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“I want to write! Why can’t I get myself to write?”

I (Ann) had severe writer’s block. I longed to write. In fact, I knew that writing books was my life purpose, and until I could do it, I would never move forward. But writing was either very hard…  or simply impossible. I would procrastinate, distract myself, anything else but writing. Or I would stare at the computer screen for hours, with my head hurting, paralyzed and stuck.

I tried writer’s workshops, writing partners, free writing, writing in the morning, writing at night… I tried everything. Nothing worked.

Finally one day in desperation I did something I had never done before. I assumed there must be a part of me that didn’t want to write, and I used a Focusing process to invite it and get to know it better. The amazing process that emerged taught me so much about change and forward movement, that I even feel grateful to the stuckness! Today, I am the author of four books, two manuals, numerous articles… and writing is as easy, flowing, and fun as I always knew it should be.

Even more: I’ve learned by working with hundreds of people that this same process can work for any stuck place in life, any area where there is something you want to do but you just don’t do it. If you have an action block, I would love to show this process to you, in my upcoming 5-week course.

In this highly experiential phone course you will learn a series of moves designed to release the dynamic that holds the action block in place.

This includes transforming the inner critic and learning how to listen non-judgmentally to the action block.

You’ll probably find that the part of you that doesn’t want to do the action has a good reason for blocking you – and when that is heard compassionately, the blocked flow gets moving again, often in surprising ways. You may find you have gifts in surprising places! And you may find that what you thought you wanted was merely a compromise solution, and what you can really have is much bigger.

You will receive a workbook containing all the exercises that we’ll do, so that you can repeat them whenever you need to, with any blocked area of your life. And you will be in the course with other people dealing with similar issues, so you can exchange inspiration and support.

Q: Is this phone course the same as the Releasing Blocks to Action CD Set?

A: Yes, the material covered in this course is essentially the same as on the CD set. I have not taught this course live since 2009, and I decided to offer it again because I find this process so exciting, so potentially life-changing, and I know that some people would like to work with me directly instead of just listening to the CD set.



Ann Weiser Cornell is an American author, educator, and worldwide authority on Focusing, the self-inquiry psychotherapeutic technique developed by Eugene Gendlin


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Ann Weiser Cornell – Releasing Blocks To Action

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