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CORE JKD Concepts Collection

Core JKD Concepts – Kicking and Boxing Range

This the original state-of-the-art interactive training DVD that broke the mold on how to convey martial arts training information. The information is shown in graphic detail with computer animation and slow-motion analysis. You’ll see how how the mechanics work and learn the base kicking and boxing ranges.

Instructor Shaun Rudie and several Core JKD Concepts students perform detailed moves as well as full contact sparring that will leave you wanting more! Some of what’s on the DVD:

� Defining the ranges of combat
� Bi jong stance
� Footwork mechanics – step & slide, push shuffle, slide & step, quarter turns
� Training footwork
� Awareness of range – mirroring
� Defining kicking tools, Jun Fan kicks,
� Equipment training with the kicks, single and in combination
� Muay Thai kicks and their mechanics
� Thai pad training
� Defining kicking defense
� Training kicking defenses
� Training kicking flows 1-5
� Defining boxing tools, jab, cross, hook, uppercut
� Training boxing tools, singly and combinations
� Boxing defenses
� Training boxing defenses
� Training boxing flows
� Putting it all together, incorporating kicking and transitions to boxing range
� Training the flow, kicking, boxing, ranging
� Sparring examples
� Motion analysis

Core JKD Concepts Full Curriculum Level 1 DVD

This DVD is filled with information on the standup range, the tools we use in those ranges, and how to train those tools to make them faster, more powerful and efficient. As usual, we waste no time getting to the heart of the training. We cover not only how to train, but why we train as we do. The more information you have, the more readily you can understand how accurate physics comes into play on making your tools work more efficiently – regardless of the art you devote your life to.

Some of what’s on the DVD:

� Truths about awareness of our surroundings
� Conditioning drills to keep your vehicle functional
� Footwork
� How to use shadowboxing to enhance your training – in all ranges
� Range awareness drills, including perception drills to help pick up subtle movements before an attack
� How to find your best punch position
� The boxing tools, along with the distinction between SDA’s and ABC’s
� Boxing combinations for level one
� Boxing speed drills which will absolutely get you punching faster and with more penetration
� Combination drills
� The natural, mainstay cover tools you will always use in a fight
� Drills to enhance cover
� Timing drills for boxing
� The basic Muay Thai kicking tools
� Drills to improve timing and placement of kicks
� Live drills for protecting your head while you attack
� Weapons stick training – live and on equipment
� sprawl drill
� motion analysis
� how we test
� and more


Core JKD Concepts Full Curriculum Level 2

This DVD is filled with 90 minutes of detailed instruction for the level 2 Full Curriculum. All successive DVD’s continue to build on the skills of the previous ones. Level 2 Full deals with furthering the functionality of the kicking/boxing/trapping and weapons ranges.

As usual, we present the material to you in a detailed manner to help you understand the “why” as well as the “how”. Our goal isn’t just to give you a bunch of techniques, but to ingrain attributes and skills like athletes and to give you the knowledge to become thinking fighters to where you can adapt the material as you see fit.

Some of what’s on the DVD:

� New conditioning drills, including our base periphery drill to start detecting motion early on.
� Slide & Step footwork and side cover on step.
� How to impliment the slip and snap back against an opponent who is trying to hit you.
� Level 2 punches and combination flows.
� How to accurately – and functionally – train angulated attacks.
� Defining trapping with pak sao and lop sao and how to use it in actual engagements in the boxing range.
� Boxing interceptions and binding of the hook as well as from a stick attack.
� Elbow strikes
� jik tek
� kicking elevations
� knee turnout defense for Thai kicks
� and more!


Core JKD Concepts Grappling Curriculum Level 1

In the same tradition of our original Kicking and Boxing range DVD, this DVD is packed with high-quality, detailed information presented in a clear, fashion so that the extreme beginner can comprehend it quickly. It also presents new material and methods of training the advanced practitioner will appreciate and want to add to his/her repertoire. The DVD is presented with graphic overlays and 3D to help you understand in a more efficient manner. As in our training in class, we don’t spend time on non-essentials, we get to the point, to the best methods that build a solid training foundation that can handle efficient techniques.
But knowing techniques is not enough, you must have a solid foundation, the “Core” of Core JKD, to help you intuitively and transparently build skills and body feel, or you’ll never be able to hold or apply a technique effectively against a resisting, skilled opponent. Some of the information and methods in our training DVD’s have never been seen before.

Some of what’s on the DVD:

� Truths about grappling training and awareness of our surroundings
� 14 conditioning drills including breakfalls, post up, shrimp variations and pancake flip
� Positions- mount, crossbody, half guard, guard variations
� 5 solid escapes from under mount
� 6 escapes from under crossbody (several work regardless the size or strength of opponent)
� 5 escapes from the guard
� 2 escapes from half guard (including our own unique and effective Core JKD method)
� Escape from north-south top cover
� Understanding our grappling flows 1-4, breaking them down so you can start training the “flow”.
� Chokes
� V-arm locks & their escapes
� and more including 2 short films showing why awareness of our surroundings is so important


Core JKD Concepts Grapping Curriculum Level 2

This DVD is filled with 2 hours of detailed material regarding the grappling range for level 2. We continue beyond the level 1 DVD to include new conditioning drills to support you physically and to enhance your body feel for this range. We have developed the Earth and Water drill for just this purpose and when trained properly, it will drastically increase your intuitive positioning over your opponent and allow you to flow around them – essentially, be where they are going to go – before they even know they are going there.

We also cover some serious problem areas in the ground game, including detailed strategies for the rear naked choke and escapes from it as well as our own – proven – method for dealing with the dreaded arm bar, this is something we have been perfecting for years and we are now releasing it to you for the first time.

Some of what’s on the DVD:

� New conditioning drills to prime your core and push you to new functional heights
� We cover the north-south position top and bottom as well as:
� Kesa gatame
� Quarter position
� Flows 5, 6 and 7
� three new ways for passing the guard and putting pain compliance in the right place
� Several Core JKD ways to prevent and escape from the rear naked choke position
� Core JKD methods for the straight arm bar
� How to prevent being choked out from a guillotine in your opponent’s guard
� Our preferred versions of the bicep crush for submitting your opponent
� How to apply the triangle and the Core JKD method for escaping it
� basic sweeps
� dummy flow 1
� standing neck chokes
� and more…


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