Bruce Lee – The Lost Interview 1971


Bruce Lee – The Lost Interview 1971

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Bruce Lee – The Lost InterviewFrom the Pierre Berton Show (1971)Recorded on 9th December, 1971 in Hong Kong following Lee’s overnight success with The Big Boss he appears on the ‘Pierre Burton Show’, a half-hour series of interviews with the stars that take place from around the world.
With the commercial breaks removed we have an unedited 25 minute interview with the late, great Bruce Lee who through his meticulously pronunciated vocabulary cultivated in sixties America delivers his personal philosophies based heavily upon Chinese ideals.
This strange combination (both then and now) is not only what endears the viewer to Lee’s every word, but also results in what can only be described as a Chinese hippy talking philosophy on an American chat show.
Certainly unique the minutes absolutely fly by and leave you wanting for more, especially when any Bruce Lee fan will have seen this interview in its entirety, albeit pieced together through numerous sources over the years.
Presented Full frame the quality is pretty much what you’d expect from a talk show lost to the archives and recorded over thirty years ago, not great but then not too bad either.
Sound quality is where it really counts and here the disc delivers, with clear audible dialogue at all times allowing you to fully appreciate Lee’s musings on life, water and his many students.


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Bruce Lee – The Lost Interview 1971