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Mitch Miller – Copy Penthouse Experience

Mitch Miller – Copy Penthouse Experience

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Show Me How To Get Really Good At Advertising So I Don’t Have To Keep Posting Instagram Pics Next To Someone Else’s Lamborghini!
“I’ll Show You How To Craft Advertising That Will Make You Rich Even If The Idea Of Writing Sends More Chills Down Your Spine Than Donald Trump Kissing The Back of Your Neck…”

From The Metaphorical Desk Of Mitch Miller

Bangkok Thailand,

March 10th 2017

Yes, this is a sales letter.
But, unlike most sales letters, this one isn’t just about selling you something.
It’s about (shamelessly) bribing you with so many exciting free bonuses and extras so you’ll love me forever and put me in your will next to your children.
I’m going to reveal the fastest, most certain way to gain real momentum in your marketing by showing you that the missing puzzle piece you are looking for comes down to the words you say in your sales pages.
When you get the words right, you make sales.
Sales = money.
Money = happy dances in your underwear.
One well written sales letter can make you rich.
But before we get to the exciting stuff, lemme ask you a question:
Ever felt like giving up?
Because you’ve been in this game for a while now and you’re frustrated with your progress so far.
For a long time I was overwhelmed, confused, and afraid to fully commit to any one approach to making money online or growing my business.
I knew a lot, and kept trying things, yet it was like an invisible wall was keeping me from the money and I couldn’t figure it out.
When I was struggling, it was killing me inside to worry about money… maxing out my credit cards while constantly feeling stressed out and anxious.
I thought there was something wrong with me.
I thought I might never reach my goals.
Do you secretly envy the overflowing confidence and success others seem to have… watching them living the life you know you should be living too?
Have you ever dreamed of going on better (and longer) vacations around the world?
Finally telling your boss which ass cheek to kiss?
How would it feel to finally have the clarity, confidence, and certainty on the best way to proceed to make money online and grow your business?
If you’d like that…
Then I hope you read every word of this letter because your answer to the question I ask on the next line will determine the direction of your life forever.
Do You Have The Courage To Earn One Million Dollars A Year Or More?

Do you?

Most don’t.
Maybe an online business isn’t for you.
It’s meant for someone who’s hungry…
It’s meant for the kind of man or woman who has a relentless desire to earn more money in a single year than most of your friends will earn in their entire lifetime.
It’s meant for someone who is willing to make the sacrifices that business demands…
willing to roll the dice… endure the stresses… and fight the inevitable battles against your own brain…
while also pitted against some of the sharpest minds in the world, for prizes beyond the imagination of ordinary men and women.
Do you have the courage to reach out for this kind of life?
If you do, read on. If you don’t, consider yourself lucky and leave this page – there is nothing left for you here.
Who Am I?
I am the marketing adviser to millionaires, CEOs, celebrities, and thousands of smart entrepreneurs crazy enough to listen to my rants. 
I’m the guy who is secretly called up in the middle of the night by some of the biggest names in our business, to give them timely advice and clarity when they need it most.
I am an author of 3 books, run a wildly successful training firm with my business partner Macaully, called Opposed Media where we hold workshops and training events all across the world.
Regarded by others as The King Of Copy and the “Dan Kennedy” of today, our marketing campaigns have generated millions for our clients over the last 10 years including one that took someone from a respectable $178,000 a month to over 1.5 million dollars a month in less than 100 days. 
In a nutshell: I’m one of the best copywriters in the world.
There are very few people on earth who can even come close to touching my skills.
I would write better than 99.5% of all marketers even if I was drunk, hung upside down, and spun in circles while badgers claw my face with the Spice Girls movie playing on repeat in the background.
They say “if you have to tell people you are something, you are not that something” and that’s totally true… except when it’s not.
There are a few select people in this world who are so good at what they do, they can say whatever the fuck they want because they are the real deal.
Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor, and Eminem to name a few.
I have a loud mouth when I write because it’s hilarious and it pisses off the anal retentive folk with sticks lodged too far up their backsides.
And life is about having fun!
My life is really fun. I am basically retired, traveling the world, living in luxury condos – enjoying daily massages, five star meals, and doing what barely feels like work to me.
Unfortunately life wasn’t always this fun…
I Was So Broke I Remember Eating Cereal With A Fork To Save Milk!

I was so broke when I went to KFC, I had to lick other people’s fingers!

I was so broke I had to scam the Nigerians!

Okay it wasn’t that bad, but it sure felt like it…

I do clearly remember living and sleeping in a public park in Vancouver, Canada. There is one day in particular I begin to get anxiety when I think about it

It was September 23rd 2008 at 7:42 pm and I’d just finished shopping for food…
The sky was grey and overcast, reflecting how I felt inside… I had $4.67 cents to my name and all I could afford was a small bag of uncooked white rice…
I did my best to make it look like I wasn’t homeless…
Kind of obvious when you’re carrying around luggage, wearing too many clothes, and smelling like complete crap.
But that was the reality then. I made one wrong move, lost my job, was too proud to ask for help, and without even realizing it, I was living in a damn park.
I’m telling you this because if you are struggling to get by, I know exactly how you feel… 
Imagine not being able to feed yourself and everyone around you knows it… your parents, your friends, and even your exes.
I felt stupid, and looked even more stupid !
I tried so hard… And failed even harder… the only thing stronger in my life than my efforts were my failures.
No matter what I attempted…

No matter how great I thought my ideas were… nothing ever changed for me.

