Adult Media Buyers Course Module Complete by Tuan Vy



Tuan Vy - Adult Media Buyers Course Module Complete

Adult Media Buyers Course Module Complete by Tuan Vy

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The Secrets To Paid Traffic & Adult Media Buying
6 Week Online Training Course Walking You Step-By-Step How To Successfully Launch Paid Traffic Campaigns with Adult Media Buying.
Module 1

01 Part 1 of 3 – Offer Links – In Depth Tutorial on Setting Up Your Offer Links
02 Part 2 of 3 – Tracker Setup – How To Scruture Your Tracker and Organize Campaigns Properly
03 Part 3 of 3 – Conversion Pixels – How To Make Sure Your Leads Are Tracking
04 Self Serve Network – Intro to Self Serve Traffic with Pros and Cons
05 TrafficJunky – An Overview of The TrafficJunky AdNetwork
06 TrafficJunky Part 1 of 2 – Buying Specific Ad Placements & Campaign Setup
07 TrafficJunky Part 2 of 2 – Banner Organization with Tracker and Campaign Setup Continuation
08 Bidding Strategy – A Closer Emphases on TrafficJunky Bidding Strategies
09 ISP Targeting – Viewing ISP Stats and How To Target on TrafficJunky
10 Weight Rotation – Explaining The Concept Behind Using Weighted Rotation
11 Banner Stats – How To View Individual Stats For Each Banner
12 LP Rotation – How To Setup Landing Pages For Proper Traffic Distribution
13 Advance ISP – The Best Method For Creating Your ISP Campaigns
14 Multiple Campaigns – A Visual of Your Tracker With Multiple Organized Campaigns
Module 2

01 Controlled Testing – Strategies on Your Initial Campaign Setup & Testing
02 Marketing Metrics – Understanding Your Target Thresholds & Goals
03 Adult AdSpy – Counter Intelligence Software For Market Research
04 Lead Quality – The Science Behind Generating High Quality Leads
05 Legal Content – Where To Find Images & Videos That are Compliant
06 CDN & DNS – Improving Website Load and Response Times
07 PingDom – Website UpTime Monitoring Service
08 SauceLabs – Web & Mobile Testing Platform
09 CrazyEgg – Visitor Tracking with HeatMaps
10 ClickTale – Visualize Behavior
11 Split Testing – A/B Split Testing and Multi Variant Testing

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Module 3

01 Mobile Redirection – The Pros and Cons and Overview of This Method
02 PlugRush – Quick Overview of The PlugRush Traffic Network
03 PlugRush Part 1 of 3 – Properly Setting Up Your Campaign
04 PlugRush Part 2 of 3 – Creating a New Campaign and Generating Tracking Links
05 PlugRush Part 3 of 3 – Analyzing Data and How To Optimize Your Campaign
06 Traffic Holder – Quick Overview of The Traffic Holder AdNetwork
07 Traffic Holder Discount – A Simple Approach To Getting Discounted Traffic
08 AdultModa – Walk Through Campaign Setup and Targeting Advice
09 TrafficShop – Overview of The TrafficShop AdNetwork
10 ChokerTraffic – Overview of The ChokerTraffic AdNetwork
11 JuicyAds – How To Set Up Mobile Redirect Traffic Campaigns
12 Pop Domination – The Inner Details of PopUnder Traffic Explained
13 Traffic Factory – Properly Tracking and Setting Up a PopUnder Campaign
14 JuicyAds PopUnder – Quick Video on How To Setup a PopUnder Campaign
15 TrafficVance – Overview of The TrafficVance AdNetwork
16 Lead Impact – Overview of The Lead Impact Traffic Network
17 HiJack Method – Step By Step Instructions on How To Implement This Technique
Module 4

01 Managed Network – The Pros and Cons of a Managed Networks with Strategic Advice
02 Rep Relationship – The Importance of Establishing Relationships
03 Reporo – An Overview of Reporo’s Mobile Traffic Network
04 TrafficHaus – A Closer Look at TrafficHaus’s Advertising Platform
05 Insertion Orders – Understanding an I/O and Strategic Advice
06 Invoice & Payments – What To Expect When Receiving An Invoice & Payment Strategies
07 Credit Extension – The Benefits of Establishing a Line of Credit with a Network
Module 5

01 Direct Buys – Overview of Direct To Site Buys with Pros and Cons
02 Alexa – How To Use Alexa For Researching Potential Direct To Site Buys
03 Direct Buy Method 1 – How To Find Sites For Direct Buys Method 1
04 Direct Buy Method 2 – How To Find Sites For Direct Buys Method 2
05 SimilarWeb – A Useful Resource For Uncovering More Sites and Research Data
06 Quantcast – How To Use Quantcast & Quantcast Planner To Measure Traffic Volumes
07 Compete – Quick Overview of Using Compete To Cross Reference Traffic Data Accuracy
08 SimilarSites – Uncovering More Related Sites For Direct To Site Buys
09 AdServers – My Recommendations For Finding an AdServer
10 AdServer Billing – Advice For The Best Methods of Dealing With Billing
11 ReBuy Strategy – Tips on How To Approach ReBuying Ad Inventory



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Adult Media Buyers Course Module Complete by Tuan Vy