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New 12-week Advanced Live Video Training Starts
Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In this 12-week advanced intensive, Arjun will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to successfully deepen your understanding and application of plant medicine, and show you how combining it with Vedic astrology can help heal your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

And so you can better connect with Arjun and his teachings, his sessions will be delivered via easy-to-use live stream video. Or if you prefer, you can join him via audio through your Internet or telephone connection.

This course will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, and experiential practices with Arjun. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the advanced practices, tools, and principles of Celestial Herbalism.
Modules 1 & 2: The Lunar Force (April 18 & 25)

These two first sessions, which introduce Celestial Herbalism, will cover the understanding of lunar phases and how they deeply affect you emotionally and mentally. You’ll explore how to recognize the cosmic influence from the moon and how we can use that information to start a treatment plan that promises enhanced recovery. By following a moon calendar, we can prepare new, more effective herbal formulations and strengthen existing ones.

In these two sessions, you’ll discover:

The foundation for becoming a celestial herbalist
The system of Nakshatra asterisms for healing
Gardening and preparing plant medicines based on powerful lunar phases
How to examine your Vedic chart to understand and locate your predominant state of mind
Why following the moon calendar can help you determine the best moment to start a treatment or make your formulations stronger

Modules 3 & 4: Herbal Alchemy (May 2 & 9)

You’ll explore the classic way to make your own herbal formulations and the art of compound making. You’ll find out how to produce your own medicated oils for body massage by infusing the celestial energies assigned to herbs into your own system and aura.

In these two sessions, you’ll discover:

The ancient method of balancing different herbs to prepare everything from decoctions to powders and paste
The energetic qualities behind different kind of oils and how to choose the best one for each constitution
How to infuse powerful plants into herbalized oil for body massage — a simple way to bring planetary energy to the body-mind
The classic way, as taught in the tradition of South India, to create formulations of many herbs and produce your own herbal compounds while working towards a single therapeutic direction
Discover the most effective herbs from Ayurveda to create the Celestial Herbalism kit, which is based on the pillars of Ayurveda: vitality, assimilation, and resistance
Modules 5 & 6: Celestial Blends (May 16 & 23)

You’ll discover how to make your own aromatic and vibrational blends. You’ll understand the pillars for helping you analyze the Vedic chart and defining what aspect you should treat for yourself or for your clients. You’ll discover how to choose the best crystals and gemstones based on your chart and how to prepare vibrational elixirs to restore your energy and vitality.

In these two sessions, you’ll discover:

How to organize 27 essential oils into categories and how to make a Celestial Aromatic Signature Perfume for your family, friends, and clients, just as Arjun creates such blends for his personal clients
The proper way to integrate the use of crystal and special gemstones into vibrational elixirs
How to choose different essential oils based on their astrological qualities, and how to make complex synergies that respect the proportional rate for the most beneficent and difficult planets found in the Vedic chart
Which crystals and semi-precious and precious stones are assigned to which planets — and how to understand the ancient rule for selecting the most appropriate

Modules 7 & 8: All Senses Cleansing Program (May 30 & June 6)

It is said in yoga and the Ayurveda tradition that the natural clarity of the mind can be easily disturbed by the presence of gross or subtle toxins that can obstruct the sensory organs and channels. A regular practice of restoring the body’s naturally healthy state by rejuvenating the whole system through the mouth, ears, nose, eyes and skin enhances our overall wellbeing.

In these two sessions, you’ll:

Be given an introduction to the essential principles of Panchakarma, a sophisticated process of full-body purification, which will help you understand the focus and process of removing toxins from the system
Understand the process of formation, stagnation, and removal of toxins from the physiological body channels
Organize the required material for removing these toxins
Discover how to prepare your body for purification
Be taught — through detailed video demonstrations — a mix of 5 therapies to cleanse the mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and skin according to Ayurvedic tradition
Modules 9: Spiritual Counseling (June 13)

The value of proper guidance is perhaps the best medicine. You’ll be guided in how to structure your advice to clients based on the Vedic chart — and how to provide wise words that brings light into life’s difficult moments. A warm message of love can dispel the darkness of ignorance by understanding a client’s karmic patterns.

In this module, you’ll discover:

A special technique of meditation based on your personal mantra — and how to arrive at mantras for your friends and clients as well
How to access the planetary rulership of your active struggles
Essential oils for peace, meditation, and uplifting your mood
How to identify someone’s cosmic archetype
How to identify the planetary pattern behind pending spiritual tasks — and how to bring positive light into your life

Modules 10, 11 & 12: Becoming a Celestial Herbalist (June 20 & 27; July 11)

Three important modules to start practicing the system integrating all the elements discussed before. All the sessions will be full of real case studies brought by the teacher and some others selected from student’s real case.those

In these three sessions, you’ll

Be trained by a professional on how to apply Celestial Herbalism to help a community
Explore how to identify unbalanced states of planetary deficiency in patients
Be given the Celestial Herbalism Assessment for organizing the protocol of vibrational procedures
Discover how you can suggest herbal compounds, massage oils, essentials oils, gemstones, and mantras as a powerful celestial recommendation
Discover the proper way to apply all this new knowledge through real case studies, giving you confidence to integrate Celestial Herbalism into your practice


Arjun Das is an Ayurvedic practitioner and Panchakarma specialist, and the director and founder of TriGuna Institute in Brazil.A certified Hatha Yoga instructor and researcher of medical astrology, Arjun studies local herbs and their connection with Vedic astrology for health and meditation.


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Arjun Das – Advanced Celestial Herbalism