Braulo Estima – Armdrag Seminar


Braulo Estima – Armdrag Seminar

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Braulio Estima, multiple World Jiujitsu champion and ADCC world champion, offers an in-depth arm-drag session. He begins with a very simple drill and progresses step by step until he reaches some really effective world-class skills. Braulio explains several drills and techniques based on the arm drag that are effective for all skill levels in this video, which was shot at Gracie Barra Yorba Linda on October 12, 2008.

00:32 – Butterfly guard basic arm drag drill

01:35 – Butterfly guard arm drag drill with leg movement

02:10 – Arm drag solo drill

04:32 – Butterfly guard arm pull to the back

07:32 – Armdrag with butterfly guard kick to the back

08:57 – How to keep your opponent from breaking your arm pull

10:55 a.m. – Collar drag

12:46 – Arm pull by spider guard


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Braulo Estima – Armdrag Seminar