“Dear god, when are things going to change for me?” 
I almost gave up… part of me wished I had the guts to end it all.
Everything was just so hard back then.
I was scared I would never get back on my feet, that I’d fall too far behind and never reach my goal of being successful.
At this point in my life, I thought things couldn’t get worse… although they were about to, and I’ll share that with you in a moment…
Perhaps you can relate to that feeling of needing to make a change yet nothing you do seems to ever work out?
I was in a position where I needed to change, but I guess one more thing had to happen before I really got it…
Please Excuse Me For The Disgusting Things I’m About To Tell You Next… 
Remember that little bag of uncooked rice I told you I bought that day because it was  all I could afford?
Well, that night, I sat down on a bench in this very park :

And then… I did it

Don’t judge me, I had too…
I was starving and depressed. I was in full survival mode, and had to eat…
I stole some of these small packs of ketchup from McDonalds…
For the next 10 minutes, I sat there quietly choking down
spoonfuls of uncooked rice with ketchup on them while
hiding under a tree with tears streaming down my face… 


I was feeling deflated… and worthless… and angry… and like I was less than all the people I had ever known in my life…

I had become a failure.
My greatest fear in the world was playing out before my own eyes, in my own life…
All my life I never wanted to be average, and now… I was below average.
As I sat there – my mind swimming the depths of rock bottom, something interesting happened…
The situation was so traumatic to my brain, something snapped I began to realize something I’d forgotten…
A truth so powerful, that once I realized it, a feeling of absolute certainty, power, and excitement washed over me like a hot bath of good emotions…

In that moment I realized that failure doesn’t actually exist. I understood right then and there, the only way to fail is to give up .

My worst fear came true and I was living it at that exact moment… but, I was still ME.
It’s Never Over!
I had enough. 
I decided the game was not over… it had only just begun. And as god as my witness, I am going to make a comeback…
 I’ll make comeback so epic and powerful, an entire army dedicated to getting in my way can’t stop me from becoming successful…
Nothing Can Stop Someone Who’s Had Enough
And today is the day YOU have had enough

Enough of your boss, enough of your wife nagging you or your husband laughing at you, enough of the government & it’s BS, and enough of not doing what you damn well know you need to be doing:

Taking back control of your life by making enough money online to get rich!
As I sat there under that tree, I remember asking myself the one question that haunts almost everyone at the beginning of their journey down the road to really making it online and working from home (or the park):
“I know I have what it takes to get rich online because all these other idiots are doing it… Why do I keep gathering a bit of momentum and then stop? I see others doing this successfully but how in the world am I going to make it happen…”  

You’ve probably asked yourself that  question before, am I right?

It’s a great question, and you’re smart to ask .
You’re also smart to keep an open mind to the answer, which I figured out and  about to reveal to you…
I started and failed 8 different businesses from pallet building, to landscaping, to website building, to a food catering company…
It was get rich or die trying and luckily I didn’t die.
and I learned along the way, most of what is taught to us about this internet business stuff is DEAD WRONG.
But through it all, I uncovered a lie …
A lie rarely revealed…
Because there’s less money in you knowing the truth.
And i’m going to reveal it to you right here and now.
And remember, despite my success today, I’m no different than you… I’m just a guy who happened to stumble upon a simple idea…
An idea that allows people like you to experience month long vacations, buy that car you’ve been wanting, quit your job, have more joy, excitement, freedom, and finally
have enough money in the bank to allow you to sleep like a baby

This is the same idea that allowed me to never have a job again, EVER.

The same idea that has allowed me to:
– Have financial freedom and the ability to live how I like
– Give my clients multi million dollar months
– Travel to 26 vacation destinations in the last 18 months
– Basically retire, and travel while doing what I love
– Freedom and happiness
– Screwing off from time to time
– Teaching others around the world to do the same
So without further ado…
Allow Me To Expose This Filthy Lie You’ve Been Told

This is the hidden enemy behind why you are struggling… and most people have no idea it’s not their fault!

If you’re feeling stuck and a little deflated, it’s not your fault.
Most of the strategies the gurus preach virtually guarantee you give up before you’ve even started… here’s why
The real problem is the fact that you’ve been lied to for years… and these lies are keeping you from the money you deserve…
Here’s the lie:
You are taught to believe the platform is all you need to succeed!
Allow me to explain…
Marketing your products and services comes down to three very simple things:
1.  Identifying a market (Who: a group of people to sell to)
2. Creating a message (What: to say to those people to get them to buy)
3. Picking a platform (How: you shout that message from)

The lie is #3 is all you need to have success!

Don’t believe me? Want proof?
Just look at Clickfunnels, a company with one of the largest (and most irresponsible) marketing slogans I’ve ever come across:



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