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What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules
In this 7-part transformational intensive, Bernadette will show you how to embody healing somatic dance movements as a powerful and easy way to release constricted emotions, calm your nervous system, and step more confidently into your authentic Self.

This course will feature teachings, training sessions, and experiential practices with Bernadette. Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones, so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to work with dance and movement for emotional freedom.

Module 1: Living Emotionally Stifled

It’s not that we intentionally live emotionally stifled — it’s just that early on in life we learned lessons about emotions that aren’t actually true. We’re told we’re “too much” when we’re bubbling over with joy or exploding with anger… we’re told that “good girls don’t do that” and “boys don’t cry.”

We learn to suppress our emotions and contort ourselves to fit within the “acceptable” emotional range. We miss out on the full range of emotions and the gifts they have to offer us. That’s why this course begins with unlearning what we learned about emotions as young people.

In this module, you’ll begin with emotional literacy, and:

Explore the differences between emotions, feelings, and moods
Consider the words that describe emotions (e.g., joy, grief, jealousy, anger, etc.)
Understand how your discomfort with emotions may be holding you back in every area of your life
Come to terms with how shame keeps you on an inner “lockdown”
Discover the increased quality of life that’s available to you when you release shame
How You’ll Move…
You’ll somatically experience what stifled has felt like in your life. Then you’ll be guided through a full emotional tour (including joy, grief, anger, lust, confidence, flirt) so you can begin to explore the fuller range of emotions available to you.

Module 2: Relationships & Emotions

When our emotions are repressed or suppressed, we move through life trying to hold everything in as tightly as we can. All of this constriction creates a kind of armor that blocks us from experiencing true intimacy with ourselves and others.

You’ll learn how to express your emotions, and:

Sense how emotions show up in your body through sounds and storytelling
Release the armor that creates separation with yourself and others
Cultivate intimacy with your own emotions — because quality relationships with others begin with the quality of your relationship with yourself
Express your emotions with others (your partner, children, loved ones, and beyond) in honest, truthful, constructive ways that create greater intimacy and understanding
How You’ll Move…
Together we’ll do a deeper dive into the emotions of “flirt” and “confidence.” You’ll get to move these emotions in your body, exploring what they awaken for you in relationship with yourself first, before exploring them with others.

Module 3: Sex & Emotions

Your fears and blocks around sex must be honored. But, do not hide from your own vitality — the potential power you will reclaim for yourself when you confront your fears and own your sexual nature is immeasurable. Just as we learn lessons early on in life about our emotions, we also learn distorted lessons about sex…

We’re taught that it’s not okay to have, let alone feel, our desires. We’re taught to be ashamed of lust. Living in a narrow margin of life prevents us from fully enjoying our own sensual pleasure and sexuality.

In this module, you’ll learn how to experience true sexual freedom, and:

Identify the stories about sex that have stopped you from enjoying it
Open to your sexuality through your emotions
Recognize the gift of connection through vulnerability
Uncover the hidden gifts in lust, desire, and flirting
How You’ll Move…
Explore the somatics of sex, emotion, and sensuality through touch. When was the last time you caressed your own face? Or allowed yourself to enjoy the touch of a rose petal on your palm or an ice cube on your stomach? You’ll be guided through these experiences in a way that allows you to honor your own pace, sensations, and sexuality.

Module 4: Racism & Emotions

There is an awakening occurring right now in our country and on the planet. There is both a lot of pain and tremendous potential for growth. If we feel called to participate in this growth, it’s important that we look within to explore the ways we may be contributing to the perpetuation of racism.

In this module, you’ll explore the regenerative power of interbeing between all people, and:

Learn how shame begins as a healthy response but can turn into an unproductive preoccupation
Explore how shame can hold you back from doing the real work to contribute to the healing you wish to see in the world
Tap into the courage required to transform your judgments about people of other races than your own
How You’ll Move…
You’ll be guided to explore, somatically, the shame, guilt, fear, and anger that we’ve too often buried in our depths. We’ll also use movement to dream into a different way of being in emotion around racism.

Module 5: Health & Emotions

Our emotions are like the weather. Sometimes there are gloriously sunny days and our face is raised up to the sky. Sometimes there’s a storm coming. Sometimes it’s an earthquake. But none of it lasts forever… except when we suppress and repress our emotions. Then our bodies begin to experience health issues such as physical pain and chronic illness.

In this module, you’ll discover how to practice emotional self-care, and:

Embrace your body (and any physical symptoms) as a barometer of your inner weather

Tap into compassion for yourself and your body
Pay attention to your body and listen for what it needs
Honor the importance of rest for your mind, body, and spirit
How You’ll Move…
You’ll strengthen your health and wellbeing beginning with your foundation — your feet. Through a combination of somatic exercises and affirmations, we’ll explore what “healthy” looks, feels, and moves like.

Module 6: Aging & Emotions

As we age, our fascia tightens. This is what causes the stiffness and tightness we feel. All the emotions we’ve locked into our bodies contribute to that contraction and limitation. One of the secrets of aging gracefully that most people aren’t aware of is how our emotions can serve as a fountain of youth.

In this module you’ll discover the real fountain of youth, and:

Redefine “gray”
Find out how to make the essential act of stretching a sensual experience
Discover how sensuality stretches the fascia and can open you up to increased flexibility and enjoyment of your body
Explore how you can receive with self-compassion the gifts that fear and anxiety around aging can produce, how you can get to the core of what fear and anxiety really mean, and how to step fully into the courage to age with grace
How You’ll Move…
You’ll be guided, somatically, to connect with the elements to raise your vibration and fall in love (again, or maybe for the first time) with your body, and with all of its many changes. You’ll explore, through movement, how aging is inviting you to grow into yourself even more.

Module 7: Living With Emotional Expansion

There is so much wisdom available to you when you know how to let your emotions move you and move through you… rather than remain buried. Your courage to take on your deepest issues through somatic movement will pay off!

In this final class, you’ll celebrate your sensual vitality, and explore:

How to “sssstir” Wise Hips — for deep insights and longevity
How being in your pleasure heals the world
Tapping into the primary emotion of love for calm, clear guidance through challenges and important moments
Dancing to the beat of NOW … so you don’t step on the toes of your future!
How You’ll Move…
You’ll be guided on another full emotional tour in a fun and exciting way — you’ll get to discover and explore how your relationship with your emotions has changed. You’ll also move like an emotional warrior… allowing that part of you to come out, play, and inhabit your body and life!


Spirited and energetic, Bernadette Pleasant is a fiery and sensual speaker, somatic healer, and creator of The Emotional Institute LLC and Femme!, a mind-body wellness program. She has spent a lifetime exploring creative visualizations and celebrations of the human form, from sensual dance to somatic healing. A gifted healer, dancer, and entrepreneur, she channels her personal journeys and her radical empathy into transformative, immersive experiences that empower and celebrate people of all genders, ages, sizes, and fitness levels. Bernadette travels globally empowering all through classes, private workshops, retreats, and conferences.


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Bernadette Pleasant – Somatic Dance for Emotional Alchemy