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Jeremy – Becoming Master of the Stock Market

  Becoming Master of the Stock Market by Jeremy

Price: $997

Discover How Thousands of Investors Are Growing Their Wealth Through My Stock Market Investing Approach

I have been investing in the stock market for a decade now and I have made more money from stocks than I ever dreamt possible. I have become financially independent because of stocks. I don’t say that to brag, I say that because it is the truth. You can have every bit of this success as well. In this course I wanted to do my best job possible of giving away 10 years of successful stock market investing in a single course. I believe I have done just that. This course took 5 months to put together and I think all that work is worth it.

What will this course do for you?

  1. You will learn how to invest in the Stock Market
  2. You will learn how to successfully run and build a portfolio.
  3. It will prep you psychologically on how to be very successful in the stock market. Many of the videos in this course are designed to put you into the type of mindset that will allow you to reach your financial dreams and goals. The stock market has made me financially independent and I believe it can with anyone who has the right strategy, work ethic and mindset.
  4. In this course I give away my entire strategy for picking stocks as well as put you in the right mindset for successful investing. There are over 55 videos total in this course for you to learn from and after this course it is up to you to put in the work necessary for you to reach bigger than you ever thought was possible. You will learn my growth/value investing strategy as well as a bonus dividend investing mastery strategy.
  5. There is even my private email address in it so you can ask me personally any questions you may have. Every single video in this course is VITAL so do not skip any. The time has come for you to take your financial life to the next level. Lets start now! Jeremy

Class Curriculum


  • Intro (8:03)

Becoming Master of the Stock Market Lessons #1 – #35

  • Never Buy or Sell a Stock Based Upon… (3:35)
  • Always do the… (8:03)
  • Be Confident in… (8:21)
  • Don’t Get Too Full Of… (4:36)
  • Invest in… (9:34)
  • Buy Companies that… (7:52)
  • Don’t Buy or Sell… (8:39)
  • Always be in a position where… (6:34)
  • Don’t Sell Watch… (5:24)
  • Realize you are… (5:09)
  • You May… (3:53)
  • Dividends Are Great but… (5:33)
  • Sometimes stocks go… (5:14)
  • Its about 50/50 in the.. (6:14)
  • Macro economics should require… (4:40)
  • If you are Nervous about your Investment Going in then… (3:36)
  • Being a great Stock Market Investor is More About… (5:44)
  • The Stock Market Can be… (8:06)
  • You Are Actually Buying An… (5:23)
  • A Profit isn’t a… (3:33)
  • A Loss isn’t a… (3:28)
  • Don’t Get too (3:59)
  • Understand all the ways you can… (5:58)
  • Media is going For… (4:52)
  • Use… (3:18)
  • Don’t Ever Use.. (10:11)
  • IPOs are… (6:43)
  • Over diversification is… (5:44)
  • Under Diversification is… (6:19)
  • Sometimes it is… (4:00)
  • Big Share Buybacks… (7:21)
  • Treat everything as… (4:05)
  • Treat Every… (2:22)
  • Not thinking about… (4:21)
  • Stay Away From… (12:29)

Bonus Parts

  • Technical Analysis is… (4:27)
  • Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy are… (6:56)
  • A Recession is a… (7:07)
  • Thank You and My Private Email (1:38)

Dividend Investing Mastery

  • Intro to Dividend Investing Mastery (2:10)
  • How To Tell If a Dividend Stock is safe (8:51)
  • What Makes a Great Dividend Stock (8:28)
  • Examples of Great Dividend Stocks (10:31)
  • How to build a great diversified dividend portfolio (9:32)

Stock Market Investing Mastery 11 Part Course

  • Welcome! (6:34)
  • How to Buy and Sell Stocks and what to look at (15:53)
  • Why Modern Long Term Investing? (13:23)
  • Confidence in Yourself (9:46)
  • Brand Strength (12:48)
  • Capital Structure and Balance Sheet (10:20)
  • Income Statement (6:01)
  • Executive Management (10:38)
  • P/E Ratio (9:09)
  • My Perfect Stock (6:33)
  • Thank You! (4:45)


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Becoming Master of the Stock Market by Jeremy