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Program Overview: What You Will Learn
We are excited to bring you this 9-month program that bridges the deepening of your inner work with the practical skills and guidance that you will need to be seasoned Agents of Conscious Evolution – all designed and taught by top evolutionary leaders.

During the 9-month program, we’ll be teaching and exploring some of the following topics, along with our extraordinary guest faculty. Please note: Specific topics will be determined based on the needs and desires of those in the program.

The Guides program can be completed virtually, saving you the time and expense of travel. We want this group to be as global as possible and there is no limit on the number of participants.

The Mentors program will be limited to 50 individuals who also attend three intimate retreats where they will work closely with Barbara Marx Hubbard and receive additional guidance to deepen and embody the shift on all levels.

Module 1: Embodying the Inner Shift
(Feb 21 – May 15 – no class May 8)
Core Faculty:
Patricia Ellsberg, social change activist, meditation teacher, life coach and public speaker
Deborah Rozman and Howard Martin, primary leaders of HeartMath
Dave Ellis, renowned evolutionary coach
Gordon Davidson, co-founder of Center for Visionary Leadership
Bonus Sessions Include:
Rev. Michael Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center
Terry Patten, co-developer of Integral Life Practice with Ken Wilber
One of the core principles of the Guides of Conscious Evolution work is learning to consistently shift your identity from that of the egoic “local self” to the profound depth and magnificence of your Essential Self. This enables you to become fully available to BE the change and become an activation point for conscious evolution.

During this module, we will go more deeply into The Emergence Process of Shifting from Ego to Essence, with Emergence Process co-founder Patricia Ellsberg. You will participate in an ongoing hub, a sacred circle where you will speak essence-to-essence and support each other in becoming Universal Humans.

Patricia Ellsberg has been waiting for an advanced group of students with whom she can teach her deepest work and share unpublished insights. In doing so, she will model ways of sharing your own essence-based insights.

Key Topics in Module 1:
Deepening the Shift from Ego to Essence

Expanding your practice of the emergence processes
Stabilizing the Inner Shift from Ego to Essence
Connecting more fully to the Great Creating Process and Universal Intelligence
Creating Heart-Mind Coherence

Learning about higher levels of heart coherence
Bringing heart resonance practices more into your daily life
Using HeartMath skills to live from essence
Group facilitation skills for deepening this process
Loving Your Sub-Personalities

Understanding and integrating all three spheres of your Being
Processes and techniques for joyful evolution
Understanding consciousness and presence
Giving Love and Support to Others

Practice calling others into authentic being
Intuitive understanding: Listening from your Essence
Affirming through loving communication
Communicating Essence to Essence

Learning to speak as your Essence
Creating a Hub and maintaining a resonant field with others
Advanced heart-to-heart communication in a Hub
Moving into the “Sunlit Garden of Co-Creation” and Beyond

Discovering your soul’s purpose
Clarifying your mission: Vision and passion in action
Co-creating with others
Connecting the Inner Shift & Outer Shift

Importance of all actions emerging from the inner Shift
Supporting each other to bridge the gap between the inner and outer Shift
Putting Emergence into action
52 Codes to Embody Higher Frequencies

Connecting to Universal Intelligence
Taking a quantum jump to higher frequencies
Becoming a young Universal Human
Beyond Memes: The Myths that Shape Our Society and World

Evolving myths of the Western World: The Shift in the Judeo-Christian Myth
From the Garden of Eden to the Garden of Co-creation
The Cosmic Family Reunion
Emergence Revelations

Opening to the deeper revelations of your own emergence
Moving from personal emergence to societal emergence
From youth to young adulthood
Core Coaching Skills for the Shift

Evoking another’s essential freedom
Listening for and assisting an individual’s deepest vision
Practical action plans for manifestation

Mentor’s Evolutionary Intensive 1:
May 25 – 27, 2012
At the end of Module 1, participants in the Mentor’s Program will join Barbara and Patricia for an intimate retreat in California in which you will deepen your own emergence process and sharpen the tools that will enable you to mentor others in the Shift.

