Amazing Day Trading Ninjatrader Indicator Perfect For Stocks, Futures And Forex



Amazing Day Trading Ninjatrader Indicator Perfect For Stocks, Futures And Forex

Salepage : Amazing Day Trading Ninjatrader Indicator Perfect For Stocks, Futures And Forex

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Dear Fellow Trader,

What would you do with a HIGH-POWERED Trading System that’s SO SIMPLE to understand… so EASY to use, that literally ANYONE could pick BUY/SELL entries into the Market like a Highly-Skilled and Trained PROFESSIONAL?

Let’s get right to the point… You KNOW there’s MASSIVE Profit to be made trading Futures, Forex, Stocks, and you KNOW that with the right system you could literally CASH IN on a piece of the $5+ TRILLION DOLLARS PER DAY being traded in the markets, but until now you’ve not found the right system to make that happen.

Well I’ve got GREAT News for you. For a limited time the “Inga Trend®” indicator system is now available to the public.

When you see the EXAMPLES of the ASTOUNDING PRECISION with which this UNIQUE and POWERFUL Trading System can enter a trade, you’ll be nothing less than AMAZED!

But before we look at these incredible charts, you must understand that the “Inga Trend®” indicator displays Laser-Accurate BUY/SELL signals in REAL TIME and the signals do not repaint or replot on the chart once the chart is refreshed or re-loaded, as is the case with many other trading indicators.

THIS IS A REAL, PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL trading indicator system and can easily be loaded onto your Ninjatrader platform in a matter of SECONDS. Please note, this will NOT work on Tradestation, Metatrader or any other charting software. You will need Ninjatrader 7.

95% Of All Traders Will Lose a Lot Of Money, And That’s a Fact!

Why? Because they bought into some magic strategy that doesn’t make money. You can’t buy fancy software like these auto robots that trade for you, sit back & think you have to do nothing & get rich! If trading was only that easy.

This is a professional worldwide business with central banks & thousands of private & public companies taking part. Do you think they rely on some $300 software they got off the internet?

No, they have real traders in the market every day trading their own money. Let me show you how to be a real trader!

Let’s Talk More About This Amazing Indicator I Use

My “Inga Trend®” indicator system consist of two powerful indicators which were programmed to work along and confirm each other for pulling a trigger on entry. An alert function will let you know to monitor charts every time. The whole visual interface is so clear, any beginning trader can do this!

My “Inga Trend®” indicator is fully customizable and can be easily tweaked to suit your own risk tolerance. If you’re more of an aggressive type of trader, the software can give you lots of signals. Or, if you’re more of a conservative trader (such as myself), you may get only a few signals a day.

Whether you trade stocks, futures or forex, the “Inga Trend®” indicator system works like clock-work on everything you choose to trade. Pick any type of time frame from tick-bars to volume-bars to renko-bars or even daily charts, the “Inga Trend®” indicator covers it all.

Easy To Trade

When the indicator is all BLUE this indicates that the trend is currently bullish and moving upward, if all is RED then it’s bearish and moving downward.

To exit from the market very easily, you just look at all the signal changes. From BLUE to RED to SELL. From RED to BLUE to BUY.

Here’s What’s Included With This Powerful System:

The “Inga Trend®” indicator comes with a set of rules that are included with the software. All you need to do is study my easy-to-read manual which is in PDF format and you’re off to the races!

I will show you in the manual how to pick HIGH Risk-To-Reward trade set-ups. By using my system, it is not uncommon to risk only between 10 to 15 ticks (depending on your risk tolerance of course) and make onwards of 80 to 100-plus ticks a day, and once you start trading the way I do (I use 10 contracts on all my trades), making 80 ticks equals to a whopping $8,000! These days are not uncommon and the charts I illustrated here are NOT cherry picked!

Plus, I will tell you in the manual what type of settings I personally like to use. This alone, will save you months of heartache.

Introducing The “Inga Trend®” Trading System

  • You have full control – there is no ‘automation’ or trading ‘for you’. You quickly learn to spot trend direction and trade like a ‘pro’ yourself – in just minutes a day!
  • Sniper-accurate trades will put you on 5% of the winners side.
  • No chart monitoring Required – my system comes with a full package of alerts you ever need
  • No thinking, analysis or market study required
  • Installs in seconds and can be used immediately
  • No trading experience necessary
  • You have complete control and make the final decision on all trades…



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Amazing Day Trading Ninjatrader Indicator Perfect For Stocks, Futures And Forex