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This collection features America’s Ultimate Warrior.
All seven files have high image and sound quality.
Some are DVD rips, while others are VHS rips.
The files are as follows:
-Handgun Fundamentals
Lenny Magill and his wife Tammy provide a comprehensive handbook to shooting revolvers and semi-automatic pistols.
Everything you need to know about owning, operating, and shooting accurately is covered.
What is the distinction between a single and double action revolver? Which is better for self-defense, a revolver or a semi-automatic? What is the finest caliber for self-defense? What is the proper shooting stance? How do you aim, grip methods, trigger pull, and other details?
Excellent for men, women, and youngsters at all levels, from beginner to experienced.
-Carrying a concealed weapon
Lenny Magill Productions is a global pioneer in the creation and delivery of high-quality firearms-related video programs.
Years of study and testing have resulted in concealed carry.
Magill demonstrates how to choose, wear, and draw from more than 40 different concealment options.
You’ll also witness the most spectacular show of concealed carry shooting in the world.

Move, shoot, and live!
Review: First and first, let me state that I have never been in a firefight, thank God! I also don’t want to be in a shootout.
But for the past six years, I’ve been researching what occurs in actual gunfights: where, how, and why individuals get shot.
This clip demonstrates what I learned during my research…the important aspect that might dramatically boost your chances of survival is mobility! Simply said, your initial goal is to escape out of the line of fire…move and keep moving! You’ll learn how to move, how to fire while moving, and why mobility is important for genuine self-defense shooting.
This training will help you advance your self-defense thinking.
Actual firefight film, studied by Lenny Magill, is included, demonstrating the implications of mobility and your survival.
-Becoming an AR-15 Expert
The AR-15 rifle is one of the most widely used war guns ever created.
Lightweight, long-lasting, and dependable.
Jim Clark of Clark Custom Guns joins Lenny Magill to demonstrate comprehensive disassembly and reassembly methods, as well as basic and intermediate shooting tactics.
Grip, posture, trigger control, sight picture, and four actual shooting positions are all covered.
You’ll learn to load, unload, and shoot at distances ranging from 25 to 150 yards with speed and precision.
In addition, learn how to fieldstrip, clean, and lube the AR-15, as well as self-defense shooting stances and much more!
It’s a fantastic weapon, built specifically for the deep jungles of Vietnam.
With its 30 round magazine and rapid velocity, it is lightweight and easy to fire.
The M-16/AR-15 is the ideal close quarter fighting weapon with 223 ammo!! Capable of cutting through thick underbrush as well as common drywall or stucco walls.
It can even pierce steel! There is nowhere to hide from this pistol.
Lenny Magill shows and discusses how to utilize the AR-15 for tactical self-defense in this video.
You’ll learn how to utilize and comprehend the AR-15 sights for CQC shooting, how to point shoot at distances ranging from 5 to 50 yards, tactical self-defense shooting positions with and without cover, how to fire on the move, and how to enter the “ways” of death…hallways, doors, and stairwells.
In addition, see an outstanding show of self-defense shooting as well as the tremendous power of the AR-15.
-J.\sClark Shotgun for Combat Competition practice is a fantastic place to hone your self-defense shooting skills.
Jim Clark is a world-class all-around practical competition shooter who is equally competent in pistol, rifle, and shotgun.
But, if you had to pick one of his abilities above all others, it would be his ability to handle, operate, and fire the battle shotgun.
Clark has an almost supernatural ability to shoot the shotgun quickly and accurately.
He describes the changes he has made to his shotgun as well as how to setup your shotgun, shooting on the go, basic and advanced reloading techniques, and the fundamentals of stance, grip, sighting, and trigger pull in this session.
In addition, Jim Clark shows off some spectacular shooting that will astonish and excite you and your friends! Shooting Tactical Sniper Tubb explains and describes the equipment required to perform pinpoint precision at 50 to 200 yards in this program.
You’ll learn how to use ammo, sights, and trigger control to hit a quarter at 50 yards.
Tubb showcases three distinct shooting stances as well as a unique sling method.
This application is a wonderful resource and training assistance if you wish to fire with precision at actual law enforcement distances.



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