rudy Hunter to help your pocketbook, wallet, finances and beyond.  You’ll be able to lean into the embedded energetics any time you want and Rudy explains why it will always support your circumstances and meet you anew.

Here are the 4 powerful rounds you’ll have at your disposal on the recording:

1—Permission [ready/willing/able/deserving]

You’ll want to come back to this process from Rudy again and again.  It will serve you every single time you use it.

2 —Your Current Relationship With Money—Making It Friendlier!

This process will enhance a lousy relationship with money, help repair a “so-so” one and help buff a great relationship with money so it’s even better.  Neat, huh?

3—Magical Thinking—Cut That Out!

This vitally important round may be tough to hear about at first, but it will SAVE YOU from delusion and possible destruction.  At the very least it will help keep you on track with the reality of you, money and your lived life.  If you’ve been stalled out with your finances this round is an important way out of stagnation.  Sue & Rudy lay it on the line for you…then Rudy takes you energetically beyond the trap that is Magical Thinking so you can ACTUALLY prosper!

4—Mystery Bonus Final Round  

This round is packed full of goodies on the invisible levels but Rudy won’t tell you what’s in it [he doesn’t want your “helpful mind” helping!].  Know that it is an opening to more good for you.  It’s gentle, powerful & effective and like all of Rudy’s processes it is unique in all the world.  Enjoy!  [P.S.—HINT–This final round is the PERFECT PLACE to come back to when you don’t know what to do next about your financial situation.]


Immediately Downloadable MP3    $59.00

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Second In The Series

A Conversation About YOU !

There are 4 amazing energetic rounds on this FireSide mp3 tool.  It’s deep & delicious stuff you’ll return to again & again.  It will strengthen & bolster your Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence in a way that is gentle, pervasive and free of all  B.S.

This powerhouse recording can be downloaded and used immediately upon purchase.  Price is $77.00

Here’s a list of all the rounds on the recording for you:

1–Pure Being
The doorway is here.

2–Seduction & Sabotage
How we can reduce self-sabotage more easily.

3–Analysis Paralysis
How we can get unstuck when we hit overwhelm.

4–The Grief Webbing Lifter
A tool that can be used many ways to unlock & unhook our true nature.

There are tons of tips throughout the recording to help you use this work fully & deeply every time you come back to re-lean into it.



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A Fireside Chat on Money by Sue Fellows and Rudy Hunter