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* This is only available to Jason Fladliens ASM masters who have already purchased asm and have not been refunded – this is not a replacement for the fantastic asm course!!

* Rapid Crush endorses this because I was an ASM Masters coach to hundreds of asm’ers and after I finished the free coaching, we kept getting direct requests for more coaching help with Amazon.

. I organized this group coaching because I no longer have time to work one on one.

. These are simply my own tactics and strategies that have proven to be extremely effective for us.

Let me explain what this is all about…

Dear Colleague,

In my first month on Amazon, I discovered a novel way to rank my brand new Amazon product.

I hit $14,981.10 per month in four weeks (with only one “live” product), and we sold 478 units.

Look at this screenshot from my first month:

This would never have happened if I had done ASM the ‘traditional way’ like everyone else.

Now fast forward to the present.

This month, we sold 3,788 units and earned $114,532.60 per month!

Here’s a recent example:

Not bad for working on my Amazon business “part-time” and for a company that we only started in January!

Isn’t it bizarre?

If everything goes as planned – we’ve met all of my sales targets so far – I’ll be making $300,000 per month by this time next year, with a net profit of about 42%.

Isn’t that good money?

Once I’ve successfully launched a new product on Amazon, I can pretty much forget about it.

I’ve never experienced such power before.

Invest some time up front. Get paid indefinitely.

Do you want to make this much money from your private label business?
I can assure you that it is entirely possible.

I know because I live proof.

I’ve only been on “amazon” for a short time. I’ve already reached $114,000 per month, a large portion of which I get to keep as pure profit.

But the reason for my Amazon success is that I am doing things very differently than what is taught in ASM, much of which is completely counter-intuitive…

… and most importantly…

I’ve created a collection of one-of-a-kind’marketing and ranking methods’ that no one else is using, that work exceptionally well, and that I’ve proven to work within my own Amazon businesses.

There are only 3 things that I must focus on in my Amazon business:
1) Ranking my products to page one, as fast as possible.

If you’re on page 3, you might as well be on page 300! Just like ranking a website in Google, if you’re not on page one, you irrelevant. Amazon works the same way.

2) Getting as many five-star reviews in shortest time possible for my new product.

When people use Amazon and click on your listing, if the headline and images look appealing, what does everyone do?

They scroll right down to read your reviews!

If you only have a couple reviews, you won’t win their impulse purchase … and … you also won’t “stick” in the rankings.

3) Finding hot products to sell

I have a simple goal:

To make $10,000/mo per product.

That is a conservative goal, because my experience is that you can make more than this – but that’s my initial target.

To hit $100,000/month sales, I need to release 10 good products.

I like to keep business “simple.” And to make $100k month, is as simple as that.

I actually exceeded this target recently, having hit $115k in sales with less than 10 products.

“I Think I’ve Cracked the Code on How to Rank Any Product to Page One on Amazon”

But there’s something else I need to show you …

Something that will truly enlighten you.

Every single product that I have personally put on has pro-actively ranked on page one of Amazon, frequently in less than 12 days.

Yes, in every single case.

Yes, even in two very competitive markets.

Yes, in a variety of product areas.

“Here are some recent examples…”
(1) In less than 24 hours, I was able to rank a brand new product of ours at the top of Amazon’s beauty category!

Take a look at this screenshot I took when this happened lately…

Allow this to soak in for a moment!

It just took me one day to make my new product the top “best seller” in “Beauty” on, the world’s largest e-commerce site.

This is not a subcategory.
Not for some obscure, easily ranked goods.

To the best of my knowledge, no one I know has ever done anything like this before. Especially when employing proactive marketing strategies like the ones I utilized.

In reality, we made $16,546.40 in sales and sold 592 copies in just one day.

Yes, this is a snapshot from ONE DAY!

This was in one of Amazon’s MOST competitive product categories.

Nonetheless, I was able to rank it #1 in Beauty in 24 hours, and as a consequence, this product has been selling quite well every day since.

