Bob Orlando – Fighting Footwork of Silat n Kuntao


Bob Orlando – Fighting Footwork of Silat n Kuntao

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One thing I appreciate about martial arts derived from knife combat systems is that they are devoid of bullshit.
I’ve been amazed by the material in the martial arts in the last few years when I started with Filipino knife techniques and learned more about their hand-to-hand fighting.
The finest part about these martial arts is that they are combat-ready.
Most Kungfu-Wushu, Japanese/Chinese/Korean Martial Arts systems.
Their content is completely unsuitable for combat.
Things are different if, like me, you have an instructor who solely teaches combat-related material.
Today If my martial arts training has to be restarted.
Silat or one of the other FMAs will be included.
Description: KUNTAO AND SILATA’S FIGHTING FOOTWORK Bob Orlando’s Complete Guide To Kuntao, Silat, And Kuntao-Silat Tactical Legwork The unusual footwork of Indonesian martial arts is one of their most distinguishing features.
While a kuntao or silat practitioner’s hands are busy parrying, trapping, and striking, his legs are busy trapping, unbalancing, and destroying his opponent’s lower body.
Bob Orlando, a veteran kuntao-silat practitioner, spent years studying Indonesian legwork and arranging it into a real martial science.
An material is now available to you in this extraordinary four-volume video course.
Fighting Footwork of Kuntao’s first book covers the fundamentals of silat, kuntao, and hybrid kuntao-silat legwork, as well as the mechanics of trapping and unbalancing an opponent with your legs.
It also contains the first two langkahs (lower-body training routines) of Orlando’s martial science method.
Volume 2 delves into the mechanics of Orlando’s third and fourth langkahs, as well as the nuances of their variants.
He reveals the real fighting function of silat’s characteristic cross-legged or “twist” posture, as well as how to use your acquired talents combatively, connecting your upper-body technique with the strong traps, grinds, knee-wrenches, and off-balancing techniques that form the langkahs’ heart.
The third book of Fighting Footwork of Kuntao demonstrates how to incorporate the essential abilities of Orlando’s kuntao-silat system’s langkahs 1-4 into the art’s most advanced drills, langkahs 5 and 6.
Orlando continues with advanced Indonesian legwork strategy and tactics, demonstrating how to persistently pursue an adversary, continually trapping, locking, and shattering his legs while pummeling him with hand techniques.
Volume 4 of Fighting Footwork of Kuntao focuses on muscle-burning workouts and drills to build the strength and stamina required to use kuntao-silat footwork successfully in combat.
Through groundbreaking training methods, Orlando explains how to combine strength training with reflex and technique practice.
Finally, he demonstrates how to transform the traps, grinds, and locks from the first three volumes into a knee-breaking, ankle-popping arsenal of low-line kicks.
Elements of Chinese kuntao, Dutch-Indonesian pukulan pentjak silat, Chinese kenpo, kung-fu, and Filipino martial arts are merged into a very efficient fighting technique at Bob Orlando’s Je du-too School of Martial Arts.



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Bob Orlando – Fighting Footwork of Silat n Kuntao