Barbara will offer her most potent insights into catalyzing personal evolution. You’ll experience the power of the resonant group field as you share and network with other committed leaders of this work and organize for the collective Birth.

Module 2: Facilitating the Shift in Groups
(May 29 – August 21, 2012 – no class July 3)
Core Faculty:
Daniel Stone, world expert on group facilitation skills
Victoria and Ron Friedman, co-creators of the Vistar Method
Susan Davis, founder of Capital Missions, creators of KINS method of forming high-impact change communities
Bonus Sessions Include:
Oscar Miro-Quesada, cross-cultural shaman
Susan Collin Marks, Senior Vice President, Search for Common Ground
Thomas Huebl, renowned spiritual teacher from Germany
Teresa Collins, Inspirational teacher and co-founder of Gene Keys
In this 12-week module, we will be expanding our ability to create and run local circles and help groups operate at another level of functioning, as well as learn how to create regional hubs. We’ll also be exploring and honing the discovery and flourishing of your Vocational Destiny and how to join forces with others to find the most productive and effective Evolutionary Partnerships–matching needs and resources to create a win-win situation for all.

You will be putting the theoretical background from ACE in these areas into practical ACTION in your life.

Key Topics in Module 2:
Group Essence to Essence Communication

Establishing group coherence in the resonant field
Learning to be an advanced Evolutionary Circle guide
Form a live and virtual circle
Skills for Co-Creative Groups

Utilize the Evolutionary Circle to advance group and community projects
Learn new ways to inspire group participation, facilitate emergence, co-creation and evolutionary action
Receive training to clear internal limitations and blocks in yourself and others that block individuals and groups from expressing their full evolutionary potential
Learn the foundations of Open Space Technology (OST), and Dynamic Group Facilitation
Navigating Conflict and Dissonance

Advanced techniques for establishing group coherence and sensing when a group is not coherent
Practice facilitating emergence through conscious dialogues
Transforming conflict
Leading Groups in Resonance Processes

Cultivate communion in resonant practices with other Agents, as well as with neighbors, family and other evolutionary souls in your community, to promote harmonious relationships and co-creative partnerships
Learn various resonance processes and their application for different groups and situations
Discover the right resonance process for you and deepen this practice so that you can radiate this resonance to others
Co-Creative Circle Skills 2

The Co-Creative way of life
Overcoming the illusion of separation
Attuning to the design of your creative intentions
Co-Creator’s agreements
Accessing our collective wisdom
Vocational Arousal

Bring your Vocational Arousal skill to a new level, forming greater group coherence and collective inspiration
Clearly identify the activities and archetypes that bring you consistent joy as the impulse of evolution is localized within you
Deepen sacred practices to support your communion with your partners and the global community
Fusion of Genius with Others

Learn advanced techniques to engage and draw out group members’ highest individual and group contribution potentials
As a cultural co-creator, learn to intuit the overall pattern of evolution and discover your role in this greater design
Build momentum in expressing your own calling and projects with others – within and across sectors of the Wheel for activities related to Birth 2012 and beyond
Learn an advanced exploration of the pattern of “12 around 1” as an organizing principle for wholeness
Fundamentals of Suprasex

Learn the secrets to unleashing your full creative potential
Practice supra-sexual co-creation on a larger scale
Deepen your connection to your internal guidance system – your “Compass of Joy” and Impulse of Evolution
Premature Supra-Sexual Promiscuity/Premature Synergy

Learn the signs of ineffective alliances with others and how to refocus your efforts with more sustainable partnerships
Experience personal presence in a way that magnetizes excellent co-creative partnerships
Learn how to nurture positive co-creative synergies
Creating a Synergistic Convergence Event

Learn an overview of synergistic convergence events and explore different models of such events
Develop your concept for a synergistic convergence event
Begin to implement your event idea and leadership
Catalyzing Transformative Dialogue and Transforming Conflicts

