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Daisy Lee – Advanced Qigong to Release Stress for a Balanced, Joyful Life

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New 9-Week Live Video Training Starts
Monday, June 29, 2020

What You’ll Discover in These 9 Weeks
In this 9-week transformational intensive, Daisy Lee will guide you through the fundamental body-mind-spirit skills and competencies you’ll need to cultivate a Zang Fu Gong practice to supercharge your immunity and vitality.

Module 1: Breaking Down the Walls of Your (Perceived) Limitations With Qigong & Meditation (June 29)

How can you break free of the doubting inner voice that sometimes whispers, “I can’t/I won’t/I don’t”… so you can develop your practice?

In this opening week of class, Daisy will share powerful ways to begin this 9-week journey with confidence.

She’ll also walk you through an overview of the Zang Fu Gong form of Qigong as a holistic practice. Then, you’ll move into a guided 30-minute Zang Fu Gong flow to put it all into action…

In this first module, you’ll:

Discover the stabilizing and grounding power of the Wuji Standing Posture — and if you prefer to sit, Daisy will share effective modifications
Evoke the water element to create ease, support, and effortless effort in a standing posture
Explore what it means to notice and experience, using the power of observation and listening to still your mind
Deepen your moving form using a Standing Meditation to build awareness, endurance, resilience, and strength — and come into relationship with the sensations that arise
Shift awareness from your body’s sensations to breath awareness… and into acceptance
Begin to integrate and harmonize the 3 Treasures — the energies of the body, mind, and spirit

Module 2: Adding Healing Sounds Into Your Zang Fu Gong Practice (July 6)

All of life can be expressed as vibrational energy…

And these parts of life you can’t see are powerful — impacting your breath, your thoughts, and the vibrations all around you.

This week, Daisy will share how the vibration of sound healing supports you from the inside out.

You’ll discover how what Daisy calls “resonance with a common intention” effects positive change. You’ll also explore powerful new practices to bring healing to your lungs and large intestine.

In this module, you’ll discover:

The many ways group practice (Qi Chang Gong) energetically affects you as an individual, balances the group, and rebalances the larger world
How to use Cloud Hands to explore the Yang Qi From the Sky
The powerful metal element of the lungs — and why we must remember there is no metal without fire, no fire without oxygen, and no life without air
The lung acupoints as a release valve for overwhelming emotions and regaining balance
The Healing Sound Si (pronounced “suh”) to release sadness and recover from grief and depression
Soft Si and hard Si — two different ways to make the same sound for the Zang Fu
How to use the Flying Phoenix Rises From the Ashes practice as a metaphor for growth and expansion

Module 3: Supporting Your Heart & Small Intestine as They Absorb Life (July 13)

This week you’ll explore how your heart and small intestine are connected to the color red.

Daisy will guide you through a Lotus Meditation to heal the heart, and introduce you to the healing sound for the heart.

In this module, you’ll:

Discover the healing sound for the heart, He (pronounced “hah”) to amplify healing
Use the He sound to penetrate negative emotions in the heart such as hatred, cruelty, jealousy, impatience, arrogance… and return to balance with love, gratitude, joy, honor, and sincerity
Explore the differences between the soft He and the hard He — two ways to practice the same sound to support the heart and small intestine
Visualize red light over the middle dantian to infuse the heart with love and gratitude
Transition from movement to meditation with the Seated Lotus Meditation — a heart-opening meditation using the petals of the lotus to extend loving kindness, compassion, strength, and resilience to yourself and others

Module 4: Healing Your Liver & Gallbladder (July 20)

Your liver and gallbladder are connected to the color green.

This week, Daisy will show you how to become more firmly rooted in your practice, bringing awareness to your body.

In this module, you’ll explore:

The healing sound for the liver and large intestine, Xu (pronounced “shoe”) to release anger, impatience, and stubbornness
Soft Xu and hard Xu — two different ways to create the same sound for the Zang Fu of the liver and gallbladder
How to visualize green light to purify the liver of toxic anger and impatience — and supplant this organ with kindness and generosity
How to play with the Qi Ball and move into Lao Gong Meditation to apply healing to the eyes and liver
Observing yourself with clarity, as you cultivate a kind and expansive intention to fortify and foster self-love, empathy, resilience, and patience

Module 5: Healing Past Wounds & Re-Envisioning the Future With the Lotus Rises Through the Water Movement (July 27)

As you arrive at the center of the program, Daisy will share how to respond when you’re experiencing a tangle of disturbed emotions within.

You’ll explore how the Lotus Rises movement supports the release of blocked or stagnant Qi — and helps return you to harmonious balance.

The symbolism of the lotus rising through the mud of life brings strength and resilience to challenges — helping you see the past with kinder eyes and a more open heart…

… as you re-vision the future, discover the elegance in your body, and process and accept the parts of your history that you couldn’t control, but ultimately rose above.

