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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman

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If you are a woman who is ready to do a deep piece of soul work, reconnect to your sense of deeper meaning, and help blaze a new path forward for the feminine, then this online series is for you.
Call 1: Wednesday, October 2
Ancient Wisdom as Soul Nourishment

Explore the current state of the feminine collective, where she is being celebrated and where she is still being suppressed or pillaged.
Journey to an inner temple space where we can reconnect with and reactivate ancient feminine wisdom lineages.
Assess your own level of fulfillment as a feminine being and your sense of value and meaning in life as you are living it. What is working? What is missing?
Call 2: Wednesday, October 9
Soul Retrieval of the Feminine

Journey into the collective unconscious and face the wound of the feminine and how it lives in you.
Gather the lost threads of your feminine spirit and bring them back to awareness for healing and becoming whole.
Share in a collective “re-membering” process where we together grieve what has been suffered and celebrate what is being created anew.
Receive soul nourishment from a community of sisters who are walking this path together.

Call 3: Wednesday, October 16
Living as a Modern Day Mystic

Clarify your soul intention and how it can be used as a rudder to guide you in your decisions and your actions.
Co-create a community ritual where you can are witnessed and celebrated on your soul path.
Outline your next tangible steps for living a deeply meaningful life, in alignment with your deepest truth. What are the key elements? What, if anything, needs to change?
Recognize you are not alone and open to receive loving support moving forward.



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Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman