Caio Terra – 111 Half Guard Techniques DVD 2


Caio Terra – 111 Half Guard Techniques DVD 2

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Multiple time world champion Caio Terra is here to revolutionize your half guard! The half guard is one of the most common positions in jiu-jitsu with a wide variety of options. In 3 detail oriented DVDs, Caio will show you:

– How to get out of bad spots
– How to master the underhook and hooks guard
– His favorite deep half guard moves
– How to master the inverted half guard
– His favorite moves from the upside down half guard
– The dangerous Terra’s guard
– Moves from the 50/50 guard

All techniques are grouped in an easy to understand fashion that leaves you with many options depending on your opponents reaction.

Bonus section includes an episode of the popular Jiu-jitsu show “Rolled Up” with Caio Terra.

Complete chapter list:

Getting out of bad spots Part 1


Half Guard Single Leg

1. Takedown
2. Kimura Style Sweep
3. Dive Under Sweep With Sleeve Grip
4. Collar Drag Sweep
5. Collar Drag Variation With Triangle
6. Lapel Grip With Foot on the Hip Sweep
7. Tomoe Nage to Double Leg Takedown
8. Single Leg Sitting and Standing

Half Guard Scissor

1. Scissor Sweep
2. Back Roll Sweep
3. X-Guard Technical Lift
4. X-Guard Sweep 1
5. X-Guard Sweep 2
6. X-Guard to the Back

Deep Half Guard

1. Pendulum Sweep
2. Pendulum to Rollover Sweep
3. Pendulum to the Back/Sweep
4. Pendulum to Omoplata
5. Pendulum to Technical Lift
6. Pendulum to Knee Ride to Back
7. Homer Simpson Sweep
8. Homer Simpson to Back
9. Homer Simpson to Back 2
10. Collar Grip Hip Bump Sweep
11. Collar Grip Sweep
12. Double Under Sweep
13. Double Under Sweep 2

Opponent attempts to go to Inverted Half

1. Take the Back
2. Roll Over Sweep
3. Leg Hook Sweep

Inverted Half

4. Back Roll Sweep
5. Triangle
6. Kimura and Americana Roll Over Sweep
7. Collar Choke and Sweep
8. Lapel Grip Sweep to Mount
9. Lapel Grip to the Back



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Caio Terra – 111 Half Guard Techniques DVD 2