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Cobra Breath Training

Ipsalu Tantra provides a variety of three to seven-day courses in lovely settings. Every level of participant receives individualized support. The approaches used in the Courses are drawn from the Kriya Yoga, Tibetan, and Taoist traditions. This is a safe, powerful, and effective step-by-step procedure that leads to deep fulfillment and self-discovery.

Learning to Live in Bliss with Cobra Breath Level 1

This weekend Course for individuals or couples progresses toward the first level of Cosmic Cobra Breath, a beautiful method that transmutes sexual energy to awaken your mystical vision. You begin to perceive the reality behind the world’s illusions and, rather than being the victim of your life play, you become the Witness. You learn the Ipsalu Formula, which is the most efficient and effective technique to achieve Bliss.

The Level 1 Course focuses on being present in the moment, on reaching that still spot inside your body where you can experience Infinite Consciousness. That clarity changes your perception of yourself, allowing you to transcend previous boundaries. You get a stronger union of mind, soul, and body by employing powerful yogic practices.

Respect your humanity. Silence your critical inner voice.

Push past your restrictions. Discover your greatness.

Combine Consciousness, Heart, and Sacred Sexuality energies.

– extending and deepening lovemaking; – producing and containing more sexual energy

Feel sublime communion between souls by being completely present with your sweetheart.

Transform your sexual life

Use force energy to revitalize your body and increase your creativity.

Learn about your Unlimited Self as the creator of your world and experiences.

Transform your reality joyfully so that you can materialize your Soul’s desire.

Celebrate your vitality with music, dancing, and a therapeutic massage. You’ll find yourself experimenting with subtle energy, sharing your energy with others, achieving inner harmony, and feeling at one with God. The vibe is lighthearted and humorous yet very deep. Sexual practices are described, but no explicit sexual behavior occurs.

Level 2 Cobra Breath Bliss of Inner Union

Level 2 focuses on the difficulties that prevent your sexual energy (LifeForce) from flowing freely for four days. You learn to see “issues” in relationships as chances to heal the wounded inner child and release blocked energy in the lower chakras. You may swiftly pass beyond old constraints to greater joy and fulfillment by employing Witness Consciousness and the power of orgasmic energy.

Find actual fulfillment in your career and recreation.

Rediscover your childlike wonder and spontaneity.

Accept both your manly and female sides.

Break free from self-defeating emotional routines.

Recognize the Divine inside yourself, your relationship, and all beings.

Break free from the false assumptions that underpin your constrained self-image.

In a self-initiation, you will get the second degree of Cosmic Cobra Breath. It will clear the chakras and bring masculine and female energy into harmony. One breath causes spiritual progress that would ordinarily take a year, greatly boosting your advancement.

Before achieving this level, you must have practiced the first level Cobra Breath for at least three months.

It establishes a secret energy conduit to accelerate your advancement. This training is designed for individuals or couples.

Level 3 Cobra Breath Bliss of Divine Love
This course is divided into three parts:
Essentials at Level 3

Once the lower chakras are open, go to the third level Cobra Breath technique to gradually open the heart and throat chakras.

This three-day course gives you strong skills to expand your heart chakra, allowing you to offer and receive unconditional love. When male and female energies are harmonized, the body is prepared for spontaneous and mild Kundalini activation. Degree 3 Cobra Breath stimulates Kundalini flow, allowing you to achieve a higher level of consciousness and a more consistent sense of bliss.

Before attaining this level, you must have practiced the second level Cobra Breath for at least six months.

Demonstrate closeness and compassion.

Enter timeless realms where miracles happen.

Enter a new stage of your relationship that is built on love rather than necessity.

Make yourself more accessible to genuine closeness, communication, and compassion.

Feel your connection to All That Is, and let go of your sense of separation.

Experience deeply enlarged but dynamically grounded tranquility.

Tantric Tibetan Rebirthing is the most potent tantric experience…it leads to the Ultimate Flow of energy through the entire being, fine-tuning the chakras and establishing a cosmic portal to other realms.

In tantric practice, the Maithuna Ritual is the High Ceremony of Union. Embodying Shiva and Shakti consciousness, fully opening your energy in your body and enfolding the energy of a partner, you become energetically one and dissolve limitations as you open to the wonders of the universe.

Level 4 Cobra Breath

Level 4 of the Cobra Breath transports you from the microcosm to the macrocosm, linking the depths of the earth and the eternities of heaven. There are three other levels, but they must be experienced rather than described.

More information on Cobra Breath Level 1, Ipsalu Tantra – Cobra Breath Level 1, Kundalini Cobra, Bodhi Avinasha, and Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga may be found here.


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