In fact, when fresh inventory comes, I want to remarket this product using two more keywords, and I believe this one product may generate $50k-$60k in sales on its own. Let’s wait and see!

(2) I recently introduced three new Amazon items. Within seven days, all three got “#1 best seller” badges… and… we were in the top 100 in Beauty for all three products!

Take a look, and bear in mind that this occurred only one week after introducing these new items!

My items were also included in “Hot New Releases” and “Movers & Shakers,” bringing in even greater sales velocity to assist in the selling of our products:

These are fresh new items that I have only recently begun to promote utilizing my unique marketing strategies.

Because this ranking shift is so fresh, the significant boost in my monthly sales isn’t even represented in previous screenshots because we’re still ranking for other keywords.

My point is that we took three fresh new goods (that weren’t even in the top 20 pages) and launched them within a couple of days… and got them all to rank in the top 100 in beauty, resulting in significant revenue for us.

Here’s Why It’s All Relevant To You!

Without understanding “squat” at first… I used a unique “launch marketing plan” that I devised.

and have mastered this year.

In less than a year, I developed a seven-figure-per-year Amazon business.

It’s not about the “product,” you see. It is all about:

The Promotion!

On Amazon, whomever (or whatever) can get a product on page one will be a success. But if you don’t know how to accomplish this, you’re in big danger.

—Image from Amazon’s “Top 100 Best Sellers” list. My product is the number one mover and shaker. Isn’t that crazy?

“What in the World Is Your Secret?”

As you can see, my Amazon success is no fluke.

I have given you with several evidence screenshots, revenue screenshots, and ranking proof for my own items, all of which are current.

I hope I’ve already shown to you that I know what I’m talking about.

As my Amazon firm expands and reaches high six figures per month, you will see me leave the “guru” profession and return to my origins as an entrepreneur, spearheading our fantastic growth and phasing out all private customers and “wage slave,” non-leverage initiatives.

I bring this up because you will no longer be able to hire “Ben Cummings” as a coach in the future.

To be honest, why bother with training and consulting when I can make significantly more (with far less time and effort) with my Amazon business?

My dream has always been to develop a Big Business that can be sold for several million dollars and “retire” to the island of Saint Barths, and I am dead set on accomplishing that goal in the next 36-48 months.

So, if you want to “connect into Ben,” this is probably your final chance to do so, to enter my brain and learn about killing it on Amazon from me, to gain these Master Marketing Skills.

so that you, too, may “retire to Saint Barths”.

Which brings me to the point of this “last” sales letter I’m writing to you…

A Very Limited Opportunity to Join Amazon’s Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club.

I just took on ten private students for one-on-one coaching, but I had to cancel since I simply don’t have the time to give “private consultations” any longer…

Unfortunately, I do not intend to take on any additional private 1-on-1 coaching customers in the future.

However, even after I stopped taking on new customers, we continued to get emails on a regular basis from people who wanted to learn from me.

What should I do?

Instead of doing one-on-one coaching, I decided to coach a small elite “mastermind group” of serious high achievers who would meet “virtually” via intensive training webinars.

It would not only be entertaining.

It would not only be excellent networking for both of us.

It would also allow me to take a few of you “along for the ride” to the top of Amazon, where we could all prosper and grow together.

That was an exciting prospect for me, and it is the reason I decided to launch this extremely limited Amazon Monthly Coaching Club.

Let me now go over the specifics of what you’ll be receiving…

To begin, in order to be considered for a spot, you must have purchased the ASM course and not refunded it, as I will not be teaching anything from ASM in this program!

This coaching program is not intended to replace the excellent content you learned in the ASM course.

This coaching, on the other hand, “takes it to the next level!”

Second, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos have endorsed and recommended this coaching club to their ASM Masters… which is fantastic!

If you know anything about those two, you know they almost never put their names behind projects unless they truly believe in them!

