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BJ Penn, the UFC’s Welterweight and Lightweight World Champions, is the only non-Brazilian to have won the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships.
“Mixed Martial Arts” discusses his unique fighting method, detailing tactics, battling against the cage, and developing plans based on your own traits and skills.
Anyone who has watched BJ fight understands what incredible abilities he possesses.
He’s unconventional, with a diverse skill set that we all strive to.
This book attempts to explain what he does and how he does it.
If you believe this book will get you anywhere close to his level, you’ll need some incredible natural talent of your own.
This book does provide a strong basis for current mma training.
It covers every possible scenario for the battle, standing, against the cage, in the guard, you name it, he’s covered it.
There are several strategies taught, ranging from the fundamentals to more complex countermeasures to the previously demonstrated approaches.
One of the book’s best features is that the procedures are demonstrated using two camera viewpoints when necessary.
Although it may appear evident that such a basic item makes the concepts much easier to learn, it is not always employed in these types of publications.
This alone removes the guesswork from postures, allowing you to fully comprehend what he is demonstrating.
Although BJ’s background is in BJJ, this is not a BJJ book; instead, he works on the notion of sticking to what you’re excellent at.
If you’re a striker, that’s your first line of defense; if that fails, you grapple.
If you spend years perfecting an art just to be told you can’t utilize it in a book, that book is immediately abandoned.
So, whatever your number one skill set is, this book teaches you how to make greater use of it while also providing you with a strong backup plan in case you need it.
I had great hopes for this book, and it did not disappoint.
Penn and Kraus put a lot of thinking into this work.
It is well-structured and covers all of the important subjects (Stand Up, Clinch, and Ground).
This book outlines Penn’s MMA game, and the formatting makes it incredibly easy to explore and locate what you’re searching for.
The striking segment was not my favorite because it just taught the fundamental blows.
However, if you look at the book as a whole, you will notice that Penn has covered hitting from every angle possible.
The only other thing I’d mention about striking is that kicking isn’t discussed at all in this book.
However, how often do you see BJ unleash a kick in a fight?
The ground game aspect of this book, on the other hand, has to be my favorite.
I would have purchased this book only for that passage.
It does an excellent job of covering BJJ for the MMA game.
What makes it so amazing is because, unlike many other manuals, the ground segment is geared exclusively for MMA.
You won’t find any sport JJ gear here, but the fundamentals can always be transferred.
Penn and Kraus have established the benchmark against which all future MMA instructional books will be assessed, and they have set the bar rather high.


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BJ Penn – MMA Book Of Knowledge