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Discover the 8 Exponential Coaching Principles that Transform Lives and Leave a Legacy as a Coach. Rich Litvin, a world-renowned and highly sought-after performance coach, encourages you to deepen your best coaching skill in order to dramatically enhance your revenue, influence, independence, and legacy as a coach.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll study and experience in “Being an Exponential Coach,” a transformative video course.
Module 1: Mindset & Mastery
The true secret to success is a positive mindset. Because success is not a straight line, it might be difficult to achieve. So the very ideas that have propelled you to success in life and career may be exactly what is holding you back from reaching the next level.
Module 2: In-Depth Inner Work
BEING an Exponential Coach is the name of this curriculum. At this level, your being, presence, and deep inner work matter because you can’t take a client any farther than you’ve gone yourself.
Exponential Coaching is the third module.
What abilities are required to train high-performing executives and entrepreneurs? This module will tell you all you need to know.
Exponential Thinking (Module 4)
In a world where individuals are focused on 10% incremental growth in their lives and businesses, we want to play in a world where we are looking at ten times exponential growth. It takes exponential thinking to create that exponential curve for yourself and your clients.
Exponential Community is the fifth module.
Seeking out a group of peers who stretch, challenge, and push you has tremendous power. You’ll discover how to surround yourself with the greatest colleagues, clients, and team members in order to take your practice to the next level.
Module 6: Selling the Unseen
The unseen is being sold. How do you sell something “invisible” like Coaching? In this section, we’ll look at how to effectively market what we do, which impacts lives yet is difficult to put into words.
Module 7: Serving the Extraordinary
How do you recruit and influence great leaders and entrepreneurs? How do you coach those who have accomplished greater feats than you? We’ll look into it.
Module 8: Exponential Influence
How do you double your effect by ten? What does it take to make a genuine impression on the individual across from you? What does it take to make a difference in the world? This third concept will put you on the way to having an exponential influence.
Module 9: Final Thoughts and Next Steps
As you progress through the program, you’ll consider how you may put the insights you’ve gained into action in order to establish an exponential coaching practice.


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Being an Exponential Coach by Rich Litvin