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In our first session together, we will co-create a sacred space where we journey into the energy of the Great Mother, who holds all possibility in her embrace.

Are you living your soul’s calling? What do you dare to dream? How bold, outrageous and seemingly impossible are your dreams? And what is the new collective dream you are wanting to birth for future generations?

Join us and you’ll discover:

The price you’re paying if you’re NOT living your soul’s calling
How to dare to dream the BIG dream that lives deep within you
What you’re called to be and do for this season of your life
Why connecting with your essence is CRITICAL to living your destiny path
How women’s brains are different from men’s brains, and how you can advantageously work with this difference to to birth your dream
The magic of entering into the imaginal realm of the archetypes to tap your deepest wisdom and ability to move into action toward your dream
How your individual dream is an important part of the new collective story we areall creating

We KNOW you are here to make a unique contribution to the planet. But if you’re like most women, you can be your own biggest obstacle to your success.

Through a lifetime of experiences, you’ve cultivated sets of attitudes, habits and beliefs that have served as survival mechanisms for you to get through life, but don’t serve the greater journey ahead.

Many of these old patterns are ready to be released, so that something greater can be born. And you can learn to access the energy of the Midwife within you – to help you move through an initiatory gateway toward a greater-than-imagined future.

In this second week together, you will discover:

The REAL REASON why you aren’t able to manifest your intentions – be prepared to go beyond the excuses your rational mind typically gives!
The 5 Myths that prevent you from living your soul’s calling
The key to removing these inner blocks that keep you stuck through time
How to cultivate the womb of silence to allow yourself to deeply listen to that still small voice within
Your deep connection with your own center – your soul’s integrity – and how to make agreements you can keep that are in service to your highest dreams

When you are called into a greater-than-imagined future, you become inspired to take outrageous and remarkable actions in the world and expand the possibilities for your life.

How outrageous are you willing to be? You are here for a purpose that’s bigger than just your personal satisfaction. So this is the time to invoke your Creatrix – the potent and powerful weaver-dreamer in you that can move mountains.

In our third session together, you will discover:

A process for seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling and really experiencing yourself living your soul’s calling!
The 3 ingredients you must have in order to move towards a greater-than-imagined life
The best way to create goals and take action steps that are both S.M.A.R.T. and S.W.E.E.T. – discover what these acronyms mean during this session!
How to get your brain fully on-board with your vision and why this is critical to manifesting your soul’s calling
How to make a sacred commitment to what changes you will make in your life NOW, and hold yourself accountable to it.
The power of celebration and how as you begin to identify your true soul’s calling – the burn in your belly – you will become bold, open-hearted, courageous and committed to passionate service…


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Birthing Your Soul’s Calling