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I Want To Show You How To Build Your Own SMS Marketing SOFTWARE In Under 25 Minutes And How I Use That Software To Make $200/Month (PER CLIENT). Providing AN Extremely EFFECTIVE Marketing Service FOR LOCAL Restaurant Owners.

How Does Our Team Keep Our Local Business Clients Happily Paying Us Month After Month For A Near-Effortless Service?

By delivering consistent results that they simply can’t turn away.

If you’re currently managing your own digital agency with small business clients, or if you’re looking for a simple and mostly ‘hands off’ business opportunity, then this is for you.

In Just A Moment, I’m Going To Share Our “Secret” Technique That Offers Results So Tempting, Clients Will Happily Pay You $200 Per Month To Do This For Them.

What Exactly is the ‘Pizza Money’ System?

We’ve developed a unique SMS marketing system that we manage for our clients.

For each client, we use this system to build a list of dedicated customers and keep them within the inner circle. It gives the restaurant owner the ability to strengthen customer loyalty while sharing special offers and promotions.

This consistent contact with their customers maintains their bottom line and keeps their business successfully afloat, even during the lockdowns!

Before we go on, let me clarify something important: you DO NOT require any kind of coding experience!

The Pizza Money System is a video-based course that breaks down every critical part of this model. So after you complete the training, you’ll be able to immediately take action. Successfully locating and attracting new clients while building a long-term business of your own that requires little ongoing maintenance.



Dr. Benjamin Atkins created the Closers CaféBlog & Mastermind when he realized that other local businesses around the globe also need effective marketing. Closers Café is a resource for those who are looking to build their own Facebook ad agency so they can help their own community thrive.


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Ben Adkins – The Pizza Money System

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