So I’m very flattered that they’ve linked their names to this project and are supporting it.

(Many thanks!) This monthly coaching club is only available to ASM Masters customers, so you must be an ASM Masters customer to participate.

I’m keeping the format simple but effective.

It will all come down to training you, teaching you my various marketing and promotional “launch” methods, and then you taking action.

. It will also be about getting a ton of five-star reviews and securing your rankings once you’ve achieved them.

Finally, it will be about rapidly expanding your Amazon business so that you can reach the big numbers that lead to financial freedom and a large business.

. It’s a “here’s what Ben’s doing right now, this month, to crush it on Amazon, and you get to look over his shoulder each month with the goal of replicating his success in your own Amazon business” coaching club.

Summary – This will be an intimate monthly “amazon coaching class” that will meet via webinar twice a month, in which I will be teaching my tactics and methods to help you build your Amazon business and make it a quick success.

The Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club – Specifics:

1) You will attend two live webinars each month. The first webinar, “Amazon Growth & Marketing Training Webinar,” will last 60-90 minutes.

This is where I will teach you EXACTLY what I do on Amazon to grow, market, and scale (on a monthly basis).

You’ll get an inside look at my Amazon business and methods, with the goal of applying what you’ve learned to replicate my results!

2) Then, each month, we will hold a second webinar called “Amazon QUESTION & ANSWER Webinar.”

During this Amazon Q&A webinar, you will have the opportunity to ask me ANY questions you may have, as well as receive detailed assistance with any issues that may arise… assistance with marketing issues… and assist you with anything else you desire or require.

In summary, you will participate in two live webinars per month.
Webinar number one, in which I teach Amazon tactics and tricks that I will NEVER reveal outside of this coaching club.
Webinar two is a monthly intensive Q&A / Brainstorming webinar with our coaching club members.
I’ll share documents, emails, ads, tricks, documents, contracts, and so on as needed.
You will receive replays, allowing you to watch future and previous replays whenever you want.
How much is it?

The cost is $295 per month, with the option to cancel at any time.

This price is dirt cheap, as you could recoup it in your first successful week of Amazon selling.

In fact, if you’re serious about growing your Amazon business, this is a no-brainer, because where else can you learn from someone who has launched every product on Amazon to date, as we have?

Register for the Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club by clicking here!

As soon as you register, I’ll send you an email with the dates for our first coaching webinar – and believe me, I’ll be sharing several game changers on our first Webinar!

What It Isn’t

To be clear, this is NOT “one on one coaching,” and I will not respond to personal emails from participants about their various Amazon issues, as that is the purpose of the monthly Q & A webinars that we will hold.

I’m being upfront about this because I don’t want anyone to be offended if I never respond to your Amazon-related emails if you get a spot.

To be honest, I simply don’t have the time these days, but I am willing to share my super profitable Amazon methods with my private coaching club, and that is all you should really care about because that is where the Real Money is!

Register for the Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club by clicking here!
A Bit of a Warning

I plan to limit the number of participants, so as to keep these methods exclusive to my coaching students, as this is my very best stuff that’s allowing me to crush it on amazon! I’d have to be a stupid dolt to expose my methods with too many people.

Once I feel that we have enough people, I am taking down this page and I will probably never offer this again … and … based on the large demand for access to my strategies, I can assure you that this will be filled quickly.

I am doubling down on our amazon business and we expect to be well into the range of $3000,000/month by next year, and therefore I plan to phase out all coaching and consulting – so this will likely be your one and only chance to learn from me and my unique methods.

Hope you participate in our monthly amazon coaching club! It could literally change your financial destiny.

What is Internet Marketing ?
Defining Internet Marketing

Also called online marketing, internet marketing is the process of promoting a business or brand and its products or services over the internet using tools that help drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Internet marketing a pretty broad term that encompasses a range of marketing tactics and strategies – including content, email, search, paid media, and more.

