Anxiety Eliminator by Mr Twenty-Twenty



 Anxiety Eliminator by Mr Twenty-Twenty


Have you EVER felt flat or felt frantic – about what you want?

  • Have you ever felt FLAT OR FRANTIC – about manifesting or life in general?

I used to cycle between the two.   If you’ve been there, you know how much “fun” that isn’t.   And how draining and damaging that can be – everywhere in life.  Not only did it mess with my manifesting, it messed with my relationships (think divorce) and it messed with my job performance too.

“When I used to feel anxious,…

…Most of the time it was subtle, VERY subtle. In fact, so subtle that I bet almost NOBODY who knows me, would have suspected that I felt that way. Even I didn’t know it was what most people would call anxiety – because it WAS so subtle.

On the other hand…

Back in 1989 when I had PTSD, I had full blown anxiety at times. That was easy to work with. It was OBVIOUS, and the OBVIOUS problems like PTSD and Full Blown Obvious Anxiety one are much easier to deal with. It’s the ones that are subtle, sneaky, and that tend to rear up their ugly heads and sucker punch you when you least expect it that rob you of life, and mess up your manifesting. Stuff like that, the “sneaky anxiousness” I had YEARS LATER – but almost didn’t even KNOW that I had – that took a bit longer to figure out and get beyond.

It was like an almost non stop..

….knowing at times that something isn’t just right. For me, it was like out of the blue, the thought of, “I wonder when this (good thing) is going to come to an end.”  Or it would show up as a “I hope I am doing this right and not messing my life up even more…”

I’ve been exploring…

…subtle and sneaky “anxiousness” and experimenting with how to eliminate it – without force – for over 25 years now. (Force seems to drive it underground, making it even sneaker, subtler – and that’s not what I wanted. Twenty five years of personal research and experimentation. That’s a long LONG time. I’ve learned a lot. Megatons. And I finally think I have a model that will work for ANYONE, anywhere. (I’ve used this TONS in coaching and live trainings. It’s time tested, and it’s proven.)

Not only will THIS eliminate that…

…”lingering feeling” that seems to pop up when you least want it, it seems to make you much more intelligent and much more creative. (I didn’t think that was possible but it seems to be true for everyone who I’ve worked with this.  Being more and more creative and intelligent is GOOD FUN!)

Think about it. If your “mind” is working against you – being sneaky – bringing up “that stupid feeling” again and again, in a way that is almost invisIble – ninja like – THAT’S ACTUALLY YOU working against you.  It’s draining your energy and diluting your attention (the two things Master Manifestors need plenty of.)

And remember…

“that you” that’s been working against you is SMART. It’s creative. It’s intelligent. And once you eliminate “the grip” it has on you – it becomes part of your POWER HOUSE. (Where do you think all the energy and time for our creative insights and projects comes from? (It’s not being wasted on “creative anxiety” any more. Not one DROP gets wasted now…)

“I’ve just started listening to the IDK recordings (in this package) and I’m loving it! I’m listening to the second recording and can’t believe I’m finally starting to feel at peace with myself. The stuff’s more powerful than any clearing techinque I’ve ever tried. Great job and big hugs for you guys!” – Sara


If you’ve read this far…

…and are ready for a change here’s what you are getting:


Very special recordings that took us over 40 hours to design – so you experience change – not THINK about it.

  • YOU GET MY PRIVATE NOTES – (Which are what we deviate from. )  

We deviate from the notes…

you are getting too, because deviation is how the mind learns – WHEN behavior change happens.

(The notes will help you follow along somewhat, and help you get “where I am coming from”.  Your “rational mind” likes that.   We deviate from them – because that is what your CREATIVE MIND likes – and what it NEEDS for behavior change to naturally and easily happen.)


Not because “you’ll need it”.

Odds are you won’t need it much.   We offer it because we want to have conversations with you – so we can keep expanding this work, make it even more effective for you – and so you also get ALL UPGRADES to this package for free – forever.

COMPARE THAT WITH HAVING TO GET TWO HOURS of LIVE PHONE OR SKYPE time with us to get the same results. THAT would cost $1,000 by comparison.

Today this special recording package is just $47  – You save BIG TIME – AND ARE GETTING THE BEST OF THE BEST – Click to order now!


Hey TT,
So here is my feel-free to use on your website story / testimonial about the anxiety eliminator :
I was not expecting that approach, but it is fun and it works every time I use it, which is often.
It allows me to de-zoom almost instantly when I feel anxious (or angry btw, for me it works as good).
The thing is it really makes you experience, not learn or know. This makes all the difference.
On top of feeling lighter on a day to day basis, it helped me a lot with letting go of tension around a project dear to my heart, which lead me to finally take action on it (and for the most part loving the process a lot).
THANK YOU for putting this together !
Oli from Belgium – aka Mr 700%

NOTE:  WE AREN’T MEDICAL DOCTORS, and we aren’t diagnosing or treating ANY disease.   If you need medical or psychiatric help GET it.  Nothing wrong with that.  (I’ve had stitches more than once and had more than a few bones set by the pro’s a few times.

But if you feel that “something” keeps you on the edge or that “something”  keeps life flat for you, or that “something” is getting in your way again and again – this is the time to stop sitting on the fence and DIVE IN.   Blessings!  TT and V



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Anxiety Eliminator by Mr Twenty-Twenty

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