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Drill for Skill – ( Consider Drill for Skill a living, evolving, almost interactive program.
In his Big DVD’s of Combat, Bas presents the most comprehensive compilation of MMA instruction ever created.
For anyone who has ever spoken with Bas, we all know that one of the things that makes him great is his constant flow of new ideas, techniques, strikes, and defenses.
We’re talking about a guy who found a way to make post-it’s a training tool! Drill for Skill will be a monthly window into Bas’s new ideas.
Plus, it will expand the training tools from beyond the physical to the mental and nutritional.
You will also have a unique window into various MMA camps, as well as experts in the field of sports psychology, plyometrics, and diet/nutrition/supplementation.
Each release will have three major portions: conditioning, striking, and takedowns/ground plus much more.
What You Will Learn: – Conditioning aimed at MMA – Striking Drills and Techniques – Takedowns and takedown defenses – Ground techniques – Mental exercises — I found one vid that was not linked into the official website, so it’s kinda a bonus “The Importance Of Keeping Your Eyes On Your Opponent At All Times” Enjoy! File Type: ASF (.
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