AshWork @ AcuPoints Teach-In by Rudy Hunter




 AshWork @ AcuPoints Teach-In by Rudy Hunter

AshWork @ AcuPoints Teach-In With Rudy Hunter
Not just for AshWorkers!!!
Open to anyone who wants to learn more about the energetics of AcuPoints.  
Neat-o Stuff!

Rudy discovered the world of AcuPoint when he was 14 years old [quite some time ago!] and has been on a rampage ever since.  He has trained and taught 5 Element Theory to Acupuncturists but that was not enough.  For YEARS he has obsessed and tested out ways to activate AcuPoints energetically without needles or equipment.  He’s beginning to teach this epic topic to his AshWorkers…but this event is not limited to just AshWorkers.  It’s open to anyone who wants to learn the energetic anatomy & mechanics of how these magical points work and can help us heal & feel better–fast.

Note:  This class will NOT teach any AshWork Skills.  
That’s what the Basic & Advanced courses are for.  
If you want to learn the Activation Skills Rudy teaches sign up for Basic AshWorkers here:

You can, however, use any set of skills you currently know [including just focus, attention, gentle touch & prayer] with the AcuPoint approach Rudy will be teaching.  Up to you if you’d like to lean this now or later…but it is super-cool neat-o stuff NOT from manuals & charts but from direct energetic experience from Rudy working with individuals & groups for decades.  There will be no usual EnergyWork per se on this call from Rudy…but he’ll teach you a mountain of powerful ways to use AcuPoints energetically for yourself & others.  

You won’t find this teaching anywhere else & you won’t glean the insights in the way Rudy has
from any other source either.  
It’s just fun stuff!

Rudy will be teaching between 45 minutes to an hour.  

Purchase the call + notes for $75.00 and download it right away.
​You won’t want to miss these goodies!

I want this cool stuff!!!

The AshWork @ AcuPoints Teach-In With Rudy Hunter includes
​a set of notes + a personal copy of the 93 minute call download:

Rudy is looking forward to sharing with you some deep healing secrets

​that are decades in the making.
Much love,

Important Heads-Up For Participants:  
Rudy is including some points & combinations for consensual adult playtime [duo/solo/your choices!]
that will be fun for you to explore, if you’re keen.  So there will be some adult themes briefly discussed
​in this presentation.  Fun times & adult themes.  Just so you know.


Thanks Rudy!

The Acu-Points call was wonderful.
After the first couple of exercises,
the room I was in seemed brighter and
more colorful. One of the exercises
left me feeling more balanced and aligned.
(I really enjoyed that!)About 3/4 of the way through the call,
I got really tired, but by the time it ended,
I was back to normal and ready for
the rest of the day.

Thanks for the great information about
how to use the acu-points together!

​Kathy Atkinson, Ohio,
​Advanced AshWorker

Hi, Rudy,

I’ve listened to the AcuPoint call several times now, and want to thank you for sharing
such useful, practical and effective information.

I’ve had occasion to use CV 17 and LV 3, and am grateful for the instant relief they have brought.
Just putting my attention on CV 17 brings an expanded feeling all the way from throat to tummy, easing everyday stresses.

While doing adjustments on my yoga students, I’ve drawn their attention to their mastoid zones, and
​it’s wonderful to see how they’re able to find more length in their spines and more lightness in
their poses.

I look forward to learning more points and
zones from you.
Much mahalo,


Dear Rudy.

Thank you for sharing your Acupoint techniques with me (us).  I’ve been applying what I learned from your Acupoint lessons to my clients, friends and myself.  This has been an easy process to pick up and utilize and the success rate of balance of self and releasing discomfort and emotions is HUGE.  I’ve been doing ASH work on the intended areas and points as well, so the areas clean and clear up very, very quickly.

I am grateful for having you and your methods
as an effective resource to clear the things
​no longer needed.

Thank you again for sharing your wisdom
to include me.

With Love and graditute.
Advanced AshWorker – Washington



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AshWork @ AcuPoints Teach-In by Rudy Hunter