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New 7-week Live Video Training Starts
Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks
Course sessions are on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific.

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Anodea will guide you through the inner workings of your own chakras.

Each weekly LIVE teaching, discussion and training session will build harmoniously upon the next so that you have a complete template for self-healing that you can use the rest of your life. This liberating journey is truly transformational when you apply the basic principles you’ll be given.

Each week, you’ll also receive additional exercises and practices to keep you on track and to build the strength of your energy body in each chakra.

If you want healing in your own life or if you work in a healing capacity with others, this information and set of tools can be a valuable resource on multiple levels.

Module 1: Reclaiming the Temple of the Body (September 5)

We begin at the ground level. Your body is your personal home for the divine. Cultivating a firm foundation of health in your body supports your chakra journey inward and upward. Issues of safety in childhood lead to contraction in the first chakra, which further causes health problems, prosperity issues, and trouble dealing with the demands of the physical world.

In this module, you’ll:

Discover a dynamic method of grounding you can do anytime and anywhere to feel more solid and secure
Recognize how your basic sense of trust directly influences your prosperity and how much abundance you can have in the world
Transform the paralysis of fear into a heightened aliveness that makes each of your cells awaken and rejoice
Explore how engaging your body with the earthly plane creates vital energy and increased health
Understand the importance of the downward current through the chakras in the manifestation of your highest ideals
Embrace structure as the key support for everything you do
Module 2: Diving in the Waters of Eros (September 12)

The second chakra relates to the watery world of emotions and sexuality. How do you balance the dual nature of this chakra’s desire and inhibition, approach and avoidance? What effect does the emotional climate of your family of origin have on your emotional and sexual experience now? How can you create more pleasure in your life?

In this module, you’ll:

Open to the pleasure principle to enhance your fluidity and grace
Explore the importance of gut intelligence and how you can harness it for greater guidance
Unlock the guilt, fear and sorrow that keep you from experiencing the natural pleasure of your emotional body
Harness the powers of duality for the stimulation of consciousness and a wider vista of experience
Align your chakras between heaven and earth to set forth the deepest movement of energy up and down your spine
Practice the serpent breath to enhance the flow of cerebrospinal fluid
Be given simple movements that will increase your capacity for deeper erotic energy
Module 3: Burning Your Way Into Power (September 19)

The third chakra’s element of fire forges your will into power. This chakra leads to personal mastery and assertive action in your life. But few children grow up unscathed in a power over society that finds it more convenient to squash your power in favor of obedience over individuation. Power is energy. How do you balance anxiety and depression, harvesting your energy for true power to become an agent of transformation?

In this module, you’ll:

Reclaim your own unique expression of power through unwinding the power dynamics in your family
Combine intention and energy to create a strong and effective will
Overcome shame as the basic obstacle to feeling powerful
Unlock the “charge” stored in your body through chronic muscular contraction and harvest its capacity for effective action
Be given exercises to open your third chakra and increase your life force
Explore how constriction and freedom combine to channel energy to a given purpose or place in the body
Transform anxiety into action through resolving the conflicts in the inner commands to your will

Module 4: Finding the Balance in Love (September 26)

After forging your power in the third chakra, you rise up to the element air, opening your heart to the wings of love. Yet this chakra is deeply impacted by how love was expressed in your family, from the way your parents did (or did not) express love to each other, to the amount of love and support you received from family, friends and your social environment. What can you do to open your heart to the full force of love that’s possible?

In this module, you’ll:

Practice dynamic breathing exercises to open and expand the heart
Understand the role your persona has played in all your relationships and how to move beyond it
Expand your capacity for intimacy by embracing your authenticity and vulnerability
Increase your powers of empathetic communication to bring you closer to those you love
Transform self-judgment into understanding and reclaim essential inner parts of your wholeness
Be given essential exercises for opening the chest area and expanding your capacity for love
Module 5: Vibrating Into Full Expression (October 3)(Pre-recorded)

On the wings of the heart you rise up into the throat chakra, your personal avenue to creativity and self-expression. This chakra is influenced by past patterns of communication — how you were received and listened to, and the emotional tone of the communications in your family. Open your throat chakra to express the deep truths that are yours to share.

In this module, you’ll:

Understand how speaking or withholding your truth can promote health or contribute to disease
Unleash your power to communicate effectively through connection with your core vibration
Enhance your creativity through letting your body tell your story
Be given basic sounds and mantras for opening and balancing each chakra
Explore how sounding unlocks density and allows you to release blockages
Identify your basic message underneath everything you say and do
Module 6: Seeing Your Way to Clarity (October 10)

The sixth chakra’s element, light, allows you to see — not only all around you, but to have insight within as well as a vision for your life. Here you are guided by the pictures you hold in your mind — pictures about yourself and the world in general. However, few of us view ourselves accurately, as our sixth chakra is programmed by negative images, stereotypes and distorted reflections. Discover how to find clarity and hone your intuition as you clear your sixth chakra from the past to see forward into the future.

In this module, you’ll:

Harness the power of stillness for seeing the reflection of how your consciousness plays out in your life
Be given a valuable exercise for seeing yourself clearly that you can use anytime
Explore how to nourish your subtle body by drinking in light
Practice a color meditation for evaluating and enhancing your entire chakra system
Improve your powers of visualization to vitalize your vision
Increase your connection with your intuition to sort out truth from illusion

Module 7: Opening to Your Divine Connection (October 17)

The journey through the chakras is ultimately a journey to awaken your divine nature and connect heaven and earth through the inner channel of your own body. This mystery abides in consciousness — not only your ability to reach higher states of consciousness, but also your beliefs, interpretations and thinking patterns that literally run your life. Discover how to question and change those beliefs and how to clear your mind to find clarity, peace and realization.

In this module, you’ll:

Be given methods of meditation for “downloading the divine” for greater guidance in everything you do
Isolate the beliefs that limit you and learn an effective technique for changing them into beliefs that truly serve you
Examine how your questions are like your “browser” in the universal field of consciousness, directing your attention and experience
Gain command of your attention for greater effectiveness with simple meditation techniques
Develop your ability to find stillness at the center of everything you do
Distinguish 3 essential states of meditation practiced by yogis for thousands of years …


Anodea Judith, PhD has been writing and teaching about the chakra system for 40 years. With a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Mind-Body Health, her bestselling books on yoga, healing, manifesting and social change have become global classics. Her first book, Wheels of Life, an international standard, was followed by her groundbreaking book on the psychology of the chakras, Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System as a Path to the Self, which is frequently used as a text in universities and healing programs.


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Anodea Judith – Clearing the Seven Windows to the Soul