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Cynthia L. Webner is a member of the faculty.
Duration: One Whole Day
Audio and video formats are available.
28th of October, 2016
Arrhythmias: Everything You Need to Know
What Exactly Happens with Cardiac Conditions?
Cardiac Medications: The ABCs
Which Organs Are Affected by Heart Failure?

Have you ever wondered why a patient with a myocardial infarction has dyspnea?

Or are you having trouble describing how beta-blockers work?

Or are you perplexed by ejection fractions, let alone hemodynamics?

If you struggle to explain to your patients which blood vessel perfuses which part of the heart, why they have an arrhythmia, or how their heart failure is causing kidney problems, you should work with Cynthia L. Webner, DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN-CMC, CHFN, a mentor who can really make the information easy and understandable.

This session is ideal for all healthcare professionals who wish to enhance their assessment abilities, create a solid foundation of cardiac anatomy and physiology, and use these skills in everyday patient care. It is designed with the bedside clinician in mind. Understanding these fundamental ideas will allow you to identify patient issues quicker and respond to them more effectively. Cynthia’s teaching approach encourages an open and involved dialogue. You will leave with a methodical approach to interpreting ECGs, a better grasp of common cardiac diseases, and a revitalized dedication to patient care quality.


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Outline 91 Pages Available After Purchase

Recognizing Electrical and Mechanical Functions

Waveforms of Conduction Systems
Arrhythmias: Everything You Need to Know
Hemodynamic Activity
Cardiac Output Contractility Preload Afterload
The Heart Rate
Normal Heartbeats
Abnormal Heart Sounds (S1, S2)
Murmurs: How to Tell the Difference Between Systolic and Diastolic S3/S4 Gallops
Mechanisms of Compensation
Keeping Cardiac Output and Blood Pressure Normal

Perfusion of the Coronary Arteries

Concerning Cardiac Musculature and Conduction System Lead Placement
Monitoring in 5 Positions
12-lead, 15-lead, and right-sided electrocardiograms

Caring for Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients

Differentiating Ischemia, Injury, and Infarction: A Systematic Approach for ECG Detection Pharmacological Therapies
AHA Recommendations: When and Why Should You Use It?
Anti-Platelet Therapy on Two Fronts
ACE Inhibitors with Beta Blockers
Action Mechanism

Which Organs Are Affected by Heart Failure?

Activation of Neurohormonal Systems
The Parasympathetic Nervous System
The Renin-Angiotensin System (RAS)
Differentiating Chronic from Acute Heart Failure Using Aldosterone System Perfusion and Congestion Assessment
The Importance of Non-Invasive Heart Unloading Diagnostic Testing
Treatment Based on Evidence
What Do BUN and Creatinine Mean?

Why is the Left Side Affected by Valvular Heart Disease?

Stenotic Valvular Dysfunction vs. Insufficiency Physical Examination Clues Signs & Symptoms Associated Murmurs

Pathologies of Other Cardiac Diseases

Pericarditis is an excellent imposter of myocardial infarction.
Cardiomyopathies: Dilated versus Hypertrophic

Advanced Assessment and Decision-Making Capabilities

Creating a Hemodynamic Profile in the Absence of a PAC
Volume Status Jugular Vein Distention Pulse Pressure Importance
The Importance of Heart Sounds Faculty
DNP Cynthia L. Webner, RN, CCNS, CCRN-CMC Seminars and products that are related: Aultman Hospital Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist 8

Cynthia L. Webner, DNP, RN, CCNS, CCRN-CMC, CHFN, has over 32 years of experience in critical care and cardiovascular care in a variety of clinical practice settings. Her nursing management and Heart Center administration took up twelve years of her career. She currently works as an Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist in a large medical cardiology practice.

Cindy oversees the cardiac care therapeutic hypothermia program at the hospital. Cindy is passionate about both nursing and the cardiac patient. She believes that knowledge changes clinical practice. Cindy is a co-owner of Key Choice and Cardiovascular Nursing Education Associates, as well as a part-time clinical practitioner.

She worked with CNEA on Cardiovascular Nursing Practice: A Comprehensive Nursing Resource Manual, which was published in 2007. Cindy’s presentations at regional and national venues are known for their high level of enthusiasm and humor used to deliver very high level content. Cindy will convince you that learning is indeed fun, and clinical practice is truly a joy.

Disclosures for Speakers:

Financial: Cynthia Webner is a business partner for Key Choice and Cardiovascular Nursing Education. She has an employment relationship with Aultman Hospital CVC. Dr. Webner receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Nonfinancial: Cynthia Webner is a CCRN Ambassador for the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.


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Cynthia L. Webner – The Heart in Detail