Calisthenics Academy – Calisthenics Fundamentals Course



Calisthenics Academy – Calisthenics Fundamentals Course

Calisthenics Academy – Calisthenics Fundamentals CourseBuild insane strength, mad skills and gymnast-like body with progressive Calisthenics.

The most effective bodyweight strength training on Earth


Ready to discover what your body is truly capable of?




The Calisthenics ACADEMY



Become Insanely Strong, Look like a Gymnast, and Develop All Round Fitness Using Only Your Bodyweight



Including ALL the future UPDATES

The Calisthenics Academy is the world’s first bodyweight fitness platform teaching advanced calisthenics and gymnastic moves through a personalized system of progression and mastery.



We bring together expertise and experience of world’s best trainers to create the most effective and safest way for you to develop insane strength and calisthenics skills while getting fit and healthy.

Knowledge previously available only to professional athletes, now in your hands…

Through comprehensive athlete assessment we identify exactly where you are at and create a fully a personalised training program just for you. Each workout you are pushed a little bit more unlocking new levels of strength, flexibility, mobility which then unlock new movements as you go along.

All while getting ripped, healthy and having fun.

Step-By-Step, Proven System for Insane Strength, Mobility and Health

Over the years we worked with 4,000+ athletes analysing, experimenting and troubleshooting.

The course incorporates everything we have learnt about a successful calisthenics training.


Realistic Step by Step Progressions

Our unique progressions incorporate mobility, flexibility and skill in a simple to follow format

Mastery System

Know exactly how and when to progress to the next level safely. No more confusion. Tested and Simple.

Personalised Approach

With this system you assess exactly where you are on progressions and create a personalised program to fit your needs.

Train like a PRO with PROS

Train like a PRO with the same system that has transformed thousands of calisthenics enthusiasts.

Visualise Your Progress & Results

There is no better motivation than when you KNOW you are making progress every single day. We make it easy for you to visually see every time you take one step closer to becoming achieving superhuman results.


Support, Accountability and Community

We are in it together. No no matter where you are on your journey or where are you based our community have your back. Get in the best shape of your life while making friends and pushing yourself every day.

The Easiest Way to Get Started and Keep on Going

No more worrying about what exercises to do. You won’t have to worry about how many reps you need to perform.We take care of all the details so you can quickly dive into the program and start seeing results.

Physique Transformation

Transform your body into a lean, gymnast-like physique and become the best version of yourself like thousands of our athletes below.


I’m 45yo, a cancer survivor. This program has motivated me to be the best I could be and showed me how to progress. The community support has been overwhelming. I’m extremely excited to continue and get 100% on all my moves.

Joey Koontz

Recovering from the injury has not been easy. Effective progressions have been a key to building back my strength. Following the program has been amazing as I can see a clear path to some of the amazing moves!

Aga Nazaruk

For me as a beginner it’s hard to find quality information. Course clearly outlined how you can get amazing results and progress. So far I have gained more strength & muscle mass and lost about 5 kilos & I have never felt better!


I tried so many programs before and nothing worked. Academy is the BEST THING which happened to me. I couldn’t even do a pull-up when I stared and now I am right on track towards mastering my own body-weight.

Obie Wright


Simply because it creates your own powerful personalised workout. You’ll always know what to do, how to do it, where you are going and how to get there.
I love the independence this gives you. I already learnt so much and am only at an intermediate level. So many more skills to learn, but I know that with this course I have all I need to achieve my goals!

And if you still need support, you have the awesome community where the coaches are always available to answer your questions.

I totally changed the way I approach my workouts and am really grateful to have come across the calisthenics academy.


Calisthenics is the art of using progressive resistance (similar to weight training but only using your bodyweight) to develop TRUE FUNCTIONAL strength, skills, flexibility, balance and mobility, and to achieve body mastery. The truth is that if you want to enhance your body’s abilities and to be able to perform the sort of impressive moves that comes easy to Calisthenics athletes, you need more than just strength of muscles.

  • strong tendon and ligaments
  • strong joints
  • flexibility and mobility
  • balance and stability
  • control and skill

Muscle strength is NOT ENOUGH…

You can have the strongest engine but if you can’t control it – it’s useless.

Just have a look at what, apart from strength is needed to hold a perfect handstand

You probably have enough upper body strength to hold your body upside down and do this…

Yet without core and body-line strength, without shoulder, wrist and hip mobility, and without flexibility you’ll never be able to hit a proper handstand. Plus there’s the actual technique involved so you can hold a handstand without looking like a banana.

  • Strenght 80% 80%
  • Mobility 60% 60%
  • Flexibility 40% 40%
  • Skill 90% 90%

And this is what makes Calisthenics so powerful, yet complex…


In the Academy we analyze every single element needed for a particular calisthenics move.

Then we create a strategic path for you to follow to unlock necessary levels of mobility, strength, flexibility and skill.



From the most effective, natural strength training on Earth

With well-structured progressive calisthenics, you can start from absolute zero and still gain insane strength, muscle growth, and achieve fat loss while still protecting you from injury and conditioning your body—naturally.

Physique transformation

Develop a natural strong physique while having fun. You’ll be muscular but lean so your body will be in proportion, and look naturally fit.

Helps injury prevention and recovery

Progressive Calisthenics uniquely trains the connective tissue and joints to prevent injury. Many professional athletes use Calisthenics to rebuild strength after injuries, or to prevent injuries in the first place.

Gain Muscles and Lose Fat … Simultaneously

Training with your own bodyweight gets your body to naturally drop fat while gaining muscle and building strength at the same time

Strengthen Your Joints, Naturally …

You’ll be using your own bodyweight to develop strength, just as your joints were really designed to, unlike a 400 lb leg press. As you get stronger and more able your joints will adapt, with zero risk of being overworked.

Skill development

As much as Calisthenics is about achieving an all-round, long term fitness, sometime we just want to learn some kick-ass, check-me-out moves. The way the program is structured, with carefully crafted progressions, skills such as the flag, the {other examples here} – are absolutely within your capabilities.

FREEDOM: Train any time, any place

No more constraints, no need for the gym and no need for other expensive equipment. It’s you and your body.

This system is one of those that comes along once in a generation and is a Game Changer

Ian Mackintosh

So…How do I get started?

How to skip YEARS of frustration and start seeing results TODAY.

Learning Calisthenics on your own is Frustrating and Confusing.

Too often we hear stories of athletes

taking massive action, and yet NOT getting the results they desire.

“I’ve been practicing handstands forever and still can’t hold it freestanding. My friends tell me to just keep on going – but I know I am missing something”

“It took me half a year to get to tucked front lever (90° between body and legs) and since then I really didn’t move forward at all.. Hard work is the last thing I miss. I’m very dedicated to it but starting to be a bit hopeless. What can be wrong?”

“There are lots of videos on youtube however after trying out all different instructional videos, I still can’t achieve certain moves like the front lever – what am I doing wrong?”

“I can’t seem to be able to get to a pull up – but nothing seem to be working for me”

Imagine training your ass off doing a specific move every training session for a year … and seeing NO PROGRESS

Would you give up? A lot of folks do.

This is the story we’ve heard from thousands of talented athletes we work with …

They get stuck.  Because calisthenics moves are not your usual “up the weight” exercises.

Every calisthenics move is a complex beast requiring expertise in multiple areas.

Our trainers have spent YEARS understanding and practicing the underlying principles of Calisthenics and training others. They’ve read every book on the subject but more than that they lived through their own struggles, had to troubleshoot progress and worked hard to understand what it takes to build a skill

In the past you would have to spent years and thousands of dollars to achieve some of the calisthenics feats.

But not any more…

Over the last two years we have spent time with over 4,000+ athletes analysing the difference between what makes someone succeed and what makes someone fail with Calisthenics.


Get these 6 things in place and you are off on an incredible journey to build insane strength, gymnast like body, impossible skill,

Have fun, break free from all constraints and master your body

The Calisthenics Academy Fundamentals Course

Your Gateway To absolute body control, awe inspiring skills and physical health.


From Complete Novice to Calisthenics Master

with Step-by-Step effective progressions

Here’s an example:

A good calisthenics progression for one arm pushup will enable you to develop all that is needed for you to succeed including the right strength as well as balance, core tightness, skill and stability

The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at when you start your journey.

We all have been right at the beginning. Struggling, figuring out the progressions, learning, experimenting, analysing. All so your path can be clearer and more effective.

Our program makes it easy to take the first step towards a greater you.

Will you take it?


The 8 Fundamental Moves to Master.


Over 200+ Progression Exercises and Videos to Guide You

Being able to perform moves like the human flag and planches requires more than simply phenomenal strength, it also requires flexibility, mobility, balance and skill. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, you’re going to struggle with these moves if you lack the other necessary skills (and quite a bit of practice!) … But if you do it the right way you can achieve strength and skill unlike any other.

That’s why you MUST start with the fundamental movements. Until you’re hitting them consistently you should not progress to any other advanced moves. Master the fundamentals and they’ll open up any move you want to learn in your advanced calisthenics career

Pistol Squat

Pistol Squat will absolutely challenge your lower body strength and mobility. Paired with hamstring mobility exercises this progression will help you prevent lower body injury and make the most out of your leg power.

One Arm Hanging Leg Raises

These are the best way to develop an all-round powerful waist. Hanging develops the grip, shoulders and lats, and forces the serratus muscles around the rib-cage to work strongly.


Dips is a great horizontal pushing exercise and you will use it interchangeably with handstand push up work. They will activate and develop your Pecs, Delts, Triceps, Shoulders, Neck, Back. What more would you want!

One Arm Pull Up

Nothing builds a massive upper back and lats like pullups do. It’s a prerequisite for all advanced moves.

Handstand Push Up

Handstands will explode your shoulder strength and size and prepare your upper body for virtually anything


One Arm Push Up

The easiest pushing movement that activates nearly every muscle in your body, strengthens joints, and trains connective tissue. In addition, it builds up strong and a healthy upper body.


Front Lever

Although a fairly advanced move, you should start conditioning your body for it early. It promotes full body control, builds an iron core, and develops a hollow body which is essential for advanced elements.


Plank To Planche

Planks strengthen the body line and they are a great base for lever work including elbow lever and eventually planches

These 8 moves have been hand picked to build all round physique and strength so you can safely progress further.

Full Body Training

These movements are designed to target every single part of your body and develop an all-around, balanced physique of a gymnast. They will make sure you are ready for any physical activity

Balance, Mobility & Flexibility Built in.

These fundamentals make sure that along with strength, you are developing balance, mobility, flexibility, and body control. You will need them to be able to perform more advanced moves and to avoid injury.

Pushing and Pulling

Fundamental movements condition your muscles and nervous system to be able to perform pulling and pushing moves effortlessly. This lays the necessary foundation for more advanced moves

Carefully designed progressions and skills

Unlike any other program, our progressions are carefully designed to incorporate the optimal number of steps to ensure that you are challenged but not overstretched, and working on strength, balance, mobility, flexibility and skill all at once. Our system is not a rigid, stagnant one. We’re constantly expanding and developing it based on feedback from our community and from the data we gather.

Not one-size-fits-all Levels

Many programs will shoehorn their athletes into a system of generalized, broad, unspecific levels. Our system of progressions couldn’t be more different. With progressions for each specific skill area, our program allows you to move forward at the right pace. Some skills you might progress through quickly; others you can take your time to work through to ensure complete mastery.

But moves are just one part of a successful calisthenics training program


Stop guessing.

We’ll tell you EXACTLY what to do so you can focus on your progress.

Follow the personalised, step-by-step system for insane strength




Exactly pinpoint your current level…

You’ll be guided through a comprehensive, two part assessment to identify exactly where you are on the progressions based on your own PERSONAL level of strength, mobility and flexibility.


Create a solid action plan based on your goals

After you know how you stack up, we’ll scientifically establish the exact number of sets and reps you should be doing to progress in the most optimal way. Everything is personalized for you.



Smart system that adjusts based on your progress while always pushing you forward

As you workout, the system will dynamically adjust your progressions based on your feedback for each of the exercises you perform. It’s the ultimate personalised pace.


STEP 4. Troubleshoot your progress and never plateau again

Ensure getting stuck will never be a problem again..

Our EXCLUSIVE community of athletes and trainers will help you overcome any challenge and any plateau. Whatever challenge your facing, we’ve dealt with it ourselves


STEP 5. See visualisation of your progress for motivation and consistency

Track and see Every single improvement you make…

There is no better motivation than the feeling that you are making progress every single day. We make it easy for you to clearly see that you are one step closer to achieving your goals



Once you reach a mastery for one move it will unlock a new one

Just like in a game each new level reached in strength or mobility unlocks new levels and new moves. Each time you have a new target to reach but you can see how far along you are.


Resolve your questions, anytime, anywhere

Imagine a bunch of people who get you and who are there to support you every step of the way. The Calisthenics Academy community has got your back.



With the system you are always pushing forward and you know exactly where you are going and how far till the next goal

Never worry about what to do and how?

No more confusion about sets reps and what drills are the best. Simply follow the most optimised path for your own progress

NOt a gimmick – a lifelong journe of physical development

To trully unlock your full physical potential, we will guide you through a new mindset and approach to fitness. Screw the gym. Master your own body


 200+ HD Exercise Videos To Guide Your Each Move

It’s hard to explain movement in pictures, show you the exact right form, point to what to focus on and what to watch out for. That’s why we have created an ever-expanding library of all the exercises that are standing on your way to Superhuman Strength.


Finally, realistic, step-by-step progressions.

The course pays full attention to realistic progress, step by step from the very beginner to advanced, unlike any other book out there. The course enabled me to get started and taught me underlying principles needed to succeed. I am six months in, my strength has improved incredibly and I just cancelled my gym membership. Love Calisthenics!

Jeff Freader


The course is absolutely packed with everything you need to know to get started and keep on going!

Try it for yourself.

Here is what you get when you join today:

When you purchase the Calisthenics Fundamentals Course you get access to a WORLD CLASS system & collection of resources designed to help you transform your life, FOREVER.


A proven blueprint for developing Calisthenics strength and skill to guarantee your success


200+ HD Videos with dynamic animations


Over 450 pictures with focus points for each exercise


Proprietary assessment system to personalize your program


Workout tracking and dynamic adjustments based on feedback


Calisthenics Knowledge Base: all you need to know to succeed


24/7 Community of trainers and athletes


Downloadable PROGRESSION POSTER to visually guide you through the Fundamental Moves


8 detailed exercise progressions with over 20 steps each


Private FB Group and Access To Serious Community of Athletes & Trainers


..and everything you need in one place to get your started regardless your previous experience and fitness level. 


It’s a TOOL you will use for LIFE



Our athletes come from all walks of life. Whether you are a busy parent, an injured athlete, or a calisthenics rookie you’ll see immediate progress and results with this program. You could be 15 or 86 (literally), it doesn’t matter. Calisthenics can help you achieve incredible results and get you started on a journey of a lifetime. We can’t force you to workout, but our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to get started and to see results from day one. Your success is our success.

You’re about to do the hardest part: make the decision to try it.

Just give it a go and life will never be the same.

Just imagine in a year’s time looking back to this very moment and being amazed at how far you’ve come.

Just like some of our athletes below…


I am Artem Morazonv and this is my story.

People think I am able to do those things because of some natural genetics.   I never have had good genetics for sport.   It has been long and hard work to build my body step by step and I know how essential is a progressive training program.

This is why we are building Calisthenics Academy. To enable ordinary people like you and me to achieve extraordinary

Artem Morazonv – PRO STREET WORKOUT athlete and leading calisthenics and mobility EXPERT with over 8 years of experience in training and teaching calisthenics.
Winner of a number of gymnastic competitions including silver medalist of the Moscow competition in 2013 and 2014 Artem is now holding workshops all over Europe to promote calisthenics

Do not let your story define what you can and can not. Live life own own terms and commit to become extraordinary.

Join thousands of people who are, learning new skills, losing fat, building muscle, gaining strength and getting healthier every day

4000+ Lives TRANSFORMED and counting…

Ian Success Story

I’m an advanced neuromuscular therapist and I can vouch that this routine is safe, effective, all around beneficial, and a steady path to gains. Also lately people have been asking how I’ve gotten so ripped so I just tell them.

