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Brad Callen – 1 Method Mastery (Home Study Course) – Q282

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Attention: Anyone who wants a long-term strategy to build true wealth, not a “get rich quick” scheme.

Proven rinse and repeat strategies tested

To build massively profitable

Internet businesses you can be proud of

Let’s face it: growing up, they probably sold you a story that was something like that …

Go to school. Get a job. Work hard. And soon you will be living the American dream.

It’s available to everyone, as long as they make enough effort, right?

INCORRECT. So wrong.

Sure, once it could have had some truth … to your parents or your parents’ parents.

You will see, when they grew up, lifetime job security, home ownership, and a comfortable retirement were all but guaranteed.

Back then, people needed very little education to get a good job, and once they did, they were generally prepared … for life.

More importantly, people’s incomes kept pace with the inflation rate, and they were able to pay the children a house with a 2-car garage and a new Cadillac.

… all with a single income.

Compare that to now.

Today, many companies want you to have a master’s degree just for entry-level work!

And unfortunately, that degree is out of reach for most people unless they are willing to take on a crushing and massive debt OR are loaded enough to have $ 100,000 sitting.

And even if you’re lucky enough to pay for college, your salary won’t go as far as before.

You can blame astronomical inflation for that … while housing, childcare, higher education and medical costs have skyrocketed, wages have not.

That is, each month, you are forced to spread the same dollars more and more.

Of course, that makes it practically impossible for you to get ahead.

And, here is the real kick: while you have to push yourself to have the same things that were easy for your parents, there is no “pot of gold” waiting for you at the end of it all.

Where Social Security was once considered a reliable safety net for retirement, there is a good chance it will not be available by the time you are ready to collect.

This all comes down to one thing: You and I were treated unfairly.

We were told that only by working hard we could get ahead.

It’s understandable. I mean, our parents probably believed the same.

For them, it was true.

These days? Not that much.

We live in a very different world, where the traditional path to success no longer cuts it …

You can do all the “right” things: go to college, get a job, work hard, and still never experience the financial success that previous generations took for granted.

This is why you need to work smarter, not harder.

Working smarter is the only way you will experience true financial freedom.

So what does “work smarter” mean?

Well, in today’s world, it means you must be your own boss.

That is the fastest way to build real wealth, because you will never be able to do it with measly annual increases of 4%.

You do not believe me?

Statistics show that people who work for themselves are four times more likely to be millionaires than those who work for someone else.

I mean, when you go into business for yourself, you’re a

400% more likely to become


A little makes you want to quit your job right now, huh?

And, not only is self-employment 400% more likely to make you rich, it will also make you much, much happier.

In fact, research shows that you would need to earn $ 250,000 working for someone else, just to be as happy as a self-employed person.

$ 100,000 a year.

So, entrepreneurs make more money AND they are


You’re probably thinking, “Sign me up!”

At least, that was your first thought.

So if you are like most people,

was immediately followed by all

Reasons why you can’t start your own business:

Insufficient money

Not enough time

Not enough knowledge

There is not enough security

Sounds familiar?

This is how most people see entrepreneurship.

They allow your fears and doubts to prevent you from reaching your full financial potential.

That’s a HUGE mistake, and I’m going to tell you why.

Do you know what is one of the older people’s regrets?

It’s just that they wish they had taken more career opportunities … that instead of allowing fear to dictate their career choices, they had pursued their dreams.

In fact, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, can be quoted as saying the following when asked why he decided to leave his stable and well-paid job to start

“I knew that if I failed to build

Amazon, I wouldn’t regret that,

but I knew the only thing that I could

repentance never tries. ”

Listen, folks. You only have one life, this is it.

If you are enslaving yourself in a job of going nowhere that will never offer you financial freedom, imagine how you will feel in 5 years, 10 years from now, 20 years from now when you keep doing the same thing. .

The only way things will change is if you have the courage to do something different.

I can help with that, so you will want to read this very carefully, to the end.

I promise it will be worth it, because I know that:

You can change your life

YOU CAN experience true financial freedom

You CAN discover the excitement of being your own boss.

You only need a guide, a teacher … someone who can help you navigate through all the ins and outs of the venture, so you don’t:

Wasting precious time

Spending money you don’t have, or

Experience the typical risks associated with starting your own business.

