Alex Pandrea – Coin Waltz


Alex Pandrea – Coin Waltz

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243.10 MB

I was sooo looking forward to this product. Even though I purchased it somewhere else ( not that I don’t like PenguinMagic, they are the best) because that was where I spotted it first, I can still tell you that the title: “DVD and Gimmick” is not exactly true. The idea for both the impromptu and original version is sooo clever, however I would prefer to perform it impromptu as you need to “hide” the gimmick a lot on your arm ( in my case it always slipped off my wrist and made it obvious to spectators how the trick was done.

Overall, it is not my style because even performing it impromptu, requires some extra items to achieve the best effect.





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Alex Pandrea – Coin Waltz