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Dante Leon – Guillotine Choke Systems

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Master the Guillotine with Canadian Powerhouse Dante Leon.

Use the Guillotine to sweep, pass, and submit the opposition.
This isn’t your ordinary chin strap! Dante puts a unique spin on a classic technique.
Transition from Guillotine to The Cradle and punish your opponent that they GIVE the guard pass up!
Ever hear of the Assassintine? Dante closes out this masterful instructional with this unique technique, that is sure to catch your next opponent by surprise!

Part 1:

Chin Strap Basics
Chin Strap Basics 2
Arm In Guillotine from Knee Shield
Front Head Lock to D’arce
Front Head Lock to amount
Mounted Guillotine Arm In Finish
One Arm Mounted Finish

Part 2:

Intro to ‘The Cradle’
Using The Cradle to Sweep & Pass
Using the Cradle to set up the one arm guillotine
Using the Cradle to sweep into north south choke
Cradle to Pressure Pass
Using the Sprawl to set up a guillotine

Part 3:

Defending the single leg with a guillotine
Underhook Defense to Guillotine
Snap down mechanics
Front Head Lock to Go Behind Back Take
The Mortal Combat Back Take
Snap Down to Cradle
Cross Ankle Pick

Part 4:

Open Guard Passing Concept Leading ti Guillotine
Rolling Guillotine
Defending the underhook w/guillotine
Negative Pass to Front Head Lock
Assassintine from the crucifix



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Dante Leon – Guillotine Choke Systems