Ian Clark

I am a neuromuscular massage therapist. And once I learned about soft tissue damage and healing, repetitive stress injuries, the foundations of muscle science, etc., I really started to get serious about fully balanced workouts that supplement pre-existing muscular imbalances and focus on form and control. But I had trouble designing them myself and being sure about what was safest and most efficient for my body. And this is when I picked up a Calisthenics Fundamentals Course. The program perfectly matched my criteria. I believe strength is a lifetime pursuit, not a few week fad. The guide to progressions met my biggest concern; getting from here to there. Since then my results have been very steady. My reps are going up, rest times are decreasing, and skill work is becoming second nature. I’ve also been packing on lean muscle as you can see in the picture. 


Antonio Success Story

This program will not only transform your body and physique but it will skyrocket your energy and help to train your mind.

Antonio Alvarado-Angmen


I  always wanted to workout, but every time I started, a few weeks in I would lose motivation. 4 months have passed since I got on the progam and the results are incredible. Not only I lost 5kg and feel much stronger but I started exploring some of the more advanced moves too.   I feel so much more energy now I was expecting the program to be just an exercises book, but it went beyond my expectations teaching everything from the mindset, to how to progress, with suggestions how it all can be incorporated according to my own fitness levels and goals. This program is a complete guide to start improving your health and life with the vehicle of calisthenics It will not only transform your body and physique but it will skyrocket your energy and help to train your mind.

Anand Success Story

Amazing, clearly defined terms.. Easy to understand, great progression chart as well as videos..The program answers all the questions you might ever have about calisthenics training.


I started calisthenics after I got inspired from various athletes practicing a lot of skills like front lever, HSPU’s etc, and I was like whoaa!! I looked through all the available training programs and picked this program as the best one. It has been 7 months since then and my results have been awesome! When a person starts with calisthenics… He/she faces a lot of problems related to progressions. There is a lot of questions: what to do, how to do things; how much to do?; When to progress?; And what frequency of practice must be included? The program answers all those questions and more so you can focus on moving forward every day. 


What Others Are Saying:

Transformed My Life! I have had really great success using your program! Transformed my life!!! XD now Im really just looking to be able to progress more and really wanting to connect with more experienced calistenics/bodyweight/street workout people in or around my area (Asheville NC)

Obie Wright

They told me this is as good as my life is going to get… I have been to many Physical Therapists and Doctors and all have told me this is as good as my life is going to get. I will need to remain on pain meds for the rest of my life and being 52 I will start to get joint pain it’s normal. BULL, I checked into rehab in 2010 and have been drug-free, I started BW training in my bed two years ago and I can now do 6 dead hang pull-ups and 15 full BW dips

Scott Giorgio

So effective. Don’t need an expensive set up to get fantastic results. You do the work you get the result and you start at whatever level you are capable of.

Andrew Lowe

Extremely Helpful and Inspirational! I loved detailed, clear progressions which I could easily follow. I access rge course on my phone and use it for my daily workouts and to keep me motivated! Love it!

Quinn Johnes

Straightforward and no BS approach! I loved the straightforward simplicity and no BS approach. I did take the action as it filled the gaps as to how to reach my end goals. This is THE BEST RESOURCE ON THE MARKET for anyone interested in training and body transformation. Get out of the gym! This is a real functional training.

Ian Mackintosh

All beginners need to start the journey with this ebook. THIS IS the MOST COMPREHENSIVE COURSE about CALISTHENICS and street workout out there. ITS THE HOLY GRAIL for beginners.

Cristhian Gaete Cartagena

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a mobile App?

At the moment our program runs as a web app which you can access on mobile. Mobile App will be coming out soon. By joining us now you will have a direct say in how the app will look like, the features we are building, which moves we will be bringing first and be the first to have access to our other programs.

Is this course for me?

If you ever wanted to get started with Calisthenics but never know how and what – this is for you. Unless you are an advanced athlete who already mastered 8 Fundamental Moves you should be taking this course to work towards them, fixing your mobility and making sure you are good to go for more advanced ones

How is the course different from the book?

The course is a completely brand new program – including a web app which walks you through the assesment, creates a personalised training program for you and helps you keep on going. You take workouts directly from the app and give it feedback – our system adjusts sets and reps based on that and show you visually how far along the progression you are.

Although the principles from the book are similar, we improved and redone all the progressions and incorporated a number of other elements of a successful training program. Its really a full proof way for you to succeed.


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