Body For Hire – The Complete Bodyguard Training Video Vol. 1


Body For Hire – The Complete Bodyguard Training Video Vol. 1

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Body For Hire – The Complete Bodyguard Training Body For Hire:
Volume 1 (about 110 minutes)Several years ago I recruited a number of world class, experienced military and law enforcement professionals for a new training project.
These instructors were drawn from the former ranks of the U.S.Army’s DELTA force, the U.S.Department of Energy’s top-secret security service, and some of America’s most active law enforcement SWAT teams.
Each instructor came to Hawk East, Inc.
‘s training program with special talents and skills as the country’s best teachers.
The VIP Protection Specialist Training Course comes from this program.
Most on-site VIP Protection Specialist training courses cost thousands of dollars to attend.
Now, you can begin your training for a fraction of that price.
This DVD set contains all three videos comprising the complete Body For Hire VIP Protection basic course.
Disc 1 Covers: * What clothing works best for bodyguards and what clothing doesn’t * What kind of weapons the professionals recommend * How to select a client and know when to turn down a contract * How to tell if the client is hiding something from you * What one acronym tells you what to do in a deadly confrontation…….everytime * What 4 topics, when properly covered, will insure successful assignments * What things must you always remember when working with the press * What terms and phrases you need to understand as a professional bodyguard * How to work in protective formations * Where to position team members in a protective formation * How to assemble a motorcade * How to advance a security assignment * Dealing with other security details, hospitals, and public safety services * Bomb search methods of buildings and vehiclesBody For Hire:
Volume 2(about 110 minutes) Volume 2 Covers: * How to pre-flight vehicles before use * How to select the right vehicle such as limousines, cars, and buses * How to instantly evacuate your client in an emergency situation * How to brief your client in case of trouble * How to perform precision driving techniques such as J-TURNS or REVERSE 180s, BOOTLEGS, and SPEEDING “L”s * How to ram through roadblocks and barricades * What one piece of equipment could prevent vehicle ambushes * Firearms techniques for close-in shooting * How and when to use head shots * What is the standard defensive response * Weapon retention techniques * How to properly aim at a target through auto windshield and sideglass * Proper firearm drawing and carry techniques.
* Walking with the principal Body For Hire:
Volume 3(about 110 minutes)Volume 3 Covers: * Advance Surveys in more detail * Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance Techniques and Tactics * Advance Survey Checklists and Where to Find Them * Selecting Communications Equipment * How to Safeguard Your Communications * Safeguarding Proprietary Information * Essential Details in Threat Assessments * Step-by-Step Lessons in Searching Vehicles for Explosives * Dining Etiquette * Restaurant and Hotel Security Considerations


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Body For Hire – The Complete Bodyguard Training Video Vol. 1