Ben Pakulski & Vince Del Monte – Hypertrophy MAX – Addons 2


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Ben Pakulski & Vince Del Monte – Hypertrophy MAX – Addons 2

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Hypertrophy Max is a brand new muscle building program devised by two of the country’s best body builders and trainers, Vince Del Monte and Ben Pakulski, that aims to improve size and general muscular strength through a series of extremely precise weight training exercises and sessions.

“What most people don’t realize when it comes to muscle growth is that there is an exceptionally effective approach to build muscle mass and overall size,” Michaels explains. “Most individuals attempt it for a short period of time with average to mediocre outcomes. Or they reach a plateau and don’t know what to do next, so they keep repeating the same old pattern in the hopes of getting new results, which never occurs. This approach is intended to break through the hurdles and constraints that hold individuals back and to focus on managing the variables so that progress may be maintained.”

To efficiently improve strength, size, and muscle mass, breaking through obstacles and plateaus, designers Vince Del Monte and Ben Pakulski had to create a technique that concentrated largely on teaching the essential elements involved. They developed 12 distinct hypertrophy models via extensive research, personal experience, and commitment. Each module is critical and particularly vital for mass construction.

The Hypertrophy Max program comprises the following components:

MAX-TENSION – The Tension Torture Workout For Mass Control Phase 1

MAX-DENSITY WORKOUT – The Double Density Workout For Double The Gains

MAX-LACTATE – The High Lactate Threshold Workout For Optimal Body Composition Phase 3




They will then go through 6 months of prioritizing training, which will be really intense!

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MAX-BACK is the eighth phase.

MAX-PECS Phase 9

MAX-LEGS Phase 10

MAX-ARMS Phase 11

MAX-CORE Phase 12

“This curriculum is the culmination of numerous hours of research, devotion, personal experience, and hard work,” Michaels adds. “See most men are simply changing one or two hypertrophy factors like as volume and intensity and end up plateauing. When strength builders manipulate all six, enormous change occurs, as seen by a collection of case studies from folks who have tried, tested, and reported amazing outcomes.”

Vince and Ben are so confident in the efficacy of their product that they give a complete 60-day money-back guarantee to all of its clients. They are committed to ensuring that everyone is completely delighted with the outcomes of their purchase.

Those interested in purchasing Vince and Ben’s new 12-phase Muscle Building program or learning more about it may go to their official website here.



Benjamin “Ben” Pakulski, nicknamed the Pak-Man, is a Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder and winner of the 2008 Mr. Canada competition. In the IFBB, he finished 2nd twice in 2008.


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Ben Pakulski & Vince Del Monte – Hypertrophy MAX – Addons 2