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What Is Black Envelope?

Bob Kohler’s Black Envelope is a truly diabolical secret based on an idea from top Scottish card man Peter Duffie, tipped to Bob by Frank Garcia. In typical Kohler fashion, Bob then honed the concept and created five real-world, practical routines which have all held a steady place in his professional repertoire for over ten years. These are no pipe dreams, what you’ll learn are professional routines which “get the money.”

What Can You Do With It?

Here is just one of the effects possible: Imagine showing your audience a black, letter-sized envelope, which you place in full view on the table. A card is then selected and signed by a spectator. Instantly, the signed card appears inside of the envelope! And get this-no palming!

The Black Envelope DVD includes detailed explanations to this and four more complete routines, each utilizing the ingenious principle in a completely different way. You’ll learn the methods, moves and even presentations to the routines that Bob has used to fool lay audiences and expert magicians alike for years. Each of the routines vary in skill level from easy to medium difficulty-every magician will find something they can put to use immediately.

What You Get

Routines Performed and Explained:

  • No Palm Card to Envelope
  • Astral Envelope
  • Sphere of Influence
  • Thought Of Card
  • Perfect Stop



Robert Andrew “Bob” Kohler was a gay rights pioneer. A native of Queens, New York, Kohler was a lifetime activist in New York City, who also fought for the rights of many other people and animals.


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Bob Kohler – Black Envelope