Let me introduce myself and tell you why I am that person.

Hi, I’m Brad Callen and I’ve been selling

products and services online from the

early days of “internet marketing” … way

back in 2002.

I’ve sold everything from e-books, video courses, physical products like supplements and skincare, to desktop software for PCs and Macs … as well as my all-time favorite type of product, SaaS (or software as a service).

I love what I do, so in the last 16 years I have started 30 different businesses.

Of these, 26 were six-figure businesses. Seven of them were million dollar businesses, and a couple of them won 8 figures!

As a result of my success, I have been able to do things in my life that I never dreamed were possible, such as:

Pay $ 30,000 + of student loan debt.

Buy the car of my dreams, a Tesla Model-S, with cash.

Pay the mortgage on my first home before I turn 25.

And being able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofit organizations.

While I made a few mistakes along the way, especially when I was just getting started, I have now created so many successful businesses that I have reduced the process to a science.

Because what I have learned over the years is that it is not difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur, you just need to know what you are doing.

That is why I am excited to tell you about a new system.

I have created called the

(Or the domain system of 1 method)

It teaches you step by step how to build a profitable online business with virtually unlimited potential, even if you don’t have much time, money, or a sophisticated MBA.

And because the system is designed to eliminate risk, you’ll learn the same secrets I use to hit a home run every time.

So let me explain how the 1MM system works. As an internet marketer, I discovered four essential steps you need to take if you want to launch a successful online business:

  1. Sell what is sold.

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. Let another guy do that and risk losing his shirt. When you first start, you want to sell something that you already know people want. That eliminates your risk, so you don’t waste time or money, only to discover in the future that your idea is a failure.

  1. Create a better product.

Never just copy what your competitors are doing. Instead, you want to improve your product. So you will have a compelling reason why customers should buy what you are selling.

  1. Design a large sales funnel.

Having a good product is not enough. You have to get buyers. That’s what makes a great sales funnel. It acts as a powerful magnet, attracting leads, and then converting them from browsers to buyers.

  1. Get tons of traffic.

Traffic is the name of the game in Internet marketing, and your goal here is to always get the most out of your advertising investment. To do that, you need to know which prospects to target and how to reach them in the most profitable way, so you can make a solid profit.

These four steps are essential to creating a successful online business, and they are exactly the same steps that I follow every time I launch a new business.

The 1MM system shows you how to MASTER each of those steps, so you can create your own successful and stable business and potentially earn a

extra $ 5,000, $ 10,000 or even

$ 25,000 a month or more.

Hell, he can even make you a millionaire, he made me one.

So let me tell you more about the 1MM System and how it works.

The system consists of 4 comprehensive and simple video master classes, one for each step you need to take if you want to create a profitable online business.

Which means it will show you exactly what you need to do to build your business, every step of the way.

So let me show you those steps again, along with the corresponding masterclass I created to accompany you, as part of the 1MM System:

Step 1: sell what is sold

Profit Mining Masterclass

Step 2: Create a better product

Product creation masterclass

Step 3: Design a large sales funnel

Sales Funnel Masterclass

Step 4: Get tons of traffic

AdWords Domination Masterclass

As you can see, I didn’t leave any stone uncovered, because I want you to succeed in this.

I know you can—you just need a step-by-step system to show you how.

So, let me break down for you what each course covers by starting with the Profit Mining Masterclass.

This class is designed to eliminate the risk of starting your own business.

Because the truth is,

9 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail miserably their first year.

Either they create a product nobody wants OR they spend too much of their advertising budget targeting the wrong people OR they fail to make their product enticing enough to potential customers.

The Profit Mining Masterclass teaches you the best strategy I know for avoiding those pitfalls.

It’s called reverse-engineering, and it goes like this. You find a successful business that’s selling something you want to sell.

Then, using the tactics I reveal in my course, you uncover everything about your competitor’s strategy—who their customers are, how they’re reaching them, what marketing message they’re using, and more.

Once you’ve done this totally legal “competitor spying,” you build a better product and go after the exact same customers, using the same methods your competitor has already proven to be successful…



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