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New 4-Session Live Video Training Starts
Monday, February 11, 2019

What You’ll Explore in These 4 Sessions
Course sessions are on Mondays at 5:00pm Pacific.

Daniel will guide you to:

Expand your understanding of psychological wellness to include the ancestors
Deepen your knowledge of cultural wellness, belonging, and identity
Feel respected and met on your terms about how to turn toward the topic of death
Enhance your view of ancestral wounding as cultural wounding (e.g., sexism, racism, colonialism, exploitative capitalism)
Discover how to incorporate ancestor reverence into your everyday life
You’ll emerge from this experience with deep access to a lifelong relationship with your ancestors.

Each session will feature LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, experiential drop-ins, and small group sessions to help you process, relate, and progress.

Module 1: Psychological Healing With the Support of the Ancestors (February 11)

Ancestral reconnection directly supports mental and emotional health in a variety of more or less obvious ways. Bringing more awareness to some of these factors can help this process along both in ourselves and when supporting others.

Together we’ll explore factors such as healthy attachment, self-esteem, clear boundaries, clarity of purpose, and ability to accurately perceive and care for others. We’ll approach the lesson with respect for the pervasive occurrence of physical and sexual abuse, social injustices, and complex forms of relational trauma.

In this module, you’ll:

Discover ways to call on ancestral support for your personal growth edges
Explore the relationship of ancestral healing to personal, familial, and cultural self-worth
Consider your own attachment style and learn to anticipate how this will show up when relating with your ancestors
Discuss similarities and differences between psychotherapy and ancestral healing as approaches to wholeness
Practice asking your ancestors to bring healing remedy to areas of personal pain and vulnerability
Module 2: Reclaiming Ancestral Identity, Culture & Ritual Practices (February 18)

Relating with the older ancestors raises questions about cultural identity and the possibility of engaging in older ways of knowing. Sometimes these traditions are partially intact or practiced by living representatives, and sometimes the lineages have been completely broken, remembered only by the ancestors themselves.

Under the guidance of the ancestors, we’ll inquire about ways to engage older traditions with integrity, pragmatism, and ritual effectiveness. We’ll approach this inquiry in ways that are mindful about cultural loss and not overly Eurocentric.

In this module, you’ll:

Be given strategies for researching what is still knowable about your ancestral traditions
Explore the importance of food, land, and the natural world in cultural recovery
Examine the differences between arrogance, racial essentialism, colonialism, racism, and just regular healthy cultural pride
Discuss the complexities and inevitable heartache when traditions are interrupted, distorted, or lost
Practice bringing specific blessings forward along the lineage into present time and awareness

Module 3: Dreams, Synchronicities & Spontaneous Ancestral Contact (February 25)

The dead speak in many ways, both during waking time and in dreaming time, and many of these pathways of communication occur spontaneously, outside of the designated space of ancestor-focused ritual. Many of our own ancestors welcomed these regular contacts, yet many today were not raised with even basic skills to navigate spontaneous ancestral outreach.

With the backing of the ancestors, we’ll inquire about ways to welcome direct contact while in different states and for different reasons. Our time will include consideration of unhelpful and frightening contact from the troubled dead.

In this module, you’ll:

Examine beliefs from your family and cultures of origin on ancestral contact as well as ways in which the ancestors have already been in touch
Discover ways to work safely and skillfully with both troubling and welcome dreams of the dead
Discuss the role of synchronicity and how to receive these types of ancestral contacts in an easeful way
Practice asking the ancestors for assistance in expanding the ways that you currently relate with them in your everyday life
Module 4: Preparing With the Ancestors for Your Own Death (March 11)

Many of us were raised in cultures that avoid the topic of death and minimize talk of the next reality. In contrast, the ancestors are expert guides in this terrain, experienced at dying and traversing the worlds beyond. Together we’ll speak of the inevitable transformation and invite the ancestors to help educate and prepare us on what we can expect when our time arrives.

In this module, you’ll:

Discuss assumptions about the next reality and your own journey upon death of the body
Reflect on your personal experiences with death and dying as well as the role of the ancestors in those moments
Explore practical preparations, funeral customs, and practices for honoring the body after death
Ask the ancestors to help you nicely inquire about how to be more prepared for your own death and what’s beyond


Dr. Daniel Foor, PhD, is a teacher and practitioner of practical animism who specializes in ancestral and family healing, and in helping folks learn to relate well with the rest of the natural world. His focus on ancestors flows from his training as a doctor of psychology and licensed marriage and family therapist, from the guidance of his teachers in earth-honoring traditions, and from two decades of implementing the teachings of ancestor reverence in his own life.


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Daniel Foor – Ancestral Medicine 4-Session Immersion