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Awaken & Rebalance Yourself & Our World Through Feminine Alchemy

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

In this 7-week transformational intensive, Ariel will guide you through the fundamental steps to help balance our culture’s default masculine teachings with a feminine sensibility… so you can feel brighter, freer to express who you are, and more tuned in to your gifts.

Module 1: Entering the Womb of Silence — Emptying Yourself (July 30)

In both subtle and overt ways, masculine spiritual traditions are often built on practices of “doing.” In response, the deep feminine has been reemerging… with a completely different orientation toward spirituality. Ariel calls it Empty Presence, which can lead to coherence, resonance, and an opening of the channels of deeper perception.

In the first session of this course, you’ll explore:

How feminine-focused meditation differs from the masculine
The power of coherence and resonance as a gateway into luminous Empty Presence
The practice of open-eyed meditation to enter the Womb of Silence and learn to speak from Essence
How to shift from the ego/mind into the mystery to contact the archetypal field and access the Great Mother archetype
Ways to identify and expand your primary channel of perception

Module 2: Raising Your Vibration Through Alchemy & Archetypes (August 6)

In this second module, you’ll dive into the Lightning Path — working with archetypes and alchemy together. Ariel describes alchemy at the simplest level as the raising of your vibration. She’ll guide you to lift your frequency into a more expanded version of yourself… and to discover how you can impact the collective mind-field of Earth using the archetypal interface.

You’ll learn how to:

Raise your vibration by opening to archetypes
Access the inner masculine (Animus) and inner feminine (Anima) archetypes
Free yourself from the density and gravity of denial, fear, and lack of love — which keep your frequency low
Understand archetypes as larger, mythic containers of consciousness — looking at the results of your 13 Moon Archetypal Quiz to determine your primary feminine archetype
Enact the inner marriage of Hieros Gamos… rebalancing the male and female archetypes within you
Determine what your primary channel of sensory perception is
Connect with the feminine archetype of Artemis to look at sovereignty… and access these archetypal energies and patternings

Module 3: Mining for the Gold of Consciousness in the Shadow (August 13)

The shadow is a subject of long and deep inquiry in psychology and many mystical traditions. Working with the shadow in the path of Feminine Alchemy is quite different from working with it psychologically. In this class, you’ll start to bring your shadow forward from the unconscious and into the light of your conscious awareness — without trying to fix or change your ingrained patterns.

You’ll also learn how to access the feminine archetype of the Initiator to release the emotional wounding and reactions that are connected to apparent “imperfections” and “flaws.”

In this module, you’ll discover:

The difference between the therapeutic process and alchemical and archetypal transformation
How to shift from blaming others — which keeps your frequency low — to lifting your vibration by fully owning your shadow and speaking your truth
That you can stand in your power as a feminine being and speak your truth with others from an archetypal orientation, rather than from your personality
A direct experience of accessing the sacred Witness within… the part of you that’s impartial, nonreactive, compassionate, and full of unconditional love
Techniques for working with shadow and reactive behavior from the point of view of the ego/mind
The essential difference between judgment and recognition

Module 4: Harnessing Holograms, Fractals & Synchronicity to Investigate Reality (August 20)

Reality has a highly symbolic nature — which means that to fully investigate it we need tools that go beyond simple logic. Feminine Alchemy is particularly adept at using feeling, intuition, divination, and inner guidance to receive a more multi-dimensional understanding of reality.

Ariel will guide you as you explore:

How holograms, fractals, and synchronicity open up new pathways for direct knowing
A meditation to help you access implicate and explicate reality (particle or wave expression/formation)
Ways to create from the quantum realms through intention/attention
Meditation to expand your consciousness into Universal Awareness
A direct somatic meditation and experience of transmuting and catalyzing divine alchemical gold light
Skills to understand larger pattern recognition… a major key to entering more expanded states of consciousness

Module 5: Reclaiming Your Relationship With the Moon as a Creational Compass (August 27)

There’s a deep link in consciousness that frees your right-brained feminine wisdom and allows you to create in natural, harmonious ways. It’s no accident that your moon cycles track with the lunar cycles — there are many levels to the relationship between the feminine and the moon… and they can aid you along your path.

In this session, you’ll:

Access more right-brained feminine wisdom
Start manifesting your projects, visions, and dreams using the moon as a creational compass
Use the 13 Moon Oracle moon wheel to get reattuned to your primary tool for graceful manifestation
Deepen your awareness of symbols as access points to a greater reality
Learn to work with dreams, intuition, divination, crystals, and more — in conjunction with the lunar wisdom of the feminine archetype of the Priestess
Experience a meditation to help you enter directly into a Priest/ess temple… to retrieve symbols for your soul’s journey

Module 6: Activating the Heroine’s Journey in Your Life (September 3)

What’s the bigger story calling you toward the life you dream of? How do you move out of the small ego/mind’s hamster wheel story and into the larger unlimited, open road — the mythic story of your life?

In this class, you’ll dive deep into an assessment of your natural gifts, tools, powers, and challenges in this lifetime — so you can map out your path for growth. And you’ll learn which archetypes can help you most in your evolutionary journey.

In this module, you’ll:

Learn exercises to help you discover which mythic archetypes you most embody
Discover how to enter into a more mythic state of being
Investigate practices and tools for living a mythic life, with the Heroine’s Checklist
Be guided to walk through the 6 stages of Joseph Campbell’s classic Hero/Heroine’s Journey
Experience a meditation leading you on a Heroine’s Journey
Work with the feminine archetype of the Weaver/Dreamer to access the expanded mythic codings of your soul/psyche

Module 7: Liberation From Grey Predictability Through Humor & the Fool (September 10)

Perhaps more than anything, the essence of Feminine Alchemy is found in humor — the ultimate hallmark of higher consciousness. It’s time to dismantle the masculine-driven enculturation that can feel overly serious or rigid… and start bringing more laughter, playfulness, and joy into your journey! Put on your silly fool’s hat for this one.

In this final module of Ariel’s course, you’ll:

Discover what Crazy Wisdom is as a lineage
Start to free up your creative expression with nonlinear, holographically delightful play
Use the feminine archetypes of the Muse and the Wise Woman to open you to experience JOY in your life
Find liberation from the boredom of grey predictability — and invite in the novelty of full-spectrum expression
Laugh your way to freedom


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Awaken & Rebalance Yourself & Our World Through Feminine Alchemy