These days, though, internet marketing is often used interchangeably with “content marketing.”


Because content marketing is the internet marketing of the present and future.

Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as:

“A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Think of it like this: content marketing (or inbound marketing) is in direct opposition to traditional advertising (outbound marketing), and in direct integration with the patterns and habits of today’s generation.


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We don’t like to be sold to, we have our ad-blockers on, and we barely watch cable anymore.

Content marketing serves up content that addresses our pain points, and is there when we want it.

Here’s a great illustration of that from Voltier Digital:

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

Here’s the evolutional pathway behind the modernized form of marketing that is most successful today.


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Selling no longer works (a.k.a., traditional advertising) (a.k.a., traditional advertising).


Traditional advertising focuses on pushing messages at the consumer to get them to buy.

It’s interruptive, obstructive, and intrusive.

It shouts, “Hey, look at me!” while waving its arms.

You may try to avoid eye contact, but traditional ads are persistent.

You know what traditional ads look like because you’re bombarded with them every single day.

Think TV commercials, billboards, magazine ads, radio ads, and web banner ads.

Ads have been around for a long time, as evidenced by this traditional ad for “honest-to-goodness” coffee from the 1950s.

Don’t let ad fraud ruin your PPC.
Click bots knocking on your door? It doesn’t need to be a horror story. Get your ClickGUARD on and let us help you win at PPC in 2021.

Begin Your Free Trial ADVERTISEMENT

Ads may still be effective in select strategic locations.

If Internet consumers do not wish to view advertisements, they may just click away from them.

That is exactly what occurs.

According to a PageFair analysis, there are 615 million ad blockers in use today. Furthermore, the use of ad blockers climbed by 30% in 2016.

You know it, I know it, and everyone else knows it.

Ads are vexing.

And they are no longer the preferred method for customers to learn about new items.

Instead of thrusting themselves in the faces of customers, firms should take a friendlier approach.

That is precisely what content marketing is.

It is used by brands and marketers to create material that educates, inspires, advises, or solves an issue for their target audience.

The targets may locate the stuff on the web without being pushed at them if they use some clever techniques.

If prospects get anything beneficial from the content, they will return for more.

Finally, customers may naturally connect with the company and share their content on social media.


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Trust is built.

Authority has been formed.

Connections occur.

These devoted followers may then be automatically converted into leads and sales.

All of this occurs with the goal of providing value to the user in mind.

Help users by providing value, and they will reward you in return.

At its foundation, it is what internet marketing/content marketing is all about.

What is the point of Internet Marketing?

You may be wondering why there is so much hoopla surrounding internet marketing now that you understand what it is.

Well, the buzz is well justified.

Internet marketing has repeatedly shown to be successful.

Here are some statistics taken from several websites to help you understand why internet/content marketing is so successful:

By 2019, content marketing is expected to be a $313 billion business.
91 percent of organizations are already persuaded of its effectiveness and have made it a vital marketing tool.
Content marketing costs 62 percent less than typical outbound marketing but generates three times the number of leads.
If you have a blog, you will generate 126 percent more leads than your competitors who do not have a blog.
On average, if you maintain a blog and create material, you will receive 434 percent more indexed pages on Google.

There’s even more.

My tiny business has taken off as a result of my own content marketing efforts.


Ben Cummings is a successful ecommerce seller and life-long entrepreneur. Unlike other trainers who only run businesses in their nightmares, Ben has been in the trenches for over six years, slugging it out in the marketplace, and finding success.  Out of demand to find out how Ben was pulling off his unusual successes on the world’s largest ecommerce site, he reluctantly launched his flagship ecommerce coaching called “Fast Track Coaching.” Out of this underground program, have emerged dozens of seven figure FBA sellers, and thousands of students who now earn excellent full-time livings through private labeling physical products. If you want real-world and no-nonsense advice, from a straight talking ecommerce entrepreneur, then you’ve found your home.


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