In this pivotal module, you’ll:

Explore how the Lotus Rises Through the Water movement can heal past wounds so you can live in greater harmony in the present and create more flexibility in your joints
Find grace as you connect with the greater Yin-Yang forces of the Earth and Sky
Discover a stand-alone movement to help process emotional disturbances in your body, mind, and spirit
Create elegance in the body as you refine your understanding of the meaning of life’s challenges
Learn to take long, slow, deep, rhythmic breaths to bring peace and tranquility to the body — transporting grace and elegance to the other movements you’ll master in this program

Module 6: Discover Healing Sounds for Your Spleen & Stomach (August 3)

Your stomach and spleen work together within your body’s digestive health — and when they’re out of balance, you may find yourself feeling worried and stressed out.

In this module, Daisy will share how your stomach and spleen are connected to the color yellow, and how you can manage the anger and stress that have accumulated through worry.

This week, you’ll discover:

How to use the Hu sound to support digestion and elimination
The soft Hu and hard Hu sounds to replenish the Zang Fu organs
Ways to purify and strengthen the Zang Fu of the spleen and stomach
The power of visualizing a golden-yellow light to dissolve worry, anxiety, excessive thinking, mistrust, and more…
How to cultivate discernment and learn to trust yourself
A pressure point to improve digestion and boost energy whenever you’re feeling low or fatigued

Module 7: Transform Fear With Healing Sounds for Your Kidney & Bladder (August 10)

Fear can consume you, clouding your sense of clarity and discernment.

But what if you could turn fear into awe, and other emotions that better serve you?

This week, you’ll discover how healing your kidneys and bladder (associated with the colors deep blue or black) can help you transform your fear so it plays a different role in your life.

Daisy will also help you deepen into powerful practices that protect the health of your kidneys and bladder — and restore them to harmony.

In this class, you’ll explore:

Healing sounds for the kidney and bladder, including Chui (pronounced “chew”)
How the soft Chui and hard Chui sounds can help invigorate the kidneys, adrenals, and bladder
Visualization techniques to clean and purify the kidneys and bladder, using deep ocean blue light to penetrate them and dissolve fear and panic
How to cultivate a deep sense of security, courage, and the confidence you need to thrive
Using the Ocean Meditation to wash away fear and panic
The simple and profound kidney replenishing exercise to stimulate Qi movement through the kidney channel — calling in energy, vitality, and Qi flow from the bottom up

Module 8: Healing Sounds for the Pericardium & Triple Warmer Parts of the Body (August 17)

This week, you’ll explore the pericardium — the membrane that encloses the heart.

As you’ll discover, the pericardium protects the heart from emotional trauma, constricts the chest to keep the heart safe, and helps you express joy…

The pericardium also intersects with the Triple Warmer — the meridian that triggers stuck feelings, unexpressed emotions, depression, and phobias when it’s out of balance.

In this module, you’ll discover:

The soft Xi and hard Xi (pronounced “she”) sounds to energize the Conception Vessel, Governing Vessel, and Triple Warmer parts of the body
The Qigong movement Uniting the 3 Hearts to bring peace, balance, and communion with the greater forces of the Earth and Cosmos
How the sixth pairing connects and oversees the seamless distribution of vital essence to the entire body to sustain life

Module 9: Revisiting All the Practices That Now Reside in Your Radiant Lotus Library & Knowing Which to Use & When (August 24)

As you reach the end of your journey, you’ll recognize the many new self-care and healing tools you can access for life… all with what Daisy calls this “medicineless medicine.”

Daisy will also guide you to perceive your growth — perhaps you’re experiencing newfound ease of movement or more flexible joints. Maybe your intense emotions have leveled off, allowing you to regain perspective on past and present events.

Whatever the details look like as this part of your Qigong journey comes to a close, you’ll take time to celebrate your newfound balance, empathy, and deep appreciation for the present moment.

In your final module with Daisy, you’ll:

Access Qigong breathing and Vertical Alignment techniques to return to stability
Understand discernment as a form of Qigong by noticing what’s depleting or draining your Qi… and what brings increased vitality, aliveness, and joy
Cultivate whole-body health by selecting the Qigong tools you need on any given day — whether for specific personal health goals or general stress relief
Integrate the practices you’ve been working on throughout your time in the course, even when time is limited — including Vertical Alignment, Showering Qi, Flying Phoenix, Lotus Rises, and Uniting the 3 Hearts

PLUS, you’ll get the Qigong to Renew & Rejuvenate Whole-Body Health Bonus Collection

Bonus #1

The Art of Qi: How Qigong Supercharges Creativity in All Aspects of Life
Video Interview With Daisy Lee, Lorelei Chang, and Mai Nakanishi

Bonus #2

The Qigong Path
Video Dialogue With Daisy Lee and Mark Roule

Bonus #3

The Healing Power of Nature: Acknowledging, Integrating & Liberating the Shadow
Video Dialogue With John P. Milton; Hosted by Sharron Rose…


Daisy Lee, a respected leader in the Qigong world with more than 20 years of teaching experience, is certified as a Level III Advanced Qigong Instructor and Clinical Practitioner by the National Qigong Association of America.


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Daisy Lee – Advanced Qigong to Release Stress for a Balanced, Joyful Life