Business Coaching Mastery Homestudy Course by Gary Henson



 Business Coaching Mastery Homestudy Course by Gary Henson

Price: $997

  1. You’ll be a business coach, ready to start a new business with new revenue streams and tons of earning potential.
    2. You’ll be learning from the best. is the Gold Standard when it comes to training business coaches.
    3. You’ll have unprecedented and unlimited earning potential. Stop thinking small! 100K is peanuts with this model.
    4. You’ll be able to take what you learn to grow your own business, in addition to growing your clients’ business.
    5. You’ll start enjoying a lifestyle that was only a dream before this—IF you do what we instruct and follow through with intensity and desire.
    6. A Certification of Completion is included after passing a 15 question exam following the completion of the course.

You’ll get a welcome DVD that introduces what you’ll be learning, how to work through the course and give you some winning tips that set the pace for this comprehensive program.

Then get ready, because the fun is just beginning:

In the first CD we’ll cover:
* What it takes to be a business coach (hint: if you’re reading this right now, you’ve got it!)
* The world renowned model for business coaching
* What it’s going to take from you to be a successful business coach (you already possess it, you just need to bring it out, and it may take some effort but it will be worth it!)
* What the relationship between a business coach and client looks like (it can be a match made in heaven—we’ll show you!)
* What the levels of coachability are and how it applies to you as a new business coach

Then it’s CD #2, which covers Business Coaching Distinctions:
* Discover what these distinctions are and why they are the backbone of producing results for your clients
* You’ll see why the distinction, “Likely Story” is the most important one to grasp
* You’ll be shown the model for results-oriented communication:What’s Working, What’s Not Working, What’s Missing and What’s Next? (these 4 questions are like magic arrows in your quiver)
* You’ll discover our definition of being accountable and why the “being accountable” distinction is the key to setting up the coaching relationship
* We’ll show you the “Great Human Compromise”
* You’ll see what “Engagement Conversations” are all about
* You’ll learn the business coach’s definition of commitment
* You’ll see how to create powerful Intentions & Outcomes
* We’ll tackle why it’s important to shift a leader from the “Predictable Future” mentality to the “Invented Future” – they love this!
* Then we’ll reveal the “calling out” exercise and show you how it improves communication and trust in an organization

In CD #3 it’s the Business Coaching Client Phases where we show you how to understand the business coaching phases:
* Step One: Getting to What’s So. The Planning and Assessment Phase. What is the distinction between a probable future and an invented future as it relates to business coaching?
* Step Two: Interviewing Employees. If we want answers about a company’s culture then we need well-rounded feedback from key employees. So in this step you’ll discover how to coach your client to see the value of using a “Company Survey” and learn why this is necessary.
* Step Three: Implementation Phase. This is the process of reinventing the organization, making it different and more productive than it was before.
* Step Four: Maintenance & Measurement Phase. How do we approach our client to create new goals and results-oriented projects with measurable results?
* Step Five: Creating Accountability and Alignment: Communication is the key to an extraordinary organization. What is the distinction between ordinary vs. extraordinary? How is this critical to transforming the business culture?

In CD #4 we examine Strategic Planning and Execution for Results:
* We’ll help you craft your own strategic plan and explain why having a authentic written vision, mission and company commitments (core values) is so important for creating a cohesive, aligned culture for both you and your clients.
* We’ll also explore how the strategic plan helps create a culture of accountability.
* And finally, we’ll show you how to explain the use of the strategic plan so that your clients understand its hidden value to the direction and culture of the company

Now for CD #5: THE 300,000 A YEAR BUSINESS COACHING MODEL—see how incredibly simple it can be to earn $300,000 or more a year!

Listen, if you’re SERIOUS about becoming a professional business coach and you’re tired of maintaining an “is-that-all-there-is-to-life” status quo, auto-pilot attitude, then CD#5 takes you on a path to $300K that no other program can even remotely come close to. In fact, this CD alone is worth more than ten times the price of the whole program!

* We’ll take a look at the $300K model up close, inside and out
* We’ll help you crunch the numbers and show you how it can be a reality for you, not some far-fetched pipe dream
* You’ll discover how this model supports the success of an organization and can completely change the “experience” of the company from the owner, employee and customer’s perspective
* You’ll learn one of the most critical axioms in the business coaching world
* You’ll be given questions to ask yourself so you’ll know if the $300,000 a year model is right for you (and it almost certainly is)
* You’ll understand why a 360 Leadership Evaluation is so important in the beginning months of a business coaching relationship—and you’ll learn how much to charge!
* You’ll discover “Leadership Re-invented” Training and learn why training managers to learn coaching skills will blow the lid off a company’s results
* You’ll gain first-hand knowledge of why a company should use profile assessments and learn how to leverage profiles for coaching the company
* Finally, we’ll show you how to bundle these services as a complete business coaching package rather than as additional add-on services, which is the key to having it all as a business coach!



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Business Coaching Mastery Homestudy Course by Gary Henson

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