Andre Galvao – Killing The Butterfly Guard



Andre Galvao – Killing The Butterfly Guard

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Use side smashes, leg staples, long steps, and more as you see how to mix movement and pressure for passing success
Andre Galvao is one of the best competitors of his generation and now runs one of the top teams in all of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Atos
These eight volumes are packed with instructional knowledge on how to beat the seated butterfly guard and stay in control of the fight
Use a mix of modern and classic techniques to focus on the most useful and effective moves from top
Gain a conceptual and fundamental understanding of how to stay safe against the guard player
Part 1:

Introduction & Understanding Opponents Options
The Easy Leg Drag Pass
Side Smash

Part 2:

The Headstand Pass
Double Hooks Headstand Pass
Chicken Wing Pass

Part 3:

Toe Hold Pass
The Dive Roll Pass
Headstand to Side Smash
Sprawl Pass to Side Smash

Part 4:

“Surpriseplata” Attack
“Surprisebar” Attack

Part 5:

Chin Strap Anaconda Choke
Chin Strap Twisting Pass
Modified Loop Choke
Leg Staple Windshield Wiper Split Pass

Part 6:

Pee Dog Leg Staple Shin to Shin Pass
Pee Dog Leg Staple to Knee Cut Position
Pee Dog to Reverse Knee Cut Pass
Leg Staple to Anaconda Choke
Leg Staple to Loop Choke Sub
Leg Staple to Kimura Roll Attack
The Mermaid Pass

Part 7:

The Crazy Dog Pass
The Two Steps Long Step Pass
The Floating Long Step
The Short Step Pass
Belly Down Long Step Pass

Part 8:

The Scissors Pass
The Floating Pass to Side Smash
The Floating Pass Transition to Knee Cut
The Floating Pass Scramble
Pee Dog Scramble



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Andre Galvao – Killing The Butterfly Guard