Comprehensive Geriatric Course: In-depth Care for Your Aging Patients by Steven Atkinson



Comprehensive Geriatric Course: In-depth Care for Your Aging Patients by Steven Atkinson

Salepage : Comprehensive Geriatric Course: In-depth Care for Your Aging Patients – Steven Atkinson

With the majority of the baby boomer generation approaching geriatric ages, the elderly population is rapidly expanding. All healthcare professionals MUST know how to address the unique concerns of the older adults under your care. Geriatrics is a field on its own, but many of us haven’t had extensive training on the nuances and complexity that make treatment challenging!

In this self-paced online course, geriatric specialist Steven Atkinson, PA-C, MS, will guide you through the normal and abnormal changes of the aging mind and body, providing you with the knowledge you need to improve the care you provide. Steven is an exceptional educator with high-energy, dynamic and passionate training and looks forward to sharing his expertise with you. This course is engaging, practical and insightful…packed full of unforgettable case studiesto highlight important concepts and provide you with new approaches to caring for your geriatric patients.

Get management strategies and more to advance your knowledge of this growing population:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementias
  • Geriatric Pharmacology
  • Pain Management
  • Managing Challenging Behaviors
  • Geriatric Emergencies
  • And practical tips and tools you can immediately put into practice!

PLUS, you will have access to a pre-recorded Q&A call with Steven Atkinson, PA-C, MS himself!

This cutting–edge course explores the full spectrum of geriatric care:

Video Segment 1: Differentiating Dementias

Distinguishing the various types of dementia is often difficult. This session provides tools to appropriately screen patients experiencing dementia, along with discussion of the most effective interventions to improve the care you provide.

Video Segment 2: Geriatric Pharmacology

For geriatric patients taking more than five medications, the statistical chance of a drug-to-drug interaction or an adverse event is 100%! For those experiencing an adverse drug event, one third will require additional treatment. This session will provide straightforward tools that will help you care for older adults receiving multiple medications.

Video Segment 3: Pain Management in the Elderly

This presentation will review the different categories of controlled substances and their appropriate use in the geriatric patient. Explore special considerations and tools to aid in prescribing and managing pain in the geriatric patient.

Video Segment 4: Managing Geriatric Behaviors

Behaviors such as wandering, aggression and anxiety can pose significant barriers to the delivery of essential care. Geriatric syndromes such as malnutrition, dehydration and insomnia can diminish quality of life and threaten independence. This session will explore the most frequent problematic behaviors and discuss strategies to improve the care you provide to your geriatric patients.

Video Segment 5: Geriatric Emergencies

This high-energy, dynamic session is filled with interesting case studies, insightful discussions and interactive learning. You will leave with practical techniques that you can apply right away – if you work with geriatric patients, you don’t want to miss this!

Video Segment 6: Top Ten Medications to Avoid in the Geriatric Patient

Explore medication dosing guidelines and polypharmacy management principles to ensure safe prescribing in the geriatric patient. Review the top ten medications to avoid and alternatives that can be equally effective.


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Comprehensive Geriatric Course: In-depth Care for Your Aging Patients by Steven Atkinson