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JP Allen Complete Harmonica Bundle download free. Finally, Playing the Harmonica Made Fun, Quick, and Easy…Beginners and Non-Musicians… So you want to play the harmonica – and be able to play all the songs you love – but without the need for endless hours of practice and frustration, right? Well, if you’re having a tough time learning the harmonica, it may not be your fault… It may be the way you are being taught. The mistake the majority of the other harmonica methods make is that they try to teach students the wrong techniques at the wrong time. This just overwhelms most beginners and creates a lot of bad habits and frustration. But consider this…

There’s a faster and more fun way to learn the songs.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a non-musician…

The newly updated 2009 version of is designed specifically for beginners and non-musicians. This is perhaps the only harmonica method in the world that has been tested and refined in college classrooms on over 1,000 beginners and non-musicians for an entire decade (both at the University of Texas and Austin Community College).


  • DVD – Getting Campfire Ready: Harmonica Made Fun and Easy So You Don’t Get Stuck
  • CD – Getting Campfire Ready: Teaching Yourself to Jam with other Musicians (CD #1)
  • CD – Getting Campfire Ready: Teaching Yourself to Jam with other Musicians (CD #2)
  • DVD – High Speed Country and Blues Harmonica Chugging: Blowing the Roof off the House
  • DVD – The Secret To Playing Harmonica with a Sweet Soulful Tone: Finally Learning to Bend. (A Workshop In Mastering Bending)
  • DVD – Harmonica Core Essentials: Developing Good Habits
  • DVD – Blues Harmonica #1: How to Play The Harmonica Blues And Country Blues
  • DVD – Blues Harmonica #2: Playing With a Sweet Soulful Tone. How to Play Harmonica Blues, Rock, Funk and Country
  • DVD – Blues Harmonica #3: Owning the 12-Bar Blues Progression
  • CD – Blues, Rock, Funk and Country Jam Tracks
  • DVD – Harmonica for Kids! (Bonus DVD)
  • PDF – 110 of the World’s Most Popular Songs to Play on the Harmonica Product



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Complete Harmonica Bundle

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