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John Schaub – Buying & Creating High Yield Notes

Buying & Creating High Yield Notes by John Schaub

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When landlords look for more income, and sometimes less management, investing in a note secured by a house they now own or would like to own is a natural move.  Real estate is a growing investment, but at a cost. It requires more attention and produces less cash flow than a note with comparable risk.

A note can produce significantly more cash flow, with less management. Taxes can take a bite out of your interest income. Buying notes in a ROTH IRA is the ultimate way to avoid taxes, as all qualified distributions are tax-free.

I taught the Buying & Creating High Yield Notes course to help landlords transition into a more passive investment. However, newer investors will learn that often investing in a note will lead to a bargain purchase of a great house.

Is a million dollars enough to retire?  John Schaub Sept 30, 2015

Many financial advisors say to spend 4% of your investment assets per year. This would provide a 25-year income stream of about $40,000, when you start with $1,000,000. The good news is that rich people (which you would be – and want to be) tend to eat better and have better medical care, so they live longer. The bad news is you could run out of money with this plan, if you live more than 25 more years.

A real estate investor with ten free-and-clear $100,000 houses, netting about $50,000 a year could spend the same 4% this year, but would get a raise next year and every year that he raised rents.  Plus, his ten houses may grow in value. Investors are rewarded by what they know: knowing how to buy, pay off and rent houses in your retirement years will allow you to retire with much more income.




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Buying & Creating High Yield Notes by John Schaub