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Bud Jeffries – Hit Like a Freight Train

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*note: I always like to include links with my uploads, but it appears that Bud Jeffries’ Strongerman Store is no longer online, so this is an even more valuable download with the DVDs being unavailable for purchase I found the description below somewhere else on the web; it appears to be the sales page from Jeffries’ old webstore.
–The best exercises for striking powerThe secret of the one-limb exerciseWhy dead-stop is the way to go for rapid power developmentSeven killer pushups to ramp up your punchesSeven awesome bodyweight squats to power up your kicksThe best exercises from all of the hardcore implements to use.
Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, sledgehammers, isometrics, bands, strongman, grip, and moreA powerful technique for staying relaxed and making your punches as hard as stone at the same time.
Exercises that help you relax and build explosive tension in the same movementHow partials can explode your power for punching and kicking and which ones to use.
A dumbbell strength-conditioning complex that’s worth the price of this set alone.
How to put your mind into the exercises to really make them carryover to your strikingHow to build strength and speed at the same time.
What to think about while you’re doing an exercise to make it increase your striking power.
The biggest weak links in striking power and how to eliminate them.
The reason each specific exercise will increase your power and what it’s working onIsometric striking exercises to build speed and make your power carry over from your strength directly into your strikes.
Band exercises to create speed, follow through, incredible power and hard-as-stone abdominals.
Extensive teaching on the one arm press and why it may be the greatest upper body exercise as well as the king for punching power.
Six greatest kettlebell exercises for kicking and striking.



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Bud Jeffries – Hit Like a Freight Train