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Boxing instructional videos and accompanying booklet.
Description from the site:”What’s in The Foundation?Great”, I hear you say, “But how do you intend to do all of that?” Well, I can promise that it has not been easy coming up with the answer to that question.
However, I’ve left nothing to chance in understanding how YOU can use this resource to the best effect.
Keep on reading and I’ll explain exactly what you get in the Boxing Training Foundation.
3 hours and 30 minutes of High-Definition videoAt the core of the Boxing Training Foundation are the instructional videos.
This is proper boxing coaching containing clear, precise and no-BS descriptions and demonstrations.
There are 6 videos in the set, in WMV format and total around 9.
6GB in size.
You can stream the videos or alternatively download them direct to run on your own computer.
The Boxing Training Foundation ManualThe Boxing Training Foundation Manual is a 140-page eBook in PDF format which provides structure, a host of tips and additional depth to the video.
A mine of information, the manual also delivers on-line resources at exactly the right point in the learning process giving you the best possible chance of improvement.
There are also unique gym aids that will ensure that your boxing style develops without the common faults that curse the boxing learning process.
Not sure why he’d put them in wmv format, but so it goes.
Thank you.



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Boxing Training Foundation