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Crack the BCG Potential Test. Learn a repeatable answering method from ex-consultants who have succeeded at the test.

Study online for 6h to 12h+ and get expert support whenever needed. We’ll give you 50% of your money-back if you don’t succeed at the test.

Our credibility

IGotAnOffer is led by former management consultants who now help candidates land jobs at firms like McKinsey, BCG and Bain. More than 85% of the candidates who use our BCG Potential Test training programme end up succeeding at the test. We know this because we give 50% of their money back to people who don’t.

We’ve helped more than 900 candidates succeed at the test since we launched this programme in 2016. As a result, we’re now recommended by universities including Harvard, Columbia, UPenn and many others.

What do I learn?

1. Learn a repeatable answering method to crack the BCG Potential Test.

You will learn a proven and repeatable method to consistently answer BCG Potential Test questions. And you’ll watch a best-in-class candidate solving a test using that method. Using a method to solve the tests will help you to develop the habits and confidence you need to succeed.

The BCG Potential Test Training Programme also provides you with basic and advanced maths techniques that will help you increase your mental calculation speed. This is really important as most of BCG Potential Test questions involve maths.

2. Practice with high quality BCG Potential Tests including detailed answers.

At IGotAnOffer, we spend 100 hours designing each BCG Potential Test to ensure you get used to the format of the test and train with the best material possible. The BCG Potential Test Training Programme includes 3 sample tests made of 23 questions assessing both your maths and logic skills. The structure of the tests and the type of questions are based on exclusive feedback from past BCG candidates.

The BCG sample tests also include detailed answers and shortcuts that explain how to approach questions and save time. Studying these detailed answers will help you make the most of your preparation and improve your score.

3. Follow a structured preparation to maximise your score. No more improvisation.

In our experience, the best candidates take a structured approach to their BCG Potential Test preparation. This programme will help you decide what to do when. From brushing up on your maths skills, to taking the tests a first time and then redoing them later to make sure you are actually making progress and not repeating mistakes.

But, how is this programme unique?

Get email support from ex-consultants who have succeeded at the test.

Stuck on a specific BCG question? Want to know more about the format of the test? Our dedicated support team is at your disposal to help you fine-tune your preparation. You can contact us at [email protected] We typically reply to emails under 24h but it can sometimes take us up to 48h during busy periods of the year.

Money back if you do not succeed

We know training for the BCG Potential Test can be an important investment and only want you to incur the full cost of the programme if it brings you closer to a career at BCG. We operate a 50% money-back guarantee if you do not succeed at the BCG Potential Test. All you need to do is to upload the email you received from BCG in this short refund application form.

To be eligible for that guarantee you need to actually sit the BCG Potential Test. This guarantee does not cover cases where you are not invited to take the test, or decide to cancel your application with BCG.


* How do you know your success rate is 85%?

Here is how we calculate our success rate. Candidates who train with us get 50% money back if they do not succeed at the test. We assume that candidates who do not claim back this amount have succeeded at the test. The figure quoted is simply calculated based on all candidates who trained with us since we launched in 2015 and is updated regularly.

How up to date are your tests? And how similar are they to the real ones?

We spend hundreds of hours developing our tests based on the free samples made available by BCG and our own knowledge. We update our tests on an ongoing basis using the feedback we get from candidates who take the test. The overwhelming majority of candidates say that the tests are extremely close to the one they took with BCG (see customer reviews below).

IMPORTANT: this programme is designed to prepare for the online version of the test which is used in all countries except Russia and Czech Republic in our experience. These two countries use the paper version of the test. You can read more about this here.

Is 3 tests enough to train?

Yes absolutely. In our experience, the best candidates focus on learning as much as possible from each test. It’s much more efficient to do 3 tests and to learn a lot from them than to do 10 tests and to not learn much. Each test includes detailed answers to make you progress as fast as possible.

What is the passing score for the BCG Potential Test?

The passing score for the BCG Potential Test is not public. But based on our experience candidates who pass tend to score around 70% in their practice runs. 70% is a ball park figure and not the official number. The lower end of the ball park is 16 / 23 questions. And the higher end is 48 / 69 points. We’ve written a short article about this here which you might find helpful.

What is exactly contained in the programme?

Here is a detailed list of the materials in the programme


  • IGotAnOffer Case Interview Method (17mins). Step-by-step method on how to crack case the BCG Potential Test.
  • Live test practice (38mins). Watch a best-in-class candidate answering a BCG Potential Test using the IGotAnOffer method.
  • Basics maths (22mins). Review of how to do additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions without a calculator.
  • Advanced maths (22mins). Tips on being faster with percentage rates, growth rates, large numbers, factorising and expanding.


  • BCG Potential Test 1 – 23 questions (by IGotAnOffer)
  • BCG Potential Test 2 – 23 questions (by IGotAnOffer)
  • BCG Potential Test 3 – 23 questions (by IGotAnOffer)
  • BCG Potential Test Med Line Case – 23 questions (by BCG) – This is included for free



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