Advanced skills in utilizing conflicts to positively transform group and interpersonal coherence
Centering exercises to maintain personal resonance and leadership in tense situations
Practice transformative dialogue techniques with groups and person-to-person

Module 3: Co-Creating the Collective Shift
(September 4 – November 27, 2012 – no class October 16)
Core Faculty:
James O’Dea, former Amnesty International Director, social healing pioneer
Sharif Abdullah, Director of the Commonway Institute
David Gershon, social change architect, author of Social Change 2.0
Stephen Dinan, founder and CEO of The Shift Network
Bonus Sessions Include:
Ervin Laszlo, philosopher, scientist, author of 69 books
Rinaldo Brutoco, founder of World Business academy, pioneer in conscious business
Elisabet Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist, author
This final segment will usher us toward the countdown to the Planetary Birth. We’ll empower our contributions to the planetary community as we mobilize ourselves, our circles, regional hubs, community birthing centers, and together build the evolutionary momentum needed to tip us into a new global consciousness.

By this point, we will have built a large global movement and will be taking active leadership roles in events, circles and regional groups for the collective Birth. We will be applying our learning in real time.

Key Topics in Module 3:
Core Skills of the Peacemaker and Social Healer

Explore the dynamics of inner peace from both a scientific and spiritual perspective
Practical approaches of transforming conflict on the interpersonal, community, national, and international level
Mastering systems change and organizing for peace
Social Change 2.0

Team building for specific social change goals
Masterminding key initiatives that can make a difference
Birth 2012 Team building
Planetary Birthing Centers

Formation of hubs as sacred centers of shared creativity and revelation
Linking hub with hub to join together to catalyze the Birth
Development of on-going centers for post-birth evolution
Grassroots Mobilizing People and Media

Ascertain what is working and not working – on multiple levels, from community to globally, and how to support agents of change
Utilize the New Organizing Institute’s proven skills for grassroots organizing
Create your Story of Self – who are you, where do you come from, and what values motivate you
Weaving the stories of others – the Story of Us and Now- what are we facing together right now
Determine the next steps needed and wanted, and learn to ask others to join you in committing to specific, clear action
Motivational Communication Skills

Learn to give voice to your essential self
Become a powerful communicator to awaken people to their own evolutionary leadership
Learn to charismatically present your own inspiration
Foundational communication and listening skills
Social Media

Learn how to use social media so that you can “be” the news
Mobilize people to participate in the Birth through social networking
Gain a greater identity for your own Birth contribution through social media
Learn to utilize blogs and social media best practices
Organizing the Planetary Birth

Understanding methodologies for large creative group facilitation
Effective collaboration with regional visionary leaders
Honoring and empowering creative individual gifts and group collaborations
Learn to partner and collaborate with other organizations regardless of their languaging
The seven thinking skills of a systems designer
How we perceive, and how our perceptual filters literally determine what we allow ourselves to experience as “reality”
How to change perceptual filters to expand your perception of the possible
Synergistic Convergence Processes for Social Evolution

Group Resonance Techniques
Collaborative Planning and Marketing
Co-creative decision-making and planning
Larger Community “Synergistic Town Meetings”

How to create town meetings to connect co-creators of the Shift
How to plant synergistic democracy into our work for the planetary shift
How to align with nature’s tendency for synergistic convergence
Mapping Global Co-Creators in the Sectors of the Wheel

Learn to use the Internet to identify and connect what’s working in the world
Learn how to flesh-out the Wheel of Co-Creation
Connect projects that work to see the pattern of the emerging world
Birth 2012 AND BEYOND

Visions of a future equal to our potential
What would it be like when everything works? Laying out the field for what’s working at the next stage of evolution
Barbara’s unrevealed teachings on the Species Shift to Universal Humans
Mystical visions and evolutionary potentials joined
Youth: Involving the Next Generation in Catalyzing the Birth Process

Discovering the wisdom of youth leaders to link into an intergenerational movement
Guiding and empowering the next generation of Universal Humans
Exploring new education models for the global shift




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