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By the nature of our work and training, financial professionals are more sophisticated than the general population about their own personal finances. However, sometimes we spend so much time planning our company’s future that we neglect or defer taking steps to build our own personal net worth.

If you are dissatisfied about the speed that you are accumulating savings, this session will help put you on the right track. Even if you are meeting your goals, this session will provide insights and ideas which will add to and reinforce what you may already be doing.

Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the strategies that real people with ordinary jobs use to become financially independent

Major Subjects

  • Why the people you think are wealthy probably aren’t
  • Why a millionaire may be living in the ordinary house next door.
  • Early and mid-career strategies for accumulating wealth
  • Where and how to invest
  • Why fees and commissions should concern you
  • Strategies for buying stocks, mutual funds and ETFs

John L. Daly, MBA, CPA, CMA, CPIM, is a Chelsea, Michigan-based management consultant specializing in costing, pricing strategy and pricing model development.  He has taught continuing professional education courses since 1995 and began doing ethics seminars two weeks before the Enron scandal.  John has been CFO for a Tier 1 automotive parts supplier and a large restaurant chain and COO for a window treatments manufacturer and retailer.  He is the author of “Pricing for Profitability”, published by Wiley and Sons and a novel, “Tool & Die”.



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Build Your Personal Net Worth

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