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What You’ll Discover in These 12 Weeks
In this 12-week transformational intensive, Thomas will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies that you’ll need to successfully experience intimacy and sexuality as a powerful catalyst for awakening – which will, in turn, transform the quality of your relationship.

Each weekly, LIVE contemplation and training session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to sustain your awakened intimacy in “real life.”

Module One (September 24)
Foundations for Awakened Intimacy:

Transforming Your Relationship into a Chrysalis for Mutual Awakening

Learn why it is essential to make “awakening” your highest priority for a true transformation of your relationship.
Discover how to stop trying to improve your relationship, so that you can focus your energy on authentically awakening with your partner.
Experience tools and practices to navigate disagreements and conflict with more presence and clarity.
Learn how to welcome both the easy and difficult times in your relationships as opportunities for growth and transformation.
Discover how to break the trance of habit and routine to cultivate wakefulness and presence in your relationship.
Experience how a truly conscious relationship can become a grounding force in your mutual awakening.
Module Two (October 1)
The Power of Transparent Communication:

Elevating Daily Conversations into a Spiritual Practice

Discover how to transform the daily communication with your partner – or other intimate allies – into a transformative spiritual practice.
Open to a whole new dimension of information and understanding with you and your partner.
Enter into a deeper kind of connection – to meet intimacy fresh in each moment.
Learn how to stay fully present in all communications, so that you are revitalized, instead of drained.
Illuminate the unconscious patterns in your expression that are blocking your spiritual evolution.
Experience the tools and practices to stay open in the midst of conflict with your partner
Cultivate a more conscious relational space through presence and attunement.
Learn how to transform communication “breakdown” into an intimacy “breakthrough.”

Module Three (October 8)
Developing Subtle-Energetic Competence:

Understanding and Mastering the Secret Language of Life

Learn how to see and understand the deeper levels of consciousness – Gross/Subtle/Causal/Non-Dual.
Expand your awareness beyond the surface, symptomatic level to the underlying meaning and root cause.
Learn how to perceive the subtle energy information that is emanating into the relational field in each moment.
Discover how to bring forth a deeper intelligence in you and your partner, instead of reinforcing wounds and pathologies.
Embrace and transcend conditioned personality patterns to support the highest potential in your partner and your relationship.
Module Four (October 15)
Cleaning the Boudoir of Your Psyche:
Dissolving Your Unconscious Barriers to Awakened Intimacy

Discover how to clear up the debris of unresolved wounding in the energetic field of your relationship.
Learn how to transform the unconscious patterns that have been created out of relational scarring.
Understand how subtle forms of dishonesty between you and your partner build up and block deeper connection and intimacy.
Shed the clear light of awareness on the unconscious relational habits so that you can heal and transform them.
Discover how to live in full honesty with your partner, so that you can co-create a deeper level of intimacy together.

Module Five (October 22)
Navigating Relational Shadows:

Illuminating the Unconscious with Awakened Presence & Compassion

Learn how the Shadow sabotages your relationships and limits your spiritual evolution.
Discover how to illuminate, and work with, the unconscious patterns and blind spots that create recurring conflict between you and your partner.
Understand how conditioning from your early life affects your current relationships.
Discover how your natural potentials get blocked, and how to liberate them.
Develop the discernment to know when you or your partner are caught in projection.
Cultivate the necessary awareness to avoid getting entangled in your unconscious patterns, and stay fully present.
Discover how integrating the shadow simultaneously increases your relational intelligence and resolves the unnecessary problems in your relationships.
Module Six (October 29)
Love, Attraction and the Laws of Energy:
Illuminating the Underlying Dynamics of All Relationships in the Cosmos

Discover the principles and laws of pure energy as it emerges from the unformed to all of manifest creation.
Understand the mystical dance of inner and outer polarity – and the field of energy that is created in their union.
Learn how attraction and repulsion work in intimate relationship, and how to work with them consciously.
Experience the essential universal principles that will help your relationship flow with much more ease and grace.
Explore how to work with mystical principles to enrich and enliven your intimacy, and deepen your love.

Module Seven (November 5)
Masculine and Feminine from an Awakened Perspective:
The Cosmic Dance of Opposites United in Love

Transcend the traditional role models and images of masculine and feminine to connect with the cosmic energies at the core.
Release cultural illusions, and drop into the authenticity of what it really means to be a man or women.
Get in touch with the full spectrum of you and your partner’s authentic energy
Learn to go beyond the stereotypes of man and woman, into the essential spiritual qualities that masculine and feminine represent.
Understand how the mystery of polarity, and the apparent duality, are drawn together to create physical reality.
Discover how to consciously work with the energy to make your relationship more exciting and satisfying.
Module Eight (November 12)
Awakening Your Sexuality:
Tending the Sacred Fire of Eros

Transform your sexuality into a tantric practice for deeper healing and awakening.
Learn the common mistakes that lower life energy and sexual polarity in your relationship.
Play more fluidly with the intensity of eros within yourself and your partner.
Experience how resolving your sexual shadow dynamics awakens your natural liveness and attraction.
Learn how to support each other to grow and stretch beyond your current limits and borders.
Discover how to take greater care of your relational intimacy, and hold it as sacred.
Deepen the passion and ecstasy of your love and intimacy through awakened presence.

Module Nine (November 20)
Evolution through Commitment:
Discovering Your Freedom Within Apparent Limitation

Understand the stages in your relational development that you evolve through.
Learn why some people flourish in committed relationships, while others only suffer.
Discover the pathologies that can develop in committed and uncommitted relationships.
Discern what relational tendencies originate in the shadow and which ones come from your authentic self.
Experience how a conscious mutual commitment to embody and express love transforms your intimacy into a crucible for awakening.
Module Ten (November 26)
Marriage as a Mystical Process:
The Alchemical Unification of Polarities to Birth a Higher Consciousness

Discover the deeper mystical meaning and purpose of marriage as a sacred initiation.
Learn how mystical marriage can become a powerful catalyst for your mutual evolution and awakening.
Understand how mystical marriage becomes a vehicle that brings the divine light into the world though your relationship.
Learn how to merge your subtle energetic field with your partner in the yoga of divine love.
Understand the sacred science of relationship as an evolutionary process for birthing your highest potentials.

Module Eleven (December 12)
Evolving Together as One:
Cultivating Sensuality & the Spirit of Exploration

Discover what to do when one partner is evolving more quickly than another.
Discern when it is wiser to consciously end the relationship than to force it to work.
Learn how to open yourself beyond the ego’s preferences in service of your partner.
Experience the transpersonal breakthrough of co-creating in your relationship without ego.
Find the healthy balance in reciprocity, between giving and receiving, based on where you are in your spiritual evolution.

Module Twelve (December 17)
Merging with the Supreme Light:
Dissolving the Illusion of Separation in the Ecstatic Union of Divine Love

Integrate all that you have learned thus far.
Learn advanced practices to reach the pinnacle of divine union with your partner.
Discover how to further cultivate awakened intimacy in your daily life.
Deepen, and expand on, the tools and practices you have received.
Explore ways of bringing greater love into your relationship, and enlightenment into our world.
Discover how to live each day from your highest awareness.
Learn how we can transform our global culture by awakening ourselves and our intimate relationship.


Thomas Huebl is an internationally recognized contemporary spiritual teacher of uncompromising clarity, compassion, and illumination. His work integrates the essence of the great wisdom traditions, modern scientific understanding, and his own personal path. Through immediate transmission and ongoing training, he guides people to a deeper level of self-awareness and personal responsibility. His methods offer a radical transcendence of the egoic worldview, opening the doorway to a profound life of authentic expression, service and alignment with the Absolute.



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Awakened Intimacy with Thomas Huebl