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The Speed Bag Bible two hour training program24 techniques with fists & elbows The Speed Bag is an awesome piece of fitness and rhythm equipment, and I have used it for over 30 years.

I hit it either standing and while riding stationary cycles! As the author of the Speed Bag Bible Book & Video Series, I wanted to develop a simple, clear and comprehensive method for teaching the Speed Bag.

This two hour video presentation will give you everything needed to purchase, setup and learn the speed bag.

It is perfect for BEGINNERS & EXPERTS alike, and will help all learn to completely master the speed bag.

Let the Speed Bag put a little rhythm in your workout!About the AuthorAlan Kahn has hit the Speed Bag for over 30 years.

He is recognized as one of the worlds leading practitioners and teachers of the Speed Bag.

He has appeared in Numerous trade shows for the Fitness and Sporting Goods trade industries, as well as Boxing tournaments, demonstrating the speed bag.

He presented teaching seminars at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia for the international security forces and has also been invited to tour China to demonstrate, teach and translate his training materials.



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Alan Kahn